MICROS Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: MCRS), headquartered in Columbia, Maryland, is the world's leading developer of enterprise applications serving the hospitality and specialty retail industries.  MICROS serves table service and quick service restaurants, hotels, the leisure and entertainment industry, and specialty retail stores, with complete information management solutions including software, hardware, enterprise systems integration, consulting and support.  MICROS distributes its products through subsidiaries, independent dealers/distributors, and company-owned sales and service offices around the world. This global network consists of over 4,900 employees, more than 45 wholly or majority-owned subsidiaries and branch offices in major markets, and 90 distributors in 50 countries.
MICROS is the global leader in the restaurant industry with more than 330,000 installations worldwide.  MICROS is the only full systems solutions provider for all market segments with a global distribution and service network in place for major chains, regional chains, local independents, table service, and the quick service market.   MICROS provides restaurant information systems comprising hardware and software for point-of-sale (POS) and operational applications, as well as a suite of back office applications that include inventory, labor and financial management, and other centrally hosted enterprise applications.  For large enterprises MICROS provides a scalable solution to manage the very large and very complex operational requirements associated with hotels, casinos, airports, theme parks, stadiums and cruise lines.  MICROS’s restaurant client base includes HMS Host, Ruby Tuesday's, Burger King, Auntie Anne’s, Whitbread, the Wynn Casino and Resort, Hilton Hotels, and  M & T Bank Stadium, to name a few.

Through its global markets subsidiary, MICROS-Fidelio International, MICROS continues to strengthen its worldwide position as the premier provider of enterprise-wide integrated information technologies for the hotel industry.  MICROS-Fidelio has become "the standard" in the industry with over 26,000 installations worldwide.  Its enterprise solutions include multi-property, fully integrated hotel systems encompassing property management systems, sales and catering systems, central reservation systems, customer information systems, revenue management systems, an Internet/global distribution system-based hotel reservation service called myfidelio.net, and installation and support services associated with the various software products.  Through its global distribution and service network, MICROS-Fidelio serves all segments of the market including luxury, upscale, mid-price, economy, budget, full service, specialized service, and limited service hotels. MICROS’s hotel client base includes InterContinental Hotels Group, Shangri-La Hotels, Best Western, Four Seasons, Fairmont Hotels, Le Meridien Hotels, MGM Mirage, and Travelodge to name a few.

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OES Enterprise Software: Property Management Solutions, Tools, and Modules

OPERA Enterprise Solution (OES)

The OPERA Enterprise Solution is a fully integrated suite of products that can be easily combined for deployment at any size organization — from the single-property hotel to global, multi-branded hotel chain environments. Hotels and chains can choose just the products and features they need; OPERA OES is modular and scalable. OPERA modules include property management, sales and catering, quality management, gaming and comp accounting, and mixed use condo/hotel room management. In addition, the OPERA Enterprise Solution offers central management products including the OPERA Reservation System for both guestroom and function space sales; the OPERA Customer Information System, a customer relationship management package specifically designed for the hospitality industry; and Sales Force Administration, which provides centralized lead management and sales support for regional and national Sales teams.

  • Central Systems
o                                          OPERA Business Intelligence

o                                          OPERA Reservation System

o                                          OPERA Customer Information System

o                                          OPERA Web Suite

o                                          OPERA GDS Interface
o                                          OPERA Sales Force Automation (SFA)

o                                          OPERA Revenue Management

o                                          OPERA Comp Accounting & Gaming

o                                          myFidelio.net
  • Property Systems
o                                          OPERA Property Management System

o                                          OPERA Xpress

o                                          OPERA Lite

o                                          Operetta Hotel Software Solution

o                                          OPERA Sales & Catering

o                                          OPERA Vacation Ownership System (OVOS)

o                                          OPERA Kiosk

  • Flexible Deployment
o                                          eLearning

o                                         OPERA Hosting Services

eCommerce Solutions

Interactive marketing success depends upon the ability to act a few steps ahead. Anticipate target sites. Appear in all the right places. Know how to engage customer attention- in an environment where navigational decisions are made in the blink of an eye.

