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Relief Arrives for Hospitality Industry

Sunbeam® Hospitality Team Launches Full Line of Money-Saving,
Eco-Friendly Products for 2010

August 24, 2010 - Let’s face it: last year was brutal for the hospitality industry. The recent economic crisis has pushed some hotels to the brink of extinction, with many facing massive cutbacks just to stay afloat. As a result, and after more than two years of research and development, the Sunbeam® Hospitality Team is offering a solution – a new line of products called greensense™ that are designed to save the hotel money and be good for the environment. It couldn’t have come at a better time.

The greensense™ product line spans five different categories, with more products already under development for production in the near future. The entire suite is designed specifically to save hoteliers up to tens of thousands of dollars per year by reducing water and energy consumption – something the entire planet can benefit from as well.

“The greensense™ portfolio is our way of saying, ‘We hear you’ to everyone who has been demanding relief from high utility bills without sacrificing quality or overextending their amenities budgets,” says Jennifer Hansard, Group Marketing Manager, Sunbeam® Hospitality Business. “The immediate effect is dramatic savings on water and energy usage – hoteliers should notice a difference in their utility bills after the first few months. Long-term, these products also carry the reputation of quality and dependability that every Sunbeam® Hospitality product is known for in this industry.”

Hansard went on to state that an average 150-room hotel with 67% occupancy can save up to $26,000 per year by switching to the entire suite of products, which currently include irons, hairdryers, showerheads, faucet aerators and even an energysaving nightlight designed to prevent guests from leaving the bathroom light on all night – something that roughly onethird of all guests are currently guilty of doing, if no nightlight is available.

In addition to the nightlights, the Sunbeam® Hospitality team has launched water-saving showerheads, which feature a unique spinning head that simulates a higher flow rate while cutting water consumption by 40% versus the standard 2.5 Gallons Per Minute (GPM). Match the showerhead with a 1.0 GPM water-saving aerator – undoubtedly one of the simplest, fastest and most effective ways to save money at the faucet – and the savings nearly double. There are currently three levels of aerators with various water-saving capabilities, and each can be installed without the added expense of hiring a professional plumber.

New water-saving irons hold 45% less water – reducing water waste. greensense™ hairdryers incorporate a hidden wattage reducing switch that hoteliers can activate and use up to 19% less energy.

Hansard reports, “Hoteliers are expressing strong interest in converting their existing amenities to greensense™ products, citing ‘cost savings’ and ‘demand from guests for greener products and policies’ as the number one and number two reasons for the switch.”

Sunbeam® Hospitality was launched in 1997. It is a division of Jarden Consumer Solutions. The company’s mission is to be the first choice of hotels, worldwide, for high-quality, innovative solutions, which result in the lowest cost-in-use and improved guest satisfaction.

greensense™ from Sunbeam® Hospitality

If you’d like more information about this topic, or to schedule an interview with Jennifer Hansard, please contact Hilary at 561-912-4862 or

The Sunbeam® Hospitality Team Introduces BIG Savings in a Small Package




Swapping out faucet aerators is one of the simplest, most convenient ways to save money. greensense™ aerators come in three versions that provide water savings of either 30%, 55% or 75% versus a standard 2.2 GPM aerator, and don’t require a plumber to install. Simply screw them on and start enjoying reduced water usage and lower utility bills. Plus, the builtin pressure compensating valves deliver consistent flow, regardless of fluctuations in water.

For more information on model numbers 6205-099 (0.5 GPM), 6210-099 (1.0 GPM) and 6215-099 (1.5 GPM), visit or call 888-878-6232, x66598.

Tough on Wrinkles, Easy on your Budget



Hotel guests usually aren’t ironing a large volume of clothing when in their rooms. However, most irons still have the large-volume water capacity of a traditional in-room iron. Since Sunbeam® Hospitality’s greensense™ SteamMaster® irons are specifically designed for hotels, they hold 45% less water than traditional irons. This prevents wasted water from guests filling the reservoir all the way and then not using all of it. For more information on model numbers 4273 (standard cord) and 4274 (with retractable cord), visit or call 888-878-6232, x66598.

Take these for a Spin and Save!



The Sunbeam® Hospitality Team is introducing new greensense™ water-saving showerheads that “feel” like a full flow. Using a spinning faceplate to simulate a full-flow shower guests enjoy the shower they deserve, while water consumption is cut up to 40% versus a standard showerhead with 2.5 gallons per minute. Internal pressure-regulating valves help compensate for any irregularities in water pressure, leaving guests feeling clean and refreshed while hoteliers enjoy significant savings in utility costs – to the tune of up to $12,000 per year (savings based on average water usage including cost to heat for 150 rooms). For more information on model numbers 6801-099 (white) and 6800-099 (chrome), visit or call 888-878-6232, x66598.

Cooling Off High Energy Costs



A hidden switch on every greensense™ hair dryer allows hoteliers to select a lower maximum wattage – a feature that will have a positive impact on your energy bill, reducing energy usage by up to 19%. In a secure wall-mount format, these dryers also include an optional nightlight for your guests’ safety and security. For more information on model numbers 1632-040 (with built-in nightlight) and 1632-020 (without nightlight), visit or call 888-878-6232, x66598.

Sunbeam® Hospitality Team Delivers Overnight Savings


Save money and delight your guests with a low energy LED nightlight designed just for them. Almost one-third of all guests leave the bathroom light on if a nightlight is not provided in the room. In terms of bulb replacement costs and energy savings, simply by adding a greensense™ night light to every bathroom, a 150-room hotel could save up to $1,800 in energy per year. Your guests will delight in the ability to adjust the brightness level and the convenience of having a clock in the vanity area. For more information on model number 1800-099, visit or call 888-878-6232, x66598.


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