Hoteliers Guide to Finding and Eliminating Bedbugs

Raymond Web | June 21, 2018

by Raymond Web Managing a hotel is a huge task and comprises of numerous activities. There can be many instances where you may hit the panic button — one of them being a bedbug infestation. Whether you have bedbugs or not, you need to have a plan of action so that you are prepared when the bedbugs do strike. In this article we will address how to find bedbugs and what to do to exterminate them. Steps to Inspect for Bedbugs in the Hotel Inspect the Complete Room Bed and Mattress Don't just flip the mattress to look for bedbugs. They tend to hide in the joints of the bed frame and along the slats. Inspect them with a flashlight...

Data Travel and Beekeeper Connect HITEC 2018 Festivities with BeeHAPI Buses

HAPI and Data Travel | June 18, 2018

HAPI aims to "integrate the vendor events" and Beekeeper joins to maximize collaboration Houston – June 18, 2018 – Data Travel, LLC, the developer of HAPI, the new data streaming and enrichment platform, aims to help hoteliers streamline integration of their data and systems. At HITEC this year, Beekeeper is joining HAPI to bring the vendor-sponsored social events together with party buses. "At HAPI, we wanted to live up to our name and create a fun and memorable way for HITEC attendees to visualize how our integration platform connects hotel systems and enriches their data," said Luis Segredo, president and CEO of Data Trav...

Beekeeper Adds SIXTY Hotels to Its Portfolio

SIXTY Hotels | June 18, 2018

Operational communication platform is helping the brand's five iconic urban hotels increase employee engagement and build a strong culture San Francisco, Calif. – June 18, 2018 – Beekeeper is pleased to announce that its digital workforce platform is now serving as the hub for all operational communications at SIXTY Hotels, a collective of five singularly iconoclastic luxury lodgings in New York, Los Angeles and Miami. Beekeeper is reaching each SIXTY Hotels employee with relevant messaging, engaging them and connecting them with one another. Comprised of a cloud-based web platform, mobile app and digital signage, Beekeeper ...

Beekeeper Achieves ISO Certification to Protect Hotels’ Data

Beekeeper | June 12, 2018

GDPR encourages the use of ISO 27001 to demonstrate that an organization is actively managing its data security; Visit Beekeeper at HITEC in Booth 1702 and Attend the Beekeeper Breakfast with Special Guest Sixty Hotels SAN FRANCISCO, CA June 12, 2018 - With the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) now in effect, Beekeeper is pleased to announce that it is now ISO 27001 Certified in addition to being GDPR compliant. Published by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), the ISO standard is protecting intellectual property, employee details, and informat...

Facilities Management in Offices and Hotels: Same, Same but Different

Remy Rein | May 31, 2018

By Remy Rein The management of office facilities has been undergoing a revolution of sorts, thanks to disruptors such as the private social network Nextdoor and co-working spaces WeWork and Workspace2go, as well as a slew of new practices. Nowadays office space is being optimized in terms of square meters and usage per hour. According to a report on Coworking by Arthur Loyd in July, the number of coworking spaces was expected to grow eightfold worldwide to some 14,000 in 2017 from 1,780 in 2015. It added that, in Paris alone, coworking floorspace was expected to increase by 167 percent to an estimated 155,200 square meters in 2017 from ...

Experience Hospitality’s ‘Most Innovative Technology’ at HITEC Houston With Beekeeper

Beekeeper | May 24, 2018

Engaging multi-lingual employees without emails is crucial for reducing turnover, boosting staff engagement, driving efficiencies and improving guest satisfaction; Visit Beekeeper in Booth 1702 and Attend the Beekeeper Breakfast with Special Guest Sixty Hotels SAN FRANCISCO, CA May 24, 2018 - Next month C-level hotel executives will meet in Houston to attend HITEC, the world's largest hospitality industry technology exposition and conference. One of the hottest solutions on the market today, Beekeeper, voted the "Most Innovative Technology" for 2018 by HTNG, will showcase its simplified, secure, and easy-to-use tool that stores in one c...

