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September 24 - 27, 2018
Phoenix, AZ

What Sets The Lodging Conference Apart

Over 85% of conference attendees are Presidents and CEO’s or run their own company, brand or business unit.

  • Attendees and speakers own and operate hotels representing 60,000+ hotels, management firms, and the industry's top brands.
  • With three days of networking including dinner parties, extended refreshment breaks, breakfasts, luncheons, golf and other leisure activities, the opportunities for meeting new people are endless.
  • Attendance is strictly limited so that your experience is productive and enjoyable.
  • One-on-one "Deal Connect" meetings dedicated to helping you find the people you need to get your hotel deal done.
  • Think Tanks are limited in size so that YOU can participate, ask questions and get involved.
  • You can network with attendees prior to the conference through our Lodging Conference Connect portal.
  • The dress code is always casual - No suits and ties.
  • A 5-Star venue - the luxurious Arizona Biltmore.

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