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 M3 Hotel Accounting Provides Internet Based Accounting System; Connecting Accounting Functions from 
Multiple Locations to the Corporate Office
April 17, 2000 – GAINESVILLE, GEORGIA – M3 Hotel Accounting has set the new industry standard for hotel accounting.  

After developing hotel software for over ten years, M3 Hotel Accounting has entered into eBusiness by introducing the first Internet based, hotel-specific accounting system. This Windows-based system uses the Internet to connect all accounting functions -including payroll - from multiple hotel locations to the corporate office. Each hotel enters data into one of M3’s eight modules and sends it to the data center via the Internet. Within seconds executives, managers, and accounting personnel can access and manipulate the data into customized reports, which they design. 

John McKibbon, President of M3 states:  “As an application service provider (ASP) we help you simplify your business operations without having to build a computing infrastructure. You can focus on your business while our IT staff manages the technology. Our accounting applications can be accessed over the Internet with a simple browser and network connection.”

M3 brought its first customer onto this new system in November 1998, and the number of users has grown exponentially. One reason for such rapid growth is its ease of use.  This is not surprising. M3 Hotel Accounting was developed by hotel operators specifically for hotel accounting. 

And installation is simple.  Rich Palmer, president of Palmer-Gosnell Management, Inc. of Vienna, Virginia can attest to that.  “Having been through other system conversions, I was looking forward to the M3 conversion as much as a root canal. It turned out to be far easier than I imagined thanks to a simple, intuitive system and help from folks who truly understand the hotel business.”  

M3 has two applications.  

  • AccKnowledge gathers and manipulates financial information from multiple locations. It is used to prepare Daily Reports, Financial Statements, Inventories, Accounts Payable, General Ledger, Construction Tracking, Budgets, Labor Reports and more.  
  • InnQuire is the warehouse of information. InnQuire allows managers to measure, track, and compare data from any time period, from anywhere that has Internet access.
Charley Aimone of HLC Hotels, Inc., Savannah, Georgia, came online with M3 late last year.  He says that InnQuire “helps us run our business better.  We are able to get information from all of our properties every morning – information such as labor statistics, RevPar, deposits, etc.”  

Barry Wabler agrees.  Wabler is corporate comptroller for Day Hospitality Group, Inc. of Atlanta.  He says, “Since using M3s AccKnowledge and InnQuire applications, production in our accounting department has been greatly enhanced.  We now have tools to supply our associates, management and investors with timely and relevant data regarding trends in our hotel business.

In a nutshell:  M3 Hotel Accounting is fast, flexible and user-friendly.  It is designed specifically for hotels. No expensive hardware is required. The cost is low: a small, one-time license fee plus a low monthly subscription fee for each hotel. Upgrades are free.  Users design reports to meet their individual needs. 

M3 Hotel Accounting
Fact Sheet

WHO  M3 is an Application Service Provider (ASP) that specializes in running hotel accounting software.  M3 has been providing software packages for over 10 years.
WHAT  AccKnowledge is a hotel-specific accounting application.  It is an extremely efficient method of gathering and manipulating financial information from multiple locations.

InnQuire is a powerful database application that is drive by AccKnowledge.  Inquire allow you to measure, track or compare any statistic that is reported on each hotel’s Daily Report.

Efficiency and Cost Reduction.  The use of AccKnowledge and InnQuire eliminates redundancy and errors of transcribing information.  It also eliminates fax machines and telephone calls to share information.
HOW  Networking.  The inexpensive use of the Internet enables executives to to “network” the corporate office with all hotels. This technology is used by a growing number of companies and is efficient and secure.
FEATURES of AccKnowledge and InnQuire that are all included in the low monthly subscription fee: 
  • Efficient Windows-based, user-friendly technology. 
  • Access is available all day, everyday, anywhere in the world. 
  • System is easy to install and get running with minimal interruption to your daily business. 
  • Requires little time to learn and use to its fullest advantage. 
  • Financial reports are modified by your staff, at no cost, immediately, as needed. 
  • Updates to data are instantaneous. 
  • New properties are added quickly and easily. 
  • Technical support is provided at no additional cost. 
  • Your data is automatically backed up and stored. 
  • System expands quickly to any size company. 
  • Financial reporting across company lines is handled easily. 
  • Checks are printed for all the companies within your Enterprise in one batch. 
  • Daily Reports are quickly and easily customized to accommodate the requirements of various owners, brands, and your own staff. 
BENEFITS of AccKnowledge and InnQuire…that will continue to grow over time: 
  • There is NO capital expenditure for software. We don’t sell software. 
  • You do NOT need to purchase expensive computer hardware. 
  • There are NO fees for support. 
  • ? There are NO fees or cost for software upgrades. 
  • Fee is a low monthly subscription. Call us for a quote. 
  • A long-term contract is not required. We’d rather be a partner than a vendor. 
  • Reduction in accounting labor and costs. 
  • Reduction in Fax and overnight mail charges. 
  • Elimination of redundant data entry. 


Rick Frommer
Director of Marketing
800 Jesse Jewell Parkway
Gainesville, Georgia 30501
770.534.3381 ext.245
[email protected]
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