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Quarantined Hotel Guest, Leslie Carr, Blogs from His Hotel Room
at the Metropark Hotel Wanchai Hongkong

Click here for Mr. Carr's YouTube video

I arrived in Hong Kong on April 24 and checked into the Metropark Hotel Wanchai Hongkong. I then continued my journey to Shenzhen, Xiamen, and on May 1, I returned to Hong Kong.

I checked myself back into the Metropark Hotel to stay overnight as I was leaving to fly back to the UK on the 2nd.

But this was not to be.....

After I checked-in I decided to do a last-minute shopping trip. Three hours later I returned back to my hotel only to find the street was paved with police control vehicles and offices.

My hotel was sealed off with police tape and I had to fight my way through to speak with one office and question what was going on, only to be informed that there had been a case of swine flu and the building was contaminated by a guest from Mexico.

I was asked to follow the officer to the quarantine area where I was met by the quarantine staff all dressed in full-protective clothing.

They proceeded to asked many questions of my travel arrangements whilst in China. I then had the situation explained to me.

I was then told to see the doctor where they issued me Tamiflu drugs which I am to take for the next 10 days.

I was informed I will have to remain in quarantine for seven days - a legal requirement in Hong Kong.

I was asked to go to my room and remain there for the quarantine period.

The following morning I enquired about the food situation and was informed that meals have been arranged in the ground floor lobby, and we were allowed to collect.

This was not the case as I was ordered to return to the room as it would be delivered.

My food arrived in take away style presentation which consisted of rice and pork. A bit of brown stuff which I think was an excuse for a source, an orange and a fine bottle of their best vintage water.

Since my last fine dining experience the situation has changed. We are now allowed out of our room to collect the food from the lobby.
The food is laid out on a makeshift table with the choice of rice, rice or more rice with a dash of pork, chicken leg, I think an apple and again the water.

Once you have taken time to go though the wonderful menu of food, it's back to the room to search for a spot or mark on the wall that you haven't see in the last 36 hours.

I have a catalogue now and my highlight will be when I spot a fresh one, but still have to keep my head up. I have another 132 hours to find one.

My saviour is my laptop, TV and iPod.

It's nearly time for my next doctor visit where they stick this wonderful plastic probe down your ear. With a flick of the switch, it decides if you have swine flu or not as anything above 73.5 you're off to the hospital.

Well I have now started talking to myself and found that I can twiddle my thumbs. Not bad for the first 36 hrs.

Day 2:  We are now allowed out of our rooms to go to the lobby three times a day - for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Breakfast consists