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Love of One´s Fellow Man in the Experiential Hospitality

by Osvaldo Torres Cruz
March 2012

The Experiential Hospitality  intends to get to know the spiritual and emotional side of the guest, thus being able to satisfy him beyond his needs, i.e. helps him to achieve his hopes and aspirations.

In the Experiential Hospitality the guests are served by other spiritual and emotional human beings who relate to each other to make the guests feel spiritually and emotionally understood, for which a new type of relationship is established based on the Bible verse:

¨ You Shall Love your Fellowman (Neighbor) as Yourself ¨

All our work in a Hotel is carried out through human relationship, therefore the human being is the foundation of the Hotel Business and close attention must be paid to relationship and the effect that it may have on our fellow man, but...

Who is our fellow man in the Hotel Business of Experience?

All spiritual and emotional human being with whom we interact in our daily journey: our bosses, peers, subordinates and guests.

Sometimes relationship is established out of self-interest or obligation, which conveys a false nature to the connection, causing emotional dissatisfaction on the parties involved, that is, when for example our smile disappears once the guest has given us back or, when arriving at the Hotel we do not greet our peers by saying “Good morning!” or with a smile, and we only show interest when we have to contact somebody on account of labor matters.

Good human relationships guarantee the success of the Experiential Hospitality. When we take care of each other we are creating an emotional environment suitable for all of us. It means mainly feel love of our fellow man. The Experiential Hospitality enacts that people treatment must be performed on love basis, and above all, we have to be available for our fellow man and take the necessary time to properly assist him whenever he needs us.

What does it mean Love of one´s fellow man in the Experiential Hospitality?
  1. TREAT others as we would like them to treat us; make that our neighbor feels the same as we would like feeling when somebody serves us respectfully and with dignity.
  2. BE kind, speak well and treat people with kindness.
  3. SERVE, that is, forget whatever we want to do or need in order to please and assist all others.
  4. DO a favor before somebody asks you for. We have to be very aware of our fellow man’s needs. Pay him our undivided attention, listen to him and try to become a little involved in his life.
  5. DEVOTE our time to discover what our fellow man may need and deliver it with pleasure.
  6. BE patience .  What does this mean? It means accepting others just as they are, hold their mistakes or misconceptions and correct them with love.
  7. BE devoted to our work, do it joyfully, the best that we can.
  8. SHOW interest and solidarity regardless of the benefits it may arise.
It is the essence of a true vocation of service, in short, it is to ask ourselves every time we finish our workday:

How  have I shown my love to my fellow man today?

Awareness of love to our one´s fellow man is by far,  the cornerstone for establishing a culture of service at the Hotel, prelude to an experiential culture, exclusive condition to ensure the success of the Experiential Hospitality,


Osvaldo Torres Cruz
Hotel Butler
Guest Experience Advisor


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