Clear Sky Software is a software developer, systems integrator, and technology solution provider to the hospitality industry. The company provides bar code-based inventory systems that help hospitality organizations control inventory, reduce labor, lower costs and increase profits. Clear Sky systems replace manual inventory practices and eliminate repetitive steps therefore offering improvements in worker efficiency, productivity and accuracy. Ultimately, users have access to better information for making smarter purchasing decisions that affect an organization’s bottom line.


All of Clear Sky’s inventory systems can be purchased separately or in any combination. These software solutions address the inventory management needs of hotels, will benefit organizations of all sizes, and help reduce the tremendous paper work and labor employees encounter when trying to manage inventory. Features include:

· Purchasing · Receiving · Storeroom Requisition · Issue, Return, Transfer · Physical Inventory · Inventory Reports by Date Range, Invoice, Location, Vendor, Par, Product Mix

All 5 systems can be purchased as a complete, perpetual inventory system or a smaller order / receive / count system. All systems utilize existing product bar codes but can generate system-assigned bar codes where needed. The company’s software allows users to see where products are going and track costs by location. These systems capture changing product costs, issue the oldest costs first, and report EXACT inventory values rather than averages. Physical inventory can be completed in record time and problem areas are identified automatically. Key benefits include:

· Interfaces to POS Systems · Interfaces to Food Vendor Companies · Interfaces to Beverage Vendor Companies · Interfaces to Accounting Systems · Automatically Create Orders Based on Established Pars & Order Points · Identify Receiving Discrepancies · Calculate Exact Product Costs NOT Averages · Track All Inventory Movement · Identify Slow Movers AND Fast Movers · Costs and Usage Reports


Inventory control is often plagued by excessive labor, high inventory costs and simply takes too much time. One reason – many organizations still use manual inventory methods. Manual systems are cumbersome, labor-intensive, prone to error, and fall short of delivering reliable information. Since most organizations are required to control inventory, the benefit in automating this area is cost containment. Completing the same tasks manually simply requires more labor and more time. Clear Sky Software provides the automation for stronger, more efficient inventory control. Key financial benefits once implementing the company’s systems are labor reductions and lower product and operational costs.


Clear Sky Software offers COMPLETE inventory management solutions designed specifically for hospitality. The company’s products offer a full-featured solution at a lower price to other competitor offerings. To help customers speed-up “go live” dates, the company offers a variety of installation, data assistance, and training programs. Most customers begin effectively using Clear Sky systems immediately at the conclusion of user-training. Deliverables include:

· Clear Sky Inventory Management Software · Mobile and Fixed Bar Code Scanning Devices & Kiosks · Installation & Data Entry Assistance · On Site and Web-Based Training · Software Maintenance Programs · Equipment Repair Service including Loaner Equipment · Software Upgrades & Enhancements