Protecting Your Housekeepers From Injuries

Larry Mogelonsky | May 9, 2018

By Larry Mogelonsky, MBA, P. Eng. ( Following an immersive full-day seminar at the recent Housekeepers Forum in Toronto to discuss all the latest issues affecting this department, one critical issue addressed that merits further discussion is repetitive strain injuries (RSIs), especially those with an aging workforce. A combined aggravation of both the nervous and musculoskeletal system, an RSI is typically caused by repetitive tasks or those which put the body in an awkward position. There are many different types of RSIs, but as I am not a doctor, the diagnoses and exact syndromes are not the focus here. Rather, it...

Beekeeper Ranks No. 59 on SaaS 1000

Beekeeper | April 12, 2018

Company is projected to double in size worldwide in 2018; Today 100 employees are working at Beekeeper offices in San Francisco, Zurich, London, and Berlin SAN FRANCISCO, CA April 12, 2018 - Beekeeper, a digital workforce platform recently awarded the most innovative technology of 2018, has ranked No. 59 on the SaaS 1000, a prestigious index of Software as a Service (SaaS) companies algorithmically ranked by a number of growth indicators such as hiring trends and team expansion rates. As the SaaS product landscape continues to expand, lists like the SaaS 1000 are incredibly useful tools for SaaS pros to evaluate the groundbreaking trend...

Beekeeper to Showcase Hospitality’s ‘Most Innovative Technology’ at AAHOA Convention

Beekeeper | March 22, 2018

Award-winning digital workplace app that connects desk and non-desk hotel employees across locations and departments in real time via mobile or desktop will be on display in Booth #1075 SAN FRANCISCO, CA March 22, 2018 - Next week members of the Asian American Hotel Owners Assn. can experience hospitality's "most innovative technology" at the AAHOA Annual Convention & Trade Show, to be held March 27 to 30 at the Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center in National Harbor, Md. The Beekeeper digital workforce platform, considered to be the best employee app in the industry, will be on display in Booth #1075. With Beekeeper, hot...

Beekeeper Wins HTNG’s 2018 TechOvation Award

Hospitality Technology Next Generation (HTNG) | March 15, 2018

HTNG's annual innovation award recognizes the digital workplace app as the hospitality industry's 'most innovative technology' SAN FRANCISCO, CA March 15, 2018 - The 2018 TechOvation Award was presented yesterday to Beekeeper by Hospitality Technology Next Generation (HTNG) during the HT-NEXT Award Ceremony in San Diego. The TechOvation Award recognizes companies for innovative products new to the marketplace from 2017 or coming in 2018. Beekeeper earned the coveted award for its workplace app that digitizes hospitality workers who don't sit behind a traditional desk and don't have access to work email. By connecting operational systems...

Beekeeper Offering 31 Point GDPR Assessment Checklist to Hoteliers Preparing for Compliance

Beekeeper | March 13, 2018

Already GDPR compliant, the Beekeeper digital workplace app protects employees and hotel guests against data threats SAN FRANCISCO, CA March 13, 2018 - Beekeeper, a GDPR compliant developer of a digital workplace app, is offering a "31 Point Assessment to Ensure GDPR Compliance" white paper to assist hoteliers in preparing for the European General Data Protection Regulation deadline that goes into effect May 25, 2018. GDPR protects European Union (EU) residents' personally identifiable information against security breaches. Any hotel that does not comply is risking heavy fines. "If you operate a hotel in North American, GDPR directly af...

With Beekeeper, ‘No Employee is Left Behind’ at 1 Hotel Central Park

Beekeeper | March 8, 2018

Workforce communications tool is a must-have for celebrating employee successes, onboarding new staff, posting daily events and making everyone an integral part of the 1 Hotels family SAN FRANCISCO, CA MARCH 8, 2018 - Eco-chic brand 1 Hotels has been experiencing great success with internal team communication since it launched the digital workforce platform Beekeeper. Today three properties are using this tool as the hub of its internal communications operation, and each is finding new uses for staff engagement. Managers at 1 Hotel Central Park, located at 1414 6th Avenue in midtown Manhattan, say Beekeeper is engaging – and even ...