When designing an interactive marketing program, one size does not fit all. MICROS knows how consumers use the Internet and we have the tools to convert them. Hotel Internet marketing begins with a solid foundation of knowledge- not only of the complex network of the Web, but a thorough understanding of the hospitality industry. Join more than 800 hotels, resorts, restaurants, and spas worldwide, who depend upon MICROS for results-driven hotel Internet marketing management- from small, independent boutique properties to large international brands, located in more than 20 different countries around the world. MICROS's internet marketing solutions deliver unrivaled revenue to its hospitality clients. These robust eCommerce tools seamlessly interface with MICROS’s OPERA Enterprise Solution, providing your business with a comprehensive solution.

o           MyStayManager is a user-friendly mobile smart phone application that allows guests to create reservations and self-manage the details of their stay through their handheld device, when booking at participating hotels.  Each hotel or hotel chain that subscribes to this service has its own branded and custom-designed MyStayManager application, unique to the individual business.  MyStayManager’s ubiquitous real-time access to the OPERA database empowers the guest to an extent never before possible.  Guests can conveniently interact with OPERA using their smart phone or other mobile device to manage the details of current and future stays in real time, wherever they may be.  MyStayManager simplifies business or leisure travel for the guest and the hotel staff.

o           webHotel is the first eCommerce product and services platform to leverage OPERA-based hotel and customer data to strategically attract, persuade, and convert online travel consumers.  It presents a seamless experience for customers to search for reservations, browse, and book in one place.  At its core, webHotel features a user-friendly website design and management solution that serves customized “smart content” to users based on their web origin, previous web history, and preferences.  webHotel addresses every phase of the buying funnel, from initial travel research through booking and even post-stay emails.  The end-result is a truly integrated web presence that drives revenue and makes hotels more competitive in the online world.

o           webProposal is a unique web-enabled tool for creating, distributing, and managing professionally designed, customized Sales and Catering proposals.  Hotel sales managers can select the proposal template they wish to use and webProposal automatically assembles a new proposal by pulling up-to-the minute client and contact information, sleeping room requirements, meeting facilities needs, catering specs, and other business block details directly from the OPERA database.  Proposals are sent to clients via email as a URL link to an HTML format presentation and/or as a PDF document.

o      OPERA2Go provides a means to wirelessly connect hotel employees to the OPERA platform.  As business changes and our industry becomes more focused on mobility, we too need to respond with the tools to handle the changing landscape. This agent-facing user interface designed to work on all mobile devices, extends the features found in the OPERA Enterprise Suite without the need for front-desk terminals.  OPERA2Go functionality includes guest look-up, check-in and check out, room assignment, special requests, comments/notes, profile management, availability, and reservations management.  With these capabilities, OPERA2Go has the ability to redefine how our hotel partners do business through greater Guest Service flexibility.

myfidelio.net - The Power of Hotel Distribution 

myfidelio.net is an enterprise solution for the hospitality industry providing central reservation management services and connections to worldwide distribution channels. This advanced e-commerce solution connects individual hotels and hotel chains with the travel trade and end consumers allowing them to conduct travel related e-commerce.

The myfidelio.net application is linked via a switch company to all four major GDS. Through this dedicated interface, hotels are distributed to more than 500,000 travel agency terminals worldwide.

By using the internet booking facilities of myfidelio.net, hotels make their own website a real sales portal. In addition, myfidelio.net offers advanced distribution via online travel agencies and portals, also known as ADS (Alternative Distribution Systems).

A key feature of the myfidelio.net application is its ability to create a single image inventory environment for each property that can be easily presented to all relevant sales channels. All MICROS-Fidelio hotel solutions can be integrated with the myfidelio.net application, specially all MICROS-Fidelio PMS (Property Management Systems) and ORS (Opera Reservation System).

