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  Cimetics, the First Company Dedicated Exclusively to 100% Bed Bug Eradication,
Debuts in Manhattan

Single Objective is to Tackle and Completely Eliminate the Growing Bed Bug Infestation
throughout Greater New York Metro Area

New York, NY – June 1, 2011 – Cimetics (, the first company ever created whose sole objective is the total and complete eradication of bed bugs, today announced its launch throughout the Greater New York Metro area.
The company is actively reaching out to homeowners, landlords of residential and commercial properties, theatre/event space owners and hoteliers, among others, offering a strategic, comprehensive, multi-pronged program, including a one-of-a-kind, patented thermal process, that guarantees 100 percent elimination of bed bugs.

Named Cimetics, derived from the Latin Cimex lectularius for ‘bed bug,’ and led by Senior Executives Michael Eisenberg and Ken Mead, the company is an affiliate of Harvard Maintenance, Inc., one of the nation’s oldest privately-owned janitorial and building maintenance firms.

Parasitic pests that subsist and thrive on sucking human blood, bed bugs have long plagued urban residents, but alarmingly they are now are multiplying at warp speed, partially because of having developed a resistance to most or all of the wide variety of pesticides currently on the market.  Even more disturbing according to a just-released media alert, bed bugs, which know no socio-economic boundaries, could be carriers of MRSA, the superbug virus that is resistant to most antibiotics. 

Why is Cimetics so different from its competitors?  According to Mr. Mead, “We don’t really have any competition because we are the first company ever established with a single mission: to annihilate bed bugs.  We are not focused on fleas, cockroaches, rats or any other pests.  We believe the bed bug problem, which has reached epidemic proportions in the Tri State area, deserves our complete and utter attention immediately, especially since the situation only stands to worsen as temperatures rise with the oncoming summer season.”

There are multiple exterminating operators, residential and commercial property management companies and building maintenance firms that have ‘divisions’ for pest control, but Cimetics’ team of consultants, practitioners and entomologists has taken the bed bug issue to a whole new level with its strategic comprehensive plan to attack and destroy bed bugs, the highlight of which is the Cimetics Mobile Unit (CMU).  Resembling a shipping container, the 22-ft by 8-ft unit, when heated to a minimum of 122 degrees Fahrenheit, permanently exterminates bed bugs and their eggs.  The whole process takes approximately one hour.

After personal effects, including mattresses, clothing, bedside tables, furniture and even expensive designer shoes, come out of the CMU, they emerge bed bug free.  The alternative is to either throw away material goods or encase them for long periods of time, weeks and sometimes month, until the bed bugs smother and die.  And in the case of clothing, to launder every article multiple times at high temperatures.

“Tossing out possessions is a dramatic step, emotionally wrenching, and not to mention extremely costly,” said Mr. Eisenberg.   We offer a six-month guarantee certifying 100% bedbug elimination after personal effects have been subjected to thermal remediation in our CMU.”
Having researched and studied the bed bug problem for more than 18 months, Cimetics has devised a multi-pronged eradication program, customized to deal with infestations wherever they are found—in homes, offices, hotels, theatres, retail stores and more.   

To address the alarming rise of bed bug infestations in office buildings, for example, Cimetics’ technicians four-fold plan of attack covers all the bases:  1) inspection & reporting, remediation protocol and re-infestation prevention; 2) Human Resource involvement to determine how bed bugs arrived in the property, in addition to educating tenants about remediation; 3) Corporate Communications considerations to determine how a landlord will keep tenants informed of the problem and what steps are being taken to resolve it; and 4) Public Relations concerns, involving how best to contain the media buzz about a bed bug infestation that could result in seriously damaging  leasing initiatives.
“Much of the problem could be resolved if the public were better educated about how infestations are spread,” said Jody Gangloff-Kaufman, PHD, urban entomologist, who added that according to HPD’s records for all five boroughs there were 537 infestations reported in 2004 and 12,768 cases reported in 2010.

According to Ms. Gangloff-Kaufman, “Removing infested mattresses or furniture from an apartment or office spreads the infestation further unless the assets are encapsulated or encased to prevent cross contamination.  And canine inspections can be inaccurate.   Hence the recent publicity about dogs confirming there’s an infestation when one does not exist; Cimetics’ technicians don’t rely solely on canine detection.”

So what does Cimetics charge to get rid of your bed bug problem?  Mr. Eisenberg points out, “We are not the least expensive exterminating option, but simply put, we guarantee results, quickly and efficiently.”

Typically a remediation in a CMU ranges between $1,000 and $3,000, depending on the number of items exposed treated.  Cimetics’ other services—consulting, education, human resources counseling, public relations, etc.,--are all menu items that can be negotiated separately or as a package.

“The panic that ensues when you realize your home or office could be infested with these blood sucking parasites takes an unbelievable emotional toll.  There is an immediate tendency to throw everything at the problem, to lean heavily on an exterminator in the hopes that his expertise will annihilate these disgusting pests.  But bed bugs are tenacious, they adapt to environments way beyond bedding, the epidemic has escalated and infestations have become a 21st century urban plague that requires a dedicated, concentrated approach that promises long-term results.  Our ace in the hole is the CMU unit, but sometimes, depending on the extent of the infestation, all elements of our program are required to ensure optimal results.”

Following its debut in the Greater New York Metropolitan area, Cimetics’ business plan calls for a roll-out further afield, ultimately nationally, wherever and whenever infestations are detected.

About Cimetics
New York City-based Cimetics, affiliated with Harvard Maintenance, Inc., is the first company established to exclusively eliminate bed bug infestations.  Unique to the company is its patented Cimetics Mobile Unit (CMU) that ensures 100% bed bug eradication of assets exposed to the controlled application of heat.  Cimetics offers a multi-pronged strategic program coupled with high-tech methodology focused on the total elimination of infestations wherever they might occur, including private homes, multi-family residences, commercial office buildings, hospitality properties, retail stores, and public spaces such as theatres, stadiums and exhibition centers, among others.


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New York, NY  10018

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