Connie Rheams Takes on Executive Role at Beekeeper

Beekeeper | February 20, 2018

Rheams calls Beekeeper the 'missing mobile link' to connecting 80% of our hotel industry's non-desk hotel employees SAN FRANCISCO, CA February 20, 2018 - The global hospitality industry is doing a tremendous job of leveraging mobile technology to enhance the guest experience. What isn't being addressed is using the power of mobile to share real-time staff/hotel/brand/management company information with the 1.9 million front- and back-of-house hotel employees who don't sit at a desk or have a company email address. As such, Connie Rheams, named one of the most influential women in hospitality technology by HFTP (Hospitality Financial &a...

The Clock is Ticking Towards GDPR Compliance; If Your Hotel is Struggling, Beekeeper Can Help

Beekeeper | February 1, 2018

Already GDPR compliant, the Beekeeper digital workplace app protects employees and hotel guests against data threats SAN FRANCISCO, CA February 1, 2018 - In just a few months, the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will require every hotel in the world to have guidelines in place that protect European Union (EU) residents' personally identifiable information against security breaches. Any hotel that does not comply after May 25, 2018, is risking heavy fines. Beekeeper, developer of a digital workplace app where operational systems and communication channels live within one secure and intuitive platform, announces that it...

Beekeeper’s ‘Bee School’ is Back in Session

Beekeeper | January 24, 2018

'If Not You, Who? Cracking the Code of Employee Disengagement' will kick off the 2018 Webinar Series on January 31 taught by Best-Selling Author and Employee Engagement Expert Jill Christensen SAN FRANCISCO, CA JANUARY 24, 2018 - Employee engagement is a big buzz word in hospitality, but few hoteliers truly understand its meaning. It's not just about satisfying employees; satisfied employees are there to "get" something from employment, but engaged employees are there to "give" something to the organization and its customers. In hospitality, an engaged employee will do everything possible to ensure an exceptional guest experience. It's ...

1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge Raises the Bar on Workforce Communications with Beekeeper

Beekeeper | January 9, 2018

Employees say being aligned with 'the hive' is contagious; Digital app used for onboarding, scheduling, task management, employee surveys, crisis communications and more SAN FRANCISCO, CA January 9, 2018 - When the eco-chic 1 Hotels brand launched in 2015, it not only set a new standard for sustainability in design, but it significantly raised the bar in how management reaches and celebrates their entire staff. With the digital workforce platform Beekeeper at the hub of its internal communications operation, 1 Hotels is reaching every single employee with relevant messaging, engaging them and connecting them with one another. 1 Hotel Br...

The Ramayan Supply Guide To Mattress Hygiene

Ramayan Supply | December 20, 2017

Many people are not aware how to maintain their mattress and may often end up damaging it if they are using the wrong cleaning methods. Mattress hygiene is one of the essential things that we should know because most of the diseases that we get these days are due to the dust that hides in our assets where we spend most of our time. Do you have a mattress in your home? Well, your answer might be yes. It does not mattter if your mattress is new, expensive or traditional, as with other domestic staff, mattresses also tend to get dirty with regualr use. As a result, they must be hygienic. You can wash everything on your bed, except the matt...

Beekeeper Crisis Communications White Paper to Help Hotels with Non-Desk Workers Establish Best Practices and Foster Preparedness

Beekeeper | December 12, 2017

A mobile internal communications and operations tool for employees should be considered an essential step towards crisis management SAN FRANCISCO, CA DECEMBER 12, 2017 In an ongoing effort to balance hospitality and security, the hotel and lodging industry is uniquely vulnerable to crisis, and notoriously difficult to regulate. The Las Vegas shooting that occurred on October 1, 2017, is a particularly formidable example of how a lighthearted vacation can quickly turn into a nightmare. Recent hurricanes experienced in Houston, Florida, and Puerto Rico also had a major impact on the hospitality industry. The same goes for the earthquake ...

