NOIDA, INDIA – August 28, 2012 –RateGain announced that their customers are experiencing over 98.5% success with updating their rates and inventory on channels they control through the ChannelGain channel management solution, and reservations processed by hotels using the solution is on pace to exceed over 1 million transactions in this year alone.

ChannelGain is a channel management solution that pioneered the pooled inventory method to control room inventory sold over online travel agencies (OTAs), a feature that is not commonly found on competitive solutions.  The ChannelGain solution is now gaining popularity with hoteliers worldwide, with a customer base of over 2,000 hotels.

Bhanu Chopra, CEO of RateGain states, “ChannelGain continues to be an industry leader in both reliability and features.   While other channel management providers are still struggling to achieve service levels approaching our performance,  ChannelGain customers benefit from unmatched features like our automated inventory management and linked room update features that optimize the management of OTAs.”

Lemon Tree Hotels, a long term RateGain customer, uses the ChannelGain solution.  According to Nikhil Sharma, AVP of Operations at Lemon Tree, “We are impressed with the reliability of ChannelGain and RateGain’s support of the system.  We can certainly measure the bottom line contribution ChannelGain has made to our business.  RateGain understands our needs well and are always willing to adapt their existing process to better align with our needs.”

Regis Kahn, Group Director, Revenue Management at Lux* Island Resorts (Naiade Resorts), another long term customer of RateGain added, “We chose ChannelGain for its advanced features for our e-distribution and RateGain’s high level of support and flexibility. ChannelGain is unique in the flexibility provided for uploading all of our availability and rate information to all our channels for a year or more that can be done in just minutes.

In addition to automated channel management using a pooled or single image inventory approach, ChannelGain also allows users to designate the use of one single master room to apply price updates for several room-types on different extranets.  Users can even customize this feature to set up pricing rules between various room/ rate types across multiple extranets. Each time a user creates a new room or rate type, ChannelGain provides the capability to fetch and auto re-map all the new room rates and room types across multiple channels.

ChannelGain also provides several options for updating inventory that make it easier for hotel staff.  Unlike most other channel-management tools that allow updates for only one month at a time, ChannelGain can process three months of updates at a time.  ChannelGain technology, and its unmatched reliability allow hotel managers to manage rates and inventory across all OTA channels with confidence.

About RateGain
RateGain offers web-based solutions to leading online travel agents, airlines, wholesalers and hotels across 70 countries.  RateGain products for the travel industry have earned numerous awards for innovation.   The company is a leader in SaaS based solutions in channel management, online brand reputation management, competitive price intelligence, and social media marketing. Established in 2004, RateGain IT Private Solutions Limited is headquartered in India with offices in the US, Thailand, Spain, Dubai and the UK. For more information, please visit