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 Hotel Executives Now Mining Data from their 
Hotels’ Prior Daily Report Information 
Using M3’s InnQuire Software

GAINESVILLE, GEORGIA, Sept 29 – M3, the original Hotel-Specific, accounting Application Service Provider (ASP)  announced that the latest upgraded version of  its InnQuire software product was released today, instantaneously, to its 150+ hotel management company clients.  InnQuire, one of M3’s applications, enables hotel executives to mine data (extract reports) from a database comprised of their hotels’ prior Daily Report information.  Since InnQuire users design their own Daily Reports,  this means that hotel Executives can track ANY data, over time (comparing any or all hotels) that is specifically important to their company’s needs or desires.

This latest upgrade of InnQuire makes it compatible with current, as well as, future versions of Microsoft’s Internet browser, Explorer.  

Secondly, InnQuire reports can now be seen with their values in a graph format.  Clients select the style of graph.  For example: An InnQuire Trend Analysis Report shows a bar graph.  One particular hotel’s % of Occupancy (94%) over six months is a red bar, compared to the % of Occupancy of all of the Enterprise’s other hotels (89%), which is  shown as a blue bar.  

Thirdly,  Occupancy rates of Extended Stay guests (ESSOC), segmented by duration of stay, can now be  compared, over time, to the Occupancy rate of guests that stay 1-3 nights.  This is a great tool for Executives of Extended Stay properties as it provides a benchmark or measuring tool to help their Sales Teams strive for 100% Occupancy by true, Extended Stay clientele.  The trick is to effectively bring the lines of the graph together, which means that more dollars are then flowing each day into the till.  How can you know where you’re going, if you don’t know where you are?  InnQuire is like a Global Positioning System (GPS) for your Sales Department.

Fourthly, the format for creating reports is even more user friendly and follows the logic of M3’s other report writing applications: Financial Wizard and Daily Report.

“The focus of M3’s Hotel-Specific accounting system is to reduce the cost of gathering and disseminating hotel data within the Enterprise, while also making this important process more efficient,” said Allen Read, CHA, Business Manager of M3  

M3 is a private company owned by John McKibbon, III, whose family has been in the hospitality business for three generations in Gainesville, Georgia and the Southeastern United States.  M3 has been in operation as an ASP for two years, making it the first-if not the only-provider of Hotel-Specific accounting and data-mining software.  M3’s applications are available to its hotel management company  clients, 24 hours per day 7 days per week using the inexpensive Internet as the vehicle for data entry, access and reporting.  An ASP can make appropriate data more accessible for those in the Enterprise who truly need it.  The Enterprise can then manage more hotels, more efficiently because the entire staff encounters fewer interruptions from other staff, at various levels, asking for information.   Associates legitimately need more information in order to fulfill the greater burden of tasks that has been put on them by Operations and Executive teams that are trying to do more with less.  An ASP also provides Operations and Executives with last night’s critical Occupancy Data, Sales Reports and Labor Statistics as fresh as their morning coffee. 


Rick Frommer, 
Director of Marketing  
770.297.1925 X 375

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