The ACE DuraFlo® System of Pipe Restoration. It's proven
safe, economical, and non-disruptive.

A Revolutionary Approach to Eliminating Pipe Corrosion
That Saves Both Time and Money!

The Process

Since 1999, ACE DuraFlo® has been successfully using its proven system that has saved building owners and homeowners thousands of dollars, while saving occupants the messy, noisy and destructive experience of a repipe.

Until now the only effective long-term remedy for encrusted galvanized steel or rust-corroded copper small diameter piping was the expensive and inefficient method of repiping the whole piping system. This meant the nuisance of dirt, noise, and several weeks of being without water. Building owners, homeowners, property managers and tenants are eagerly seeking an alternative to this old fashioned, expensive and frustrating system. 

Step 1 - Air Drying of Pipes
Small air hoses are connected to the piping systems water lines. The isolated system is then dried with pre-heated filtered dry air by one of the world's quietest compressors.
Step 2 - Corundum Cleaning
The dried pipes are cleaned to remove any corrosion buildup and oxidation that can create blockage, which can damage your fixtures. An air and corundum mixture sandblasts the inside surface of the pipes. The cleaning process prepares the internal pipe surface for proper bonding of the epoxy.
Step 3 - Epoxy Coating Applied 
The final stage of the restoration process is the application of the epoxy lining to the piping system. This seals and protects the piping system permanently. All water supply lines are reconnected with new angle stops and a complete system check is performed.


.Why Ace DuraFlo

The ACE DuraFlo system is based on “in-place” pipe restoration technology. That’s right. We restore pipes right within the walls, without tearing them out.

This revolutionary technology has been used by homeowners, the US Air Force, hospitals, universities, major hotels, resort facilities, apartments and industrial facilities.

The ACE DuraFlo system restores piping systems in half the time and with virtually no destruction when compared to a repipe. Your newly restored pipes will never corrode, pit or scale.

A permanent, safe solution, in potable water systems ACE DuraFlo uses only coating materials that are NSF approved and UPC listed for safe use. Once restored, your system will no longer leach lead or copper contaminants. Your water stays pure, clean and safe to drink.

Compare for Yourself 
Copper Repipe
ACE DuraFlo® 
Cost Expensive Economical
Installation Time Consuming Fast
Corrosion Protection No Protection Protects Against Corrosion
Water Availability Long Shut Downs Always Available
Destruction Extensive, messy Close to None
Dust / Dirt Very Dirty Process Neat, Clean
Noise Loud, Noisy Quiet
Effectiveness Temporary Long Term
Lifestyle Disruption Disruptive Minimal
Health Certified Water Quality Ongoing Health & Safety Risks NSF/ANSI Standard 61
approved and UPC listed

ePIPE For Your Toolbox

It has been 10 years since ACE DuraFlo introduced their method of epoxy lining small diameter pipes. Today, restoration of pressurized pipes is now recognized by the nation’s major model code officials, International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials (IAPMO) and the International Code Council, Evaluation Services (ICC-ES). Further afield, the ACE process is also approved in Canada, Europe, Mexico and Asia.

In addition to developing the technology, ACE has built a network of franchisees and affiliates in the U.S., Canada, Europe, Mexico and Asia. ACE’s, onsite, in-place restoration program features multiple market entry points starting with the miniE® program, a full residential package and a full commercial package. By developing multi level marketing and application programs ACE has been able to team up with companies like Mr. Rooter® and American Leak Detection®, both of whom have added ePIPE to their field of service.

Frequently Asked Questions About the ACE DuraFlo System
Does pipe restoration save a building owner and tenants money? 
YES! Since pipe restoration restores a building’s piping system within the walls, owners save thousands of dollars by not paying to replace their existing piping system. The costs saved by not destroying walls, removing and replacing pipes, and redecorating make pipe restoration the less expensive alternative.
Does the pipe restoration outlast a new pipe? 
YES! New pipes start to deteriorate the moment the water is turned on. Epoxy lined pipes are protected against corrosion.
Can an ACE DuraFlo SYSTEM restoration be planned around the tenants schedule? 
YES! The ACE DuraFlo SYSTEM restoration is planned as far ahead as possible. An updated schedule of the suites to be restored is published in the lobby on a daily basis. The process should not compromise a tenant’s standard of living.
What type of pipe can the ACE DuraFlo SYSTEM restore?
The ACE DuraFlo SYSTEM is designed to restore copper, steel, galvanized and metallic sprinkler systems. The rust and corrosion buildup within the pipe is removed to restore full water pressure. Pipes are then epoxy coated to protect against future corrosion.
Is the ACE DuraFlo SYSTEM method safe? 
YES! The ACE DuraFlo SYSTEM does not use chemicals in its cleaning process, meeting North America’s strictest water safety standards. In addition, the epoxy used in the process is certified safe for use in potable water systems.
Who has used ACE DuraFlo Pipe Restoration? 
Some of the largest companies in the nation have taken advantage of this proven technology for many years. Some customers include hotels, government agencies, property mangers, building owners, hospitals, The U.S. Air Force, primary care facilities and universities.
If pipes are old and fragile, can the ACE DuraFlo SYSTEM fix my pipes? 
In most cases YES!, however in all cases a site visit must be arranged with an ADF specialist who will assess the problem and make the final determination.
If a hole is found, can you fix it? 
YES! Sometimes a hole is found in the piping system. If a hole is found we simply replace the affected area of pipe and continue with the process.
Will carpet and flooring be protected when crews are in a suite? 
YES! The crews conduct all their work inside the building so no mud or dirt tracked in. The only working material likely to touch flooring is the food grade hose that supplies the air to the piping system. In the event that a suite requires special attention, ground covers are put down before work is commenced.
Is ACE DuraFlo SYSTEM the most environmentally friendly alternative? 
YES! The ACE DuraFlo SYSTEM significantly reduces waste and strain on landfills compared to the conventional re-pipe method.

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