Integrated Restaurant Management

Simphony™: MICROS’s First Hospitality Solution using a Services Oriented Architecture (SOA) and Software as a Service (Saas)

Simphony™, MICROS’s first Software as a Service offering, is an enterprise, service-oriented architecture (SOA), point-of-sale (POS), hospitality product. SOA allows organizations to deploy the hosted POS system using a design that provides flexibility, resiliency, and streamlined integration of applications. Simphony™ is designed for SaaS deployment into diverse environments to deliver the complex, mission-critical functions demanded by the most innovative customers. SaaS alleviates the burden of software maintenance, ongoing operation, and support.

Simphony™ allows the client to be fully resilient and capable of performing mission critical operations in the event of an upstream failure. SOA allows for the integration of business functions such as property management systems, paperless kitchen display systems, credit card interfaces, and reporting at the individual property or revenue center to ensure continuous system operation. Additionally, SOA allows for the elimination of costly local servers by allowing only the necessary SaaS services to be run at the property level.

Although Simphony™ may be implemented at a single property, the true value can be found in its ability to scale to a business with thousands of workstations spread over many properties. This Software as a Service solution can be hosted using one of MICROS’s four worldwide datacenters, or it can be self-hosted by a customer. The Enterprise Management Console allows for the management of the entire system from within a single application. Users are able to create and define the parameters of the enterprise, properties, and revenue centers from any PC that has access to the central server, thus allowing local users to make changes to their configuration if necessary.

The hosted POS Simphony™ Enterprise Suite includes:

  • Enhanced Retail Functionality
  • E-business Solutions
  • Tiered Pricing
  • Paperless Kitchen Solutions
  • Hand Held Support
  • Enterprise Maintenance
  • Integration Property Maintenance
  • Kiosk
  • Gift Card Support
  • Credit Card Support
In addition to its robust hosted POS operations functionality, Simphony™ also provides sales and cost reporting capabilities via the web-based, mymicros.net solution, and interfaces to third-party peripheral equipment and software, including Property Management Systems, Liquor Dispensing Systems, Stored Value Cards, and Table Management Systems. With superior architecture, scalability, resiliency, integration, and flexible configuration deployment options, Simphony™ is the complete enterprise solution to orchestrate your POS technology needs.

MICROS 9700 HMS Point-of-Sale System

MICROS 9700 HMS is the most widely used point-of-sale solution in the leisure and entertainment marketplace. Built on years of industry experience, the entire 9700 HMS product suite is technology independent, running on MS SQL, Oracle, and Multiple Windows platforms. All 9700 HMS modules are web-delivered and enterprise enabled, making them easy to use while reducing total cost of ownership. 9700 HMS has proven installations ranging from small, specialized operations to large enterprise configurations spanning multiple properties in large geographic areas. Whether you operate one restaurant or hundreds, 9700 HMS has the functionality to meet your needs.

·         9700 Reservation and Table Management - Enterprise Reservations and Guest Experience Management using a single guest profile, updated with special requests, preferences and guest check details of each visit.

·         9700 Suites Management - food and beverage catering solution that allows you to facilitate web ordering, pre-orders/standing-orders, production management and pantry delivery management.

·         9700 Web Reporting, Auditing and Analysis - designed to deliver the information you need to run your business, right to your desktop. The web design allows you to view high level information, such as net sales and drill all the way down to individual check detail quickly and efficiently.


The MICROS Restaurant Enterprise Series (RES) is a unique series of integrated applications that includes Point-of-Sale, Enterprise Office, Restaurant Operations and Corporate Applications.  MICROS RES helps you build success through every level of your enterprise, from making sure each customer gets the right order on time to controlling prices, menus, and profits on a chain-wide basis. And it is scalable so it can serve your needs whether you’re a neighborhood restaurant or a worldwide chain. MICROS RES includes the following modules: POS, Enterprise Mgmt., Kitchen Display Systems, Labor Mgmt., Product Mgmt., Financial Mgmt., Forecasting, Transaction Analyzer and Export Utility.


o  3700 TSR
o  3700 QSR

         Enterprise Office

o  Labor Management
o  Product Management
Financial Management
o  Enterprise Management
Loss Prevention