Over 30 Hotels and Commercial Laundries Each Have Saved More Than One Million Gallons of Water Using Xeros Polymer Cleaning

Xeros Cleaning Technologies | December 6, 2017

Two Hotels Saved Over Five Million Gallons and Eleven Saved More than Two Million Gallons with Xeros Manchester, NH – December 6, 2017 – Xeros, the innovator of polymer cleaning technologies, today announced that thirty-three hotels and commercial laundries have now joined the Xeros Million Gallon Club, each saving more than one million gallons of water using Xeros' award-winning polymer cleaning laundry system. The patented, award-winning system uses up to 80% less water, up to 50% less energy, and approximately 50% less detergent than traditional systems while delivering superior cleaning performance. Environmentally cons...

Beekeeper Hospitality Webinar Series Wraps with a Lesson on ‘Leadership and Followership’

Beekeeper | December 5, 2017

Hospitality professionals passionate about advancing their career should take the advice of renowned MBA professor Dr. Linda Herkenhoff in her upcoming leadership webinar SAN FRANCISCO, CA DECEMBER 5, 2017 - In childhood, "Follow the Leader" was a fun and interactive game. In business, however, followership determines a person's livelihood and it can impact one's opportunity for advancement within the organization. Following the wrong type of leader can also be problematic. If the manager is too passive, employees may lack motivation to perform. If the leader is too aggressive, staff may lose self-confidence and end-up hating a job they...

Hospitality Leadership Webinar to Address ‘Emotional Intelligence’ in the Workforce

Beekeeper | November 30, 2017

Led by renowned MBA professor and senior management expert Dr. Linda Herkenhoff, the online class looks at how EI impacts staff productivity, employee retention and overall customer-service SAN FRANCISCO, CA November 30, 2017 -- Hospitality industry workers looking to hone their management skills in hopes of becoming better leaders and ultimately advancing their careers should plan to attend a webinar next week titled "Emotional Intelligence." Produced by workplace communication company Beekeeper, and led by renowned MBA professor and senior management expert Dr. Linda Herkenhoff, the 45-minute "Bee School" class will define EI as it re...

Beekeeper Establishes Hospitality Division; Andrada Paraschiv Named ‘Head of Hospitality’

Beekeeper | October 31, 2017

Former AccorHotels and FRHI executive will ensure that the Beekeeper workforce communication platform is customized and optimized for hotels with non-desk workers SAN FRANCISCO, CA – OCTOBER 31, 2017 - To meet the increasing demand for connecting non-desk hotel employees with corporate offices and each other, Beekeeper has established a Hospitality Division. Andrada Paraschiv has been selected to lead the group as Head of Hospitality. The former AccorHotels and FRHI Hotels & Resorts executive will use her internal communications expertise to ensure that the Beekeeper platform has the optimal feature set to serve and benefit th...

Renowned MBA Professor Teams with Digital Workplace App Beekeeper Delivering Free Business School Insights to Front-Line Workers

Beekeeper | October 17, 2017

The 'Bee School' leadership series will begin streaming on November 7; Led by Dr. Linda Herkenhoff of St. Mary's College of California, the course in open for registration SAN FRANCISCO, CA OCTOBER 17, 2017 - Digital workplace app Beekeeper today announced that registration is open for its inaugural webinar course, Bee School. Beekeeper's Bee School initiative brings knowledge on workplace dynamics and behavior out from behind the paywall of an MBA certificate, ensuring that managers in non-desk industries can lead their teams to unprecedented success. The weekly 45 minute sessions will commence November 7, led by Dr. Linda...

Beekeeper Introduces Custom Integrations, Bringing Chat and Operations Under One Hub for 2 Billion Non-Desk Workers

Beekeeper | October 12, 2017

New additions to the Beekeeper platform merge legacy systems with proprietary communications tech tailor-made for non-desk workers. "The ability to integrate our HRIS with Beekeeper has been instrumental in automating administrative processes that were time-sensitive." Claudia Scherrer Domingos, Head of HR, Domino's Pizza SAN FRANCISCO, CA OCTOBER 12, 2017 - While many workplace tools specialize in peer-to-peer, top-down, or bottom-up communication, it is rare to encounter a workplace app that tackles all three. Running on the belief that an intuitive user interface (UI) and open communication builds cross-organizational trust, Beek...

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