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New Standard Simplifies Restaurant Espresso Preparation

NEW YORK - May 6, 1998 - Easy Serving Espresso (E.S.E.), an innovative technology that simplifies espresso and cappuccino preparation by reducing it to a few easy steps, has been adopted internationally as an industry standard by companies such as Starbucks Coffee Company, Krups and illycaffe.

The technology was patented ten years ago by illycaffe, the quality leading Italian coffee producer, and consists of a standard pre-packaged single serving of ground coffee that works in E.S.E.-equipped machines. In 1996, illycaffe licensed its patent to allow espresso machine manufacturers and other coffee producers to adopt the E.S.E. technology to simplify espresso preparation for consumers and to guarantee a consistent level of quality.

Earlier this year, the Consortium for the Development and Protection of the E.S.E. Standard was established to promote the E.S.E. technology. The founders of the Consortium, including espresso machine manufactures Alessi, Briel, Girmi, Euromatik, Little Italy, Moulinex-Krups, SGL, Unic, as well as roasters Starbucks, illycaffe, Cafes Castel and Caffe Gioia agreed to manufacture espresso machines and coffee products that are compatible with the E.S.E. standard.

"Starbucks has always set the highest quality standards for our products, especially our espresso," says Mary Williams, Starbucks senior vice president, coffee. "The development of the Consortium provides consumers with a guarantee of high standards throughout the industry and the world."

Consumers will be able to choose from many different coffee brands packaged in single servings as well as brands and models of espresso coffee machines in various price ranges. All machines and coffee products that use the E.S.E. technology will bear a recognizable E.S.E. symbol.

Each E.S.E. serving contains approximately 7 grams of ground, pressed coffee hermetically sealed between two layers of filter paper. With the E.S.E. system, no special skills or experience are required to prepare a cup of espresso. The user follows four simple steps: take the serving out of its package, place it in the espresso machine filer, insert and lock the filter holder, then proceed with the extraction process for the necessary amount of time. The result is always a perfect cup of espresso which turns into a perfect cappuccino just adding frothed milk.

"Krups, the largest espresso machine manufacturer in the world, is very committed to developing the pre-packaged coffee market segment on an international scale," says Marc Navarre, Moulinex Group vice president marketing-RD. "We have consequently, been a great supporter of the E.S.E. serving standard."

"Now every American can experience the perfect cup of espresso at home in one simple step," says Andrea Illy, chief executive officer of illycaffe S.p.A. "Since the early 1980s, this system has been available to restaurants in the U.S., and now the revolutionary E.S.E. system will enable U.S. consumers to enjoy the pleasure of a quality cup of espresso prepared in their homes as well."

In 1997, more than 8,000 tons or 850 million individual servings of pre-packaged (paper, aluminum and plastic: which are the competing proprietary systems) coffee were manufactured. This figure is expected to increase to 18,000 tons or 2.5 billion individual servings by the year 2000.

Cohn  Wolfe
 Stefanie Miller

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