Guest Experience

o    iCare
o    Guest Connection
o    Kiosk

      Restaurant Operations

o   Alert Manager
o   Kitchen Display Systems
o   Guest Services Solution
o   Table Management Solution
o   Digital Signage and Menu Boards
o   Fingerprint ID
o   Conversational Ordering
o   Discount Enhancements


o   WS4 LX
o   WS5A
o   PCWS 2015
o   PCWS 2010
o   Mobile MICROS  
o   MICROS Protégé

mymicros.net is a content rich Internet portal for the restaurant industry that includes access to hosted applications for point-of-sale, back office, data warehousing, business intelligence and other business applications and content. mymicros.net creates the next-generation model of restaurant enterprise systems and extends the capability for existing MICROS customers.

  • EIP - an elegant yet very powerful data warehouse that is easily mined with a simple web browser.
  • EMS - Automates all store data uploads to the point-of-sale for on the fly changes to menu items, prices, discounts, taxes and other POS-specific data.
  • iCare Loyalty (http://www.micros.com/Products/RestaurantSolutions/EnterpriseSolutions/icare/) - provides an easy way to setup and manage gift cards and point-based loyalty programs with complete reporting through mymicros.net.
  • myinventory - easy-to-use and robust inventory application for managing inventories at either a single property or multiple outlets
  • mylabor – handles tedious human resource tasks in a simple, easy-to-use, online user interface.
  • mytasks – leverages the natural workflow of tasks and aids in the simplification of training.
  • XBR Loss Prevention - provides a way for operations to monitor and report problematic point-of-sale entries as soon as data is processed


MICROS e7 Series Point of Sale (POS) system combines the reputation and reliability of MICROS hospitality technology with a price suitable for table service and quick service restaurants, delis, sandwich shops, nightclub/bar establishments, and more. MICROS e7 combines an all-in-one MICROS Workstation 4 (WS4 LX) with a powerful embedded software application based on the Microsoft Windows® CE .NET operating system.

The MICROS e7 functionality which manages guest checks, staff productivity, menu offerings, and restaurant operations easily and economically; delivers the following benefits:

* Reduce Labor Cost
* Prevents Loss
* Increase Efficiency 
* Improves reporting

* Enables Flexibility
* Optimized Hardware
* Provides Return on Investment


From the outdoor deck to the coziest corner booth, the downstairs lounge to the rooftop bar, and in-seat ordering at sporting events, Mobile MICROS handheld technology allows you to service your customers wherever they are enjoying your hospitality. Our technology gives you and your staff the ultimate flexibility in providing excellent, immediate service that translates into increased operating efficiencies, greater profits, and an enhanced guest experience. MICROS continues to lead the way with innovative handheld technology. This solution has been created specifically for the hospitality industry and is fully integrated with our MICROS 3700, MICROS 9700, and Simphony point-of-service solutions. This sleek yet robust solution puts a wealth of profit building power right into your hand.
  • Uses the latest in handheld hardware including Apple and Motorola
  • Boost Your Profits at Every Turn
  • Built on Today’s Best Technology
  • Built Tough for Any Environment
  • Stay Close to Your Customers
  • Make Your Staff More Efficient

Consumer Solutions

MICROS offers unparalleled mobility to the hospitality industry with a breadth of solutions designed for the restaurant consumer. From online ordering for the take-out customer on the go, to mobile payment processing, MICROS point-of-service solutions provide you the extensibility you need to offer an extraordinary guest experience.
  • Online Ordering Solution: orders placed from any online channel are sent to the restaurant and processed just like an order entered at a POS workstation.
  • mymenu: an interactive restaurant menu and marketing portal built for the Apple iPad and designed to enhance the restaurant dining experience.
  • Mobile Payment – Tabbedout: customers can open, view and pay their tab at their own pace, and share their social experiences with friends via Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare, all within the application.


JTECH is the leading supplier of hospitality wireless communications systems, with solution including silent server paging, guest paging and manager/staff paging.  JTECH systems enhance profitability and create efficiencies by streamlining business communications within the restaurant, club, hotel or other hospitality environment.

