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Great Service Happens Because You Want it To,
Not because You’ve Been Told To

by Bill David, February 2010

Don’t you just love it when you are waited on by someone who wants to help rather than someone who has to help.

Have you ever been helped by someone who clearly could care less?  Or worse, someone who would rather not help at all?  Have you ever stood in line or waited on hold to inconvenience someone to take your money for their poor service?  You know what I’m talking about.  The person that sighs, rolls their eyes, puts on that schmuckey smile and says sarcastically, “Oh yeah, I just live to serve, what do you want?”

When I run into these Non-Service service providers I am just amazed at how they operate and can keep their doors open particularly in this challenging market.

There’s a great example of a customer walking into a sports department store.  As he approached the front door it was opened by a cheery young lady who smiled and said “Welcome to Sports Nuts” (fictitious name to protect the really bad store).  He was so impressed with the greeting he turned back to compliment the greeter.  “I’ve been to a lot of sports stores but never had such a warm greeting.  Why you even opened the door when I was exactly 5 steps away, the perfect distance and time.  I just wanted to thank you for caring so much.”  She replied “Well I really don’t care, they just told me to say that.”

How’s that for a warm fuzzy feeling?

What could have been a wonderful experience turned into a huge letdown.

Don’t be nice because you have to; be nice because you want to!

  • Customers can tell whether you are sincere or not.  
  • Customer can tell when you truly want to help and serve.
  • Customers can tell whether or not you really care.
If your really good you may fool them once, but don’t count on getting away with it.  And can we really afford to lose customers now from lack of effort?

When you really care for your customer it shows.  

  • You have more fun doing it.
  • You do a better job. 
  • Your customers get more involved.
  • YOU get more reward for helping someone you wanted to help.
Don’t be a Sport, don’t be a Schmuck.

Be someone who cares.

Do it because you want to!

Bill David, CHT is a speaker and Certified Hospitality Trainer for Ponte Vedra Inn & Club a Five Diamond resort.

Bill David, CHT


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