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Tut Systems Offers High Speed Internet Access for "Garden Style" Hotels Without Centralized Wiring
PLEASANT HILL, Calif., April 28, 1999 — Tut Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: TUTS)
today announced Expresso MDU Lite™, the first "no new wires," high-speed Internet access solution designed specifically to meet the needs of small multi-dwelling units (MDUs) in garden-style complexes.  The Expresso MDU Lite is a 4-port or 8-port multiplexing switch that can be located inside or outside an apartment building to provision high-speed Internet access "beyond the last mile" to individual apartment units.  Leveraging Tut’s
award-winning HomeRun™ technology, Expresso MDU Lite uses the existing telephone wiring within a building to deliver cost-effective always-on high-speed Internet access and plug-and-play compatibility with HomePNA 1.0-compliant phoneline networking products.  The Expresso MDU Lite represents the most recent expansion of Tut’s MDU product offerings to ensure that high-speed Internet access can be deployed to almost every MDU building configuration including small buildings and garden-style complexes.

"In garden-style properties with decentralized wiring configurations —which are approximately 52% of all MDU properties in the U.S.— utilizing traditional networking solutions to deploy high-speed Internet access can be cost-prohibitive," said Sal D’Auria, Tut’s president and CEO.  "Our Expresso MDU Lite is designed to cost-effectively service small distributed buildings with large distances between them and no centralized wiring location. With Expresso MDU Lite, we are perfectly complementing Tut’s existing MDU product offerings to ensure we can deploy high-speed Internet access solutions to almost every MDU building configuration. Moreover, within each apartment, tenants can create a home network by plugging in their HomePNA-compliant PCs and peripheral devices into an available phone jack and share Internet access and printers, swap files, and even play multi-player games."

"Of all the high-end amenities Charles E. Smith offers, we’ve noticed a spike in the demand for high-speed Internet access.  Although our portfolio is predominately urban high-rise properties, we have several mid-rise and garden-style buildings – all of which present distinct challenges to installing high-speed Internet access," said Andrew Smith, Manager of Ancillary Income and Product Development for Charles E. Smith, a real estate investment trust in the Washington, D.C. area.  "Tut’s Expresso MDU system services our high-rise and mid-rise buildings, and now with the introduction of the Expresso MDU Lite, we can provide Internet access to our garden-style properties. Tut’s products not only allow us to offer new Internet service quickly, but their compatibility with a variety of WAN and trunk connections means we can use the type of Internet connection that makes the most financial sense for our tenants.  Equally important, we don’t have to disturb our existing tenants by installing new wiring."

At the Charles E. Smith properties, Tut is partnering with Internet solution provider InterQuest Communications to install Tut’s Expresso MDU Lite.  InterQuest will provide the system integration, the Internet service and support to the Charles E.Smith apartment residents.

"Expresso MDU Lite is definitely not your "garden-style variety" Internet access solution," said Boyd Peterson, Vice President at the Yankee Group.  "There are a possible 5 million apartments in the U.S. alone that could be wired for high-speed Internet access  — a $2.5 billion market, yet most solutions can not be tailored to the small buildings favored by the majority of apartment-dwellers.  We’ve been impressed at how Tut continues to innovate in order to provision high-speed Internet access across every type of MDU property configuration."

About Expresso MDU Lite
MDU Lite is a 4-port or 8-port HomeRun multiplexing switch that can be located inside or outside an apartment building to distribute high-speed data access to individual apartment units over the existing copper telephone wires.  The Expresso MDU Lite allows service providers and property owners to deploy high-speed Internet access to MDU residents while increasing their property value, and/or gain additional revenue from the property.

Expresso MDU Lite Key Features and Benefits

  • Services most property configurations, including smaller buildings
  • Uses HomeRun, which is a true splitterless, 1 Mbit/s Ethernet, data-over-voice technology.
  • No new wires or connections needed
  • Highly robust, with the ability to run over any wiring topology
  • Data runs over POTS
  • Speeds of 1 Mbit/s
  • Connects distances of up to 2,000 feet
  • Compatible with a wide array of WAN and trunk interfaces including Tut Systems’ LongRun, T-1, xDSL, RF, and cable networks
  • Highly scalable
  • Built-in privacy capabilities
  • Allows end users with HomePNA 1.0 enabled devices (PCs, peripherals, modems) from all HomePNA member companies to access data services from any phone jack in their units.
About HomeRun Technology
HomeRun creates a 1 Mbit/s Ethernet LAN over the existing random structure phonelines already in the home. No new wires or connections are required, and HomeRun operates concurrently with existing telephone (or "POTS") service.  The technology provides the bandwidth necessary for today’s home networking applications — shared Internet access, shared peripherals and multi-player gaming.  HomeRun is also expected to complement the new Universal ADSL technology, known as U-ADSL, being championed by Compaq, Intel and Microsoft.  HomeRun technology was recently chosen as the first specification for home networking by the Home Phoneline Networking Alliance (HomePNA). Tut’s HomeRun technology received two of the industry’s highest honors at Fall COMDEX ’98 – an MVP Award from PC Computing and PC Magazine’s prestigious award for technical excellence.

About Tut Systems, Inc.
Tut Systems (NASDAQ: TUTS) designs, develops and markets advanced communications products which enable high-speed data access over the copper infrastructure of telephone companies, as well as the copper telephone wires in homes, businesses and other buildings.  These products incorporate Tut's proprietary FastCopper technology in a cost-effective, scalable and easy to deploy solution to exploit the underutilized bandwidth of copper telephone wires.  The Company’s products include Expresso high bandwidth access multiplexers, associated modems and routers, XL Ethernet extension products and integrated network management software.  Tut’s HomeRun technology, an in-home application of FastCopper, has been chosen by the Home Phoneline Networking Alliance (HomePNA) as the initial specification for in-home networking over phonelines. 

Amanda Berman
Corporate Communications
Tut Systems
Kevin Pedraja
VP, Client Services
Sterling Communications
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