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More Detailed Data on the Behaviour of North American
Online Travel Consumer Now Available

Making fact based online marketing decisions is vital in hard times, when every marketing dollar
counts the more you know about your customer the more likely you are to survive and thrive

May, 2009 - If you’re interested in the behaviour of travel consumers in the USA and Canada you may be interested to know that our new North American Online Travel Report 2009 has recently been launched and there’s a special offer running this week. 

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Tough times need smart business planning and sharper distribution strategies. Your top priority is to ensure that you’re totally confident market trends match your current and future business model and, that you’re allocating resources effectively. 

The North American Online Travel Report 2009 will arm you with so much data you’ll be able to refine your distribution strategies with amazing detail. Quite simply this report will enable you to create your smartest marketing and distribution strategy yet. Vital when every single marketing dollar must work!

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In this one single report there’s 280 pages packed full of invaluable statistics and an incredible 423 tables and charts. It’s full of original data, in-depth analysis and detail that gives you invaluable insight into how your customer is buying. The data covers trends from 2002 all the way through to 2012, enabling you to plan and adjust in these interesting times.   

Here are a few of the facts and figures covered I the report:

  • Accurate and comparable travel market data for North America as a region, plus also USA and Canada as individual travel markets, for the entire 2002-2012 period
  • Figures representing actual values and patterns of expenditure by travel consumers resident in these markets, whether travelling at home or abroad i.e. the size of the markets 
  • A breakdown of all data by domestic and outbound travel expenditure, giving the opportunity to drill down into market details more than ever before
  • The ‘total’, ‘online’ and ‘offline’ market values for the airline, hotel, car rental, cruise, rail, intercity bus and package tour sectors  
  • The size of the OTA market and an analysis of the changing role of online intermediaries, including direct vs. indirect distribution data for everything  
  • A clear understanding of how the internet has impacted the travel industry’s distribution landscape so far and what is expected over the next few years, so a basis to tailor your marketing and distribution approach
  • A comprehensive tool that enables you to see the whole picture and be aware of the entire market, not just your own sector in isolation 
For full report details please click here 

To minimise the risks of doing business you need to make fact based decisions. Good market intelligence is quite simply the most fundamental planning tool. Its no longer a question of being a useful add on, in 2009 you need facts and data to help you make smart and strategic decisions. This report is a key tool that will enable you to do just that.  

You’re fighting for budget right now, so by presenting a strong and informed business case backed up by solid figures, you’ll probably be surprised at how much you will win. Every boss wants more business, and usually relishes innovation. Successful people don’t tend to turn down fact based informed ideas. And, when you do things right, it’s highly appreciated by the shareholders and everyone involved! 

You really will get the necessary detail. And, the domestic and outbound figures have revealed some fascinating trends I’m sure your company would benefit from knowing all about. By making use of this data, you’ll get the chance to really take your understanding of the North American travel markets to another level. 

So if 2009 is the year of being smart we’ve done the hard work for you! Take advantage and show the board how it should be done, without even having to leave your desk. 

Plus, you can benefit from the special offer this week too and save 15% meaning you’ll not only be on the road to more revenue with better strategies, but you can also start saving too. Please just enter VIP15 into the online order form here and you’ll be awarded your discount. 

Please order your copy here 

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