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Franchise Termination Fee Negotiations Company Extending
In-Demand Services to Fast Food and Restaurant Chains

Fair franchising advocate with 35-plus years of hospitality experience helping foodservice
owners to keep, improve their franchises while lowering costs

Windermere, Fla. — April 14, 2010 — Continuing his successful run of addressing the unique needs of franchisees in the lodging side of the hospitality industry, Hospitality Solutions LLC Founder and President Steven Belmonte has acquiesced to numerous requests for extending his expert negotiations services for franchise terminations and liquidated damage claims to franchisees in the foodservice segment. Since launching the company in 2002, the hotel mogul with 35-plus years of hospitality management and operations experience has successfully negotiated more than 100 cases each year between hotel franchisors and franchisees, and today plans the same success for owners of fast-food and restaurant chains.

"There are very few differences between franchise agreements in the hotel and foodservice segments, and due to high demand we have agreed to share our expertise with this hospitality vertical," Belmonte said. "Today all of the services provided by Hospitality Solutions to hotels are being extended to foodservice franchisees who need to terminate their agreement or whose agreements have already been terminated and are faced with huge termination fees. All a fast-food or restaurant franchisee needs to do is sign a one-page agreement with a No Risk Guarantee and pay a low, all-inclusive fee of $3,900 to realize an immediate and significant reduction in termination fees, just as 99 percent of our hotel customers have."
There are numerous law firms that would welcome legal action in this arena, but Belmonte's experience has shown this is not what franchisees need, unless they are simply looking for an expensive legal battle.
"The bottom line is that legal firms don't understand franchising, and even fewer understand the climate and culture that exists at each of the various franchise companies, be they hotel or restaurant related," he said. "In addition, putting a simple dispute in the hands of an attorney can be very expensive, since they charge by the hour, and oftentimes take months, if not more, to complete the discovery phase before taking the case to trial," he added. "And if the attorney has no knowledge of the ins and outs of the franchise business, they would have to learn at the client's expense."
Hospitality Solutions quickly and inexpensively negotiates a resolution for franchisees because the process is being driven by a knowledgeable franchise executive who has years of experience in franchise negotiations.
Undisputed Expertise
Belmonte's experience in hotel industry franchising is unmatched. He began his career in franchise operations first as a franchised hotel General Manager, and then served as operations vice president at a multi-unit franchise some 40 years ago, successfully running numerous Holiday Inn and Ramada hotels. When Ramada Franchise Systems was acquired by HFS, the forerunner of Cendant Corp, Henry Silverman asked Belmonte to join the company and return the Ramada organization to health as President/CEO, as well as Executive Vice President of the Hotel Franchise Division. He achieved that goal in record time. After a decade at the helm of Ramada, Belmonte sought further challenges by becoming an advocate for the franchisee who was caught up in disagreements with their franchiser and facing substantial termination damages with little help in settling the claim outside of the legal system. Thus Hospitality Solutions LLC was established.
Brent Rohde, Hospitality Solutions’ Vice President who will head the foodservice division, said countless franchise industry peers and customers trumpet Belmonte’s experience and the company’s success.  “Steve is not only a proven leader in the franchise industry, but he is a well known peacemaker who can reach just resolutions in disputes that should never reach a courtroom," Rhode said. “He insists that all clients receive a high level of respect and the very best deal is negotiated. It’s gratifying knowing that I honestly am working with my clients best interest at heart … Steve demands nothing less.”
Mike Patel, former Chairman of the Asian American Hotel Owners Assn., said: “I’ve used Steve’s company several times in the past, and I highly recommend him.  Nobody will get you better results.”
Belmonte said he is quite pleased with the great working relationship he has with most of the major franchise companies in both the hotel and restaurant arenas: “Many of today's Restaurant executives have migrated from the hotel side. Working with them previously to reach mutually agreeable hotel franchise resolutions will make our expansion to the foodservice side that much sweeter."
For more information on Hospitality Solutions, call Steve Belmonte at (407) 654-4600. You can also visit Hospitality Solutions at for references and additional information.

About Hospitality Solutions LLC
Hospitality Solutions LLC, Windermere, Fla., provides franchise termination/liquidated damage claim negotiations, new franchise agreements, discount real estate brokerage, mediation and expert witness services.  Company President  and CEO Steven J. Belmonte, former President and CEO of Ramada Hotels, also served as Chairman of the American Hotel & Lodging Foundation.  For more information please visit or call 407-654-4600.

Steven J. Belmonte
Hospitality Solutions LLC
(407) 654-4600
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