NOIDA, INDIA – December 19, 2012 – RateGain announced the availability of the latest version of RG Bridge  enabling their PMS, CRS and IBE partners and associated hotel chains to provide intelligent updates on consolidated availability, rates and inventory.

A recent survey conducted by RateGain among professionals in revenue management identified several challenges in electronic distribution including thefollowing:
  • Updating multiple systems (PMS / CRS / IBE / Channel Manager) with availability rates and inventory
  • Manual entry of reservation information into PMS / CRS
  • Lack of synchronized data between Central Reservation Office (CRO) and  the property especially in the case of last minute / same day bookings
  • Non-delivery of reservation during CRS / PMS failure
  • Lack of information on source channel
RateGain’s RG Bridge addresses these challenges by integrating with the PMS / CRS / IBE systems of hotels and hotel groups to enhance their capabilities.
RG Bridge powers PMSs with two way connectivity, enabling the PMS to become a powerful distribution platform with distribution across thousands of channels available at a single click.

RG Bridge enables CRSs to look beyond their established direct connects by building a long tail of distribution, without compromising on the channel portfolio. This creates a powerful distribution platform and equips the hotelier to work with new channels that have the potential to generate demand. In addition, RG Bridge helps IBEs move beyond their limited scope of powering the brand site to become a complete distribution platform with connectivity to thousands of channels.

Vishal Jain, CPO of RateGain states, “While many others claim seamless distribution, we realize that connectivity needs of hoteliers in reality go beyond a simple system integration project based on HTNG/OTA standardized specs. That part any technology company or resource can do, it’s not really rocket science.

Our differentiators start from customizing each connection to fit the needs of the hotelier’s business decision workflows and ensuring that those decisions are correctly translated for the distribution partner so nothing is lost in translation.”

RG Bridge supports seven levels of availability management and a host of other features including: multiple inventory controls and restrictions; updates by individual channel; push & pull mode reservation delivery; multiple e-mail delivery paths to cover CRS / PMS failure; source channel information and OTA codes; 400 day update windows.

Mr. Jain added, “As more and more systems emerge in the industry ecosystem, the ability to provide a single interface to update information across all systems is becoming the key differentiator between a smart technology partner and traditional vendors.”

About RateGain

RateGain is a leader in hospitality technology solutions for seamless electronic distribution (channel management), revenue management decision support and brand engagement (reputation to revenue conversion) helping customers around the world to streamline their operations and sales. Since its inception in 2004, RateGain’s expertise in innovating solutions for the dynamic hospitality ecosystem has resulted in continuous growth and an established position as a thought-leader and trendsetter in the marketplace.

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