Quick Six Inspection 
Is A Way for the Busy Manager to Stay In Touch
by Gail Edwards 

Looking for a quick way to determine whether a guest room is top-to-bottom clean? Maybe there just isnít time to do a thorough inspection which includes every nook and cranny? Well hereís a QUICK SIX inspection that can be done in less than two minutes. 
It focuses on things that are not easy for a roomkeeper to accomplish. When these things are cleaned correctly, it is a signal that the roomkeeper has paid attention to detail. 

Open the guest room door. Pause for a moment to observe the entire room. Is everything straight? Look at the bedspread, lampshades, chairs, pictures on the wall. If everything is straight and orderly, the inspection is off to a good start. 

Take a deep whiff of the air. Smell good? Have all odors of staleness, smoke, or dampness been removed? 

1 ó Credenza 
Proceed to the area near the credenza or armoire. Check the carpet behind the credenza for dust, trash, or hotel promotional pieces. Since the piece of furniture is difficult to move, this area is often overlooked. If itís clean, so far, so good. 

2 ó Nightstand  
Thereís generally an area between the nightstand and the bed where dust, food crumbs, toe nail clippings, and cigarette butts fall. The bedspread hides this area when the bed is made, but when the guest turns back the spread, the accumulation is easy to see. Inspect this area to see if the carpet and wall around the nightstand have been cleaned. 

3 ó Bed Linen  
While near the bed, examine the pillow. How does it look? Is the pillowcase clean and free of wrinkles? Free of hairs? How does it smell? Would a guest enjoy resting on it all night? How does the sheet look? Free of wrinkles? Neatly tucked in? 

4 ó Vanity Wall 
Proceed to the bathroom. Check the wall near the wastebasket. This is generally to the right or left of the vanity. Because of the location of this wastebasket, the wall above the receptacle is often splashed with dirt, soap, or soda pop. Itís an area that is difficult for a roomkeeper to notice, but it is often in plain view of a guest sitting on the toilet. 

5 ó Shower Wall 
No one enjoys scrubbing a tub/shower wall. Itís awkward, hard to reach, and is sometimes an effort in futility if the proper chemicals are not used. When a hand is rubbed across a clean tile wall, it sort of glides, maybe even squeaks. Across a dirty wall, a hand can feel the grime, and may show an accumulation of white soap residue. If it squeaks, great. 

6 ó Toilet 
Has the toilet been scrubbed? Take a wad of toilet paper or q-tip, dip it in the water and rub it up under the rim of the toilet bowl. If the toilet hasnít been scrubbed, the toilet paper will show the nasty truth. 

Now, what if these things arenít clean? 

Follow The Rooms Chronicle philosophy of positive management. Rather than raging and rolling heads, ask: What can we do to prevent this in the future? What kind of system will ensure this doesnít happen? What can I, as a manager, do to help get these rooms clean? And, what if the room passes with flying colors? Reward the responsible employees. Recognition, money, candy bars, personal letters, points, or time off with pay. 

People work well when managers careÖwhen there is a sense of teamwork, a buzz of excitement, something to look forward to, an opportunity for recognition and reward. Taking two minutes for the Quick Six could have long-term benefits for the entire hotel. 

(Gail Edwards is Executive Housekeeper of the Adam's Mark Hotel in St. Louis, MO.) 
©1995 The Rooms Chronicle 
May/June '95, Vol 3, No 3, Pg 5 

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