Amadeus has served the global hospitality industry for over 20 years, supporting hotels’ distribution and technology needs. Amadeus employs over 170 dedicated hotel specialists covering every aspect of development, delivery and support of hospitality technology solutions.

Amadeus Hotel Platform:

Building on its success to deliver unlimited distribution capabilities and scalable IT solutions to the world’s biggest travel brands, Amadeus offers hotel companies a next generation technology solution placing guest services, global expansion and brand value at the core of all hotel activities.

Amadeus Hotel Platform is a centralized above-property solution with single image inventory, single view of the guest, and enhanced merchandizing with the scalability to support brand growth and globalization. This unique solution is the first single application to combine CRS, PMS and RMS with multi-channel distribution. Our technology offering is fully integrated across multiple hotel applications and capable of offering a single image strategy allowing hotel companies to think, sell, act and adapt faster than the competition.

With fast access to consolidated data from all areas of the business, hotel companies can:

  • Increase revenues by transforming marketing, merchandizing and distribution reach
  • Reduce cost by achieving breakthrough operational efficiencies
  • Pioneer innovative guest services and deliver your brand promise

Amadeus Hotel Platform – Revenue Management is a state-of-the-art solution that works to fill hotels’ rooms at the most profitable price according to learned demand patterns. With Amadeus Hotel Platform – Revenue Management, hoteliers can transform their business performance by making informed inventory and rate management decisions based on concrete business intelligence.

  • Using advanced forecasting models combined with detailed historical and future booking data, the Amadeus Revenue Management solution makes intelligent rate and inventory recommendations to maximize a hotel’s revenue contribution and increase profitability. The proposed optimization strategies are calculated in real-time and can be adjusted dynamically to changes in the hotel environment, ensuring accurate and reliable business intelligence is accessible 24/7.

With one solution, hoteliers can transform their business performance in 4 key areas:

  • Anticipate future room sales with advanced forecasting technology that can predict demand patterns.
  • Define optimal room allocation and rate strategies to maximize revenue contribution based on intelligent recommendations.
  • Respond quickly to changes in the market with automated and customizable system alerts, monitoring the macro and micro environment.
  • Track and evaluate room sales and customer behavior with advanced, centralized reporting providing a 360° view of cross-company activity.

This web-based solution is available as a stand-alone solution and will also be fully integrated into Amadeus Hotel Platform.

Amadeus Global Distribution System:

Amadeus Hotel Distribution offers you connectivity technology, adapted to your company’s unique requirements, to quickly reach a wide variety of points of sale across the globe. We provide you with the tools that enable you to connect, reach, display, sell and adapt faster. With a global audience of high-yield, high-value bookers, and content features to customize your hotel product to your target guests, we can instantly increase your visibility and brand awareness. This translates into more room sales, more revenue and more profit for your business.