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The Loyal Behavior of the Guest in the Experiential Hospitality

by Osvaldo Torres Cruz,
February 2012

According to experts, the current consumer trend is becoming more and more incredulous and skeptical as a result of having greater variety of choice in the markets. This means that to achieve loyal consumer‘s behavior tends to be increasingly difficult. However, this is the main goal of any business because loyal customers’ behavior determines not only the permanence of the company in the market but also its position.

This is why companies have started paying more attention to the behavior of their customers, that is, just the way that customers behave in their lives and actions. The behavior reveals a man more than his words, real thoughts, purposes and ideals. It has been fully demonstrated that achieving customer satisfaction greatly affects his behavior reinforcing loyalty towards the company.

For the Hospitality Industry, the Experiential Hospitality is a dynamic and safe tool for ensuring guest satisfaction which will have a positive influence to the achievement of sustainable, solid and loyal behavior over time.

I would say that there are three types of behavior of a faithful guest over which the Hotel can and should influence. These behaviors are related to specific stages in the Guest-Hotel relationship. The study of the environment of the guest and the world of stimuli that surrounds him in each stage, will allow the Hotel to motivate this guest behaviours, proving beneficial to both parts. Let’s analyze my proposed stages:

Conduct of the guest to motivate: The choice of the Hotel.

This is, in my opinion, the most difficult stage, since the behavioral action that the Hotel wants to motivate in the guest, is linked with his power of choice, i.e., the Hotel must be able to grasp the power of attention of the different market segment (s) to which aims. Knowledge of patterns of lifestyle markers of these segments, will allow us to design products and services that identify with them, triggering the attention and interest of the client.

One of the hooks to catch the guest attention is, without a doubt, the design of web sites increasingly interactive and experiential, were there is evidence of how committed is the Hotel in meeting the needs and desires of the guests in order to satisfy them. At this stage the above mentioned actions will act as incentives to induce the desired behavior of the client.

Motivate conduct: Collaboration

At this stage the behavior to be motivated by the Hotel means to obtain the guest collaboration in order to get to know him more deeply, have a better command of his inner world and tailor the required services to his welfare, so he will feel gratified and surely will collaborate in the interaction with the Hotel, stretching links and relationships. The purpose of this stage is to render the kind of service that makes him to feel emotionally understood.


Motivate conduct: Promotion of the Hotel and Return of the Guest.

At this stage the motivation of the guest’s essential behavior aims at two fundamental actions:

a) Hotel  promotion. This conduct will be attained when the guest feels satisfied after the Hotel complied with his hopes and aspirations. This action will lead the client to share his accomplishments among his relatives and acquaintances so that they also live the same experience.
b) The guest returns to the Hotel. The causal factor of this conduct will be the revival of unique experiences in distinctive conditions and contexts.

The Hotel Business of Experience is, without a doubt, the main positive booster of the guest loyal behavior, as he learns what to do each time he wants to feel pampered, differentiated and emotionally understood.


Osvaldo Torres Cruz
Hotel Butler
Guest Experience Advisor


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