  • ServAlert - Allows chefs to page servers when orders are ready, optimizing efficiency; featuring the new rechargeable ServerPass™ pager
  • GuestAlert - Manages customer flow in full service and fast casual dining environments; featuring the popular "Glowster®" and GuestPass™ pagers.
  • HostAlert - Coordinates various aspects of restaurant operations to maximize guest flow; featuring the popular "Glowster®" and GuestPass™ pagers, plus the InstaCall™ Alphanumeric pagers for integrated server messaging.
  • ValetAlert - Allows guests to page the valet and have car delivered while paying the restaurant bill, or exiting/checking out of the hotel, elevating guest service levels; featuring StaffComm™ hand-held push button transmitters

MICROS Recent News Releases
Best Western International Selects MICROS as its Preferred Hosted PMS Solution Provider / May 2013

Marriott International Selects Cloud-based MICROS OPERA as Its Next-Generation Property Management System for all North America Properties / April 2013

MICROS Releases Next Generation Mobile Business Intelligence Tool - - MICROS inMotion / April 2013

MICROS Enables Louvre Hotels Group to Connect Directly to Google / March 2013

InterContinental Hotels Group Selects Cloud-based MICROS Simphony for Next-Generation Point-of-Service for its UK Properties / February 2013

Dolce Hotels & Resorts Implements MICROS OPERA 9 Front Desk Mobile on iPad / February 2013

Global Gaming Solutions Selects Cloud-based MICROS Simphony for Remington Park / February 2013

MICROS Ships 1,000,000 MICROS Point-of-Sale Terminals / January 2013

MICROS Systems, Inc. Announces CEO Succession Plan; Peter Altabef to Become Chief Executive Officer; A.L. "Tom" Giannopoulos to Serve as Executive Chairman / December 2012

MICROS OPERA and MICROS Simphony Support New Apple iPad Mini / November 2012

The Pestana Group Selects MICROS OPERA for its Brazilian Properties / October 2012

MICROS eCommerce Announces the Launch of Strategic Hotels & Resorts, Inc.'s Tablet Specific Websites / July 2012

Aston Hotels & Resorts to Deploy MICROS OPERA Enterprise Solution at 27 Properties; Hawaii-based hotel and resort group selects technology partner with integrated solution for managing properties and condo ownerships / June 2012

MICROS Continues to Prove Its Innovative Leadership with a Suite of Cloud-based Products and Unparalleled Mobility; MICROS will demonstrate the portfolio of offerings at HITEC, June 25 – 28, 2012 in Baltimore, MD. / June 2012

Delta Hotels and Resorts Pilots OPERA 9 MICROS's Next Generation Cloud Technology; Longtime customer implements OPERA 9 Room Reservation Services module / June 2012

TRUMP HOTEL COLLECTION Utilizes MICROS OPERA and MICROS POS at its Newly Acquired Property, Doral® Golf Resort & Spa; Luxury resort operator expands partnership with hospitality technology provider for word class solutions, operational consistency, and global support network / June 2012

MICROS eCommerce Launches New Interactive Website for Global Hotel Alliance's Loyalty Program, GHA Discovery / May 2012

G1 Group plc Prepares for Further Expansion with MICROS; Scotland's leading independent leisure operator selects market-leading MICROS technologies for its growing portfolio of restaurants, bars, clubs, cinemas and hotels / May 2012

Orient-Express Implements MICROS OPERA Sales & Catering Module for Its Hotels Worldwide / May 2012

Prestigious Wynn Las Vegas and Encore Casino Resorts to Advance Technology Portfolio with MICROS Simphony Enterprise Solution in the Cloud / March 2012

The Moran & Bewley's Hotel Group Invests in Technology Upgrade / March 2012

MICROS Offers its Customers a Greater Level of Security When Processing Credit Cards; Enhanced security is now available for MICROS OPERA and MICROS RES Customers with P2PE and Tokenization / February 2012

Luxury Property and Residences at Trump International Hotel & Tower® Toronto Debut with MICROS OPERA and MICROS POS; MICROS expands partnership with top-tier hotel brand, TRUMP HOTEL COLLECTION™, to provide a superior guest experience across properties / February 2012

