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What the Butler Saw and Heard

by Osvaldo Torres Cruz
June 2012

The owner of a luxurious castle celebrates his birthday party. He brought together his family members and selected friends. On the following day they all gather for breakfast and it is noticed the absence of one of the most valuable paintings from his collection. After the relevant police report, a police officer arrives and takes affidavit to all persons. The detective defers the Butler's declaration until the end of the inquest since what the butler saw and heard is crucial information in order to obtain proper answers and clear up any doubt on the foul deed.

The figure of Butler has always been associated with concepts such as knowledge of the person served, forecasting, details, confidentiality, reliability and loyalty. That’s why what the Butler saw and heard is referenced at the time to find out deeply and accurately the behavior of the guest.

The Hotels that have envisaged and realized the importance of understanding more thoroughly to their guests, have established the position of Hotel Butler since at the end of the stay of each guest, all what the Butler saw and heard while attending conveys to the Hotel the following advantages:
  1. Establish a system for a new type of relationship with the guests. This system is based on the principles of true love to your fellow man, (“Love Your Neighbor As Yourself”) is one of the Bible’s most repeated commands.
  2. Decipher the emotional and sensitive world of the guest.
  3. Decipher the guest’s cognitive patterns. These patterns are used as a reference system in the judgment that is made on customer satisfaction. Thus, we achieve the guest contentment and better yet, we can overcome it.
  4. Achieving the sensory characterization of the services offered to be issuers of stimuli generating positive emotions and feelings on the guest.
  5. Provide a positive holistic experience design and ensure its success.
  6. Convert experience into consistent and memorable mnemic imprint.
  7. Create new types of added values with an impact on guest's emotional and behavioral transformation.
  8. Help clients reach their hopes and aspirations, to achieve emotional fidelity.
  9. Value time the client spends in leisure.
As Butler of the old castle, the Hotel Butler is always aware of the behavior and habits of the customer in order to identify his needs and anticipate them so that the guest feels emotionally understood.

Finally, and following our previous story, what the Butler saw and heard was the cornerstone for the detective finished his investigation clarifying the facts, thus adding another success to his career, distinguishing himself among his peers and achieving well-deserved reputation.

What the Hotel Butler saw and heard is crucial to know more about the guest and find out what it was never said. Thus, the Butler will be able to offer to the guest the best service that ever was offered. As a result, the Hotel is going to win the key to the mind and heart of the guest.

Osvaldo Torres Cruz
Hotel Butler
Guest Experience Advisor


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