La Dolce Vita Resort Selects the MICROS OPERA Enterprise Solution to Enhance its Guests’ Experience / December 2011

Lindner Hotels and Resorts Select MICROS OPERA End-to-End Private Cloud Solution / November 2011

YOTEL at New York Times Square West Selects MICROS's myfidelio.net CRS for Hotel Distribution with OPERA Property Management System / November 2011

Galaxy Macau™ in Tune with MICROS Simphony™ / October 2011

MGM Resorts International Standardizes on MICROS OPERA Enterprise Solution; With recent implementations, MICROS OPERA now powers 7 of the 10 largest hotels in the United States. / October 2011

The Long Awaited Deadwood Mountain Grand Opens with MICROS as its Technology Partner; Historic gold mining camp set in the Black Hills is transformed into new luxury resort and selects MICROS to provide an innovative and comprehensive technology solution / September 2011

Cedar Point Amusement Park Selects MICROS Simphony and MICROS OPERA; World acclaimed amusement park selects MICROS’s fully integrated enterprise solutions for point of sale and property management / September 2011

Orient-Express Selects MICROS OPERA and MICROS POS for its Hotels Worldwide / September 2011

Vienna International Hotelmanagement AG Select MICROS as its Preferred Vendor / September 2011

Alrov Selects MICROS Technology Exclusively for All of Its Luxury Hotels; All MICROS technology will be hosted in the MICROS Data Center located in Frankfurt, Germany / September 2011

MICROS eCommerce Services|TIG Global Expands Relationship with Delta Hotels; New Strategic Partnership Poised to Enhance Booking Experience and Web Visibility / August 2011

The Greenbrier Selects MICROS myfidelio.net to Improve Room Booking Process / June 2011

Sino Group of Hotels Selects MICROS OPERA Customer Information System; The Fullerton Hotel Singapore and The Fullerton Bay Hotel Singapore will use OCIS for its guest recognition and reward program / June 2011

Stoney Creek Inns Pilots New MICROS OPERA 9 Channel Management Module; Midwest hotel chain pilots the new user interface and "starter set" of channel management features, which offer new technologies and a new understanding to Revenue Managers / June 2011

Trump® Hotel Collection Brings Mobility to Its Guests with MICROS OPERA2Go; Trump Soho and Trump International Hotel & Tower Chicago first to pilot / June 2011

California’s Largest Boutique Hotel Collection Selects MICROS OPERA For Central Systems In Advance of Its National Expansion; Joie de Vivre Hospitality adds to its OPERA Enterprise Solution / May 2011

AC Hotels by Marriott in Spain Selects MICROS OPERA Solution and MICROS Simphony POS for Entire Estate; Integrated solution will be centrally hosted in the MICROS Frankfurt Datacenter / March 2011

The Prestigious TRUMP HOTEL COLLECTION™ Selects MICROS OPERA; New members of Preferred Hotel Group™ select MICROS to provide comprehensive hotel property management system and enterprise software solution / February 2011

West Inn & Suites Selects OPERA Xpress and OPERA Business Intelligence Suite / June 2009
Hotel Chateau Chamonix Selects MICROS Hosted Operetta and MICROS’s Web Suite to Manage Its Hotel Operations / June 2009

MICROS Debuts Its Latest Point-of-Service Technologies at HITEC / June 2009

Resorts World at Sentosa - Singapore's Only Island Integrated Resort, Selects MICROS OPERA Enterprise Solution for its Seamless Online Reservation System / June 2009

Rivers Casino Debuts in Pittsburgh with MICROS’s 9700 Hospitality Management Suite / May 2009

The Siegel Group Nevada Selects MICROS OPERA Lite for Two Newly Acquired Casinos / April 2009

MICROS Highlights the Benefits of Fully-Integrated Digital Menu Boards and Table Management at FS/TEC 2009; Both features are available within the current MICROS RES package at no additional software cost / February 2009

Peninsula Hotels Upgrade to OPERA v5.0 and Deploy MICROS OPERA Revenue Management System; World's First Truly Integrated Revenue Management System / January 2009

The Atlantic Hotel Implements MICROS OPERA; First Small Luxury Hotels of the World property in Europe to install two-way interface to SLH’s Central Reservation System / Decmeber 2008

Hotel Students at University of Nevada, Las Vegas Educated with the MICROS OPERA Enterprise Solution / November 2008

New MICROS Operetta is a True “Off-the-Shelf” PMS Solution for Hotels with Standard Technology Needs / October 2008

WORLDHOTELS Selects OPERA Property Management System as Preferred Technology for Its Member Hotels / September 2008

Hard Rock Hotels Selects MICROS OPERA Enterprise Solution for Central Solutions / July 2008

Pestana Hotels and Resorts Selects MICROS OPERA Reservations System to Create a Single Image Inventory Solution / July 2008

MGM Grand at Foxwoods® Selects MICROS 9700 Enterprise POS Solution and MICROS RES 4.0 POS Solution / June 2008

Las Vegas Sands Corp. Selects MICROS 9700 Hospitality Management System for The Palazzo Resort-Hotel-Casino / March 2008

Danubius Hotels Selects MICROS 9700 HMS, OPERA, and myfidelio.net Solutions for its Entire Hotel Chain / March 2008

Millennium Hotels and Resorts Selects Centrally Hosted, Multi-Property MICROS OPERA and MICROS 9700 HMS for All US-based Millennium Hotel Properties / February 2008

The Accor Group Selects MICROS OPERA Enterprise Solution for Next Generation Property Management Solution / January 2008

Movenpick Hotels & Resorts Includes MICROS-Fidelio as Preferred IT Vendor for PMS / January 2008

Hilton Upgrades to PCI Certified MICROS 9700 Hospitality Management Solution / January 2008

Lucien Barriere Hotels & Casinos Selects OPERA Multi-Property PMS Solution / December 2007

Pechanga Resort & Casino Selects the MICROS OPERA Enterprise Solution / November 2007

Twin River Selects MICROS 9700 Hospitality Management Solution / October 2007

MICROS Delivers Harmony to POS Technology with Simphony(TM); The Industry's First True Enterprise POS Solution, Featuring Service Oriented Architecture, Debuts at FS/TEC / October 2007

Great Wolf Resorts Selects the MICROS OPERA and MICROS 9700 HMS for Enterprise Deployment / September 2007

Carlson Hotels Worldwide Expands on MICROS Technology Solutions; Carlson Hotels Worldwide Expands on MICROS Technology Solutions with Centrally-Hosted OPERA / June 2007

GHA.Net Central Reservations Goes Live Powered by Micros / June 2007

Dusit Group Signs for Opera Enterprise Solution / February 2007

MICROS Systems, Inc. Acquires the Hospitality and Retail Subsidiaries of RedSky IT / January 2007

AmericanAirlines Arena Consolidates to MICROS's Integrated 9700 Hospitality Management Solution / December 2006

MICROS OPERA “In the Heart of the City” with Starhotels / November 2006

Wynn Macau Selects MICROS OPERA and MICROS 9700 / November 2006

Joie de Vivre Hospitality Selects MICROS OPERA as Corporate Standard / November 2006

Global Hotel Alliance Empowers Members With MICROS Technology / October 2006

Corporate Headquarters and Americas Regional Office:
 MICROS Systems, Inc.
7031 Columbia Gateway Drive
Columbia, MD 21046-2289
Phone: 866-287-4736 (8:00am to 5:00pm EST)
Email: info@micros.com

Regional Headquarters - Europe/Africa/ Middle East:
Neuss, Germany
Phone: +(49) (2131) 137-0
Fax: +(49) (2131) 137-702

Regional Headquarters - Asia Pacific:
Sydney, Australia
Phone: + (61) (2) 9485 1000
Fax: + (61) (2) 9485 1099

Regional Headquarters - Latin America:
 Buenos Aires, Argentina
Phone: +(54) (11) 4119-1150
Fax: +(54) (11) 4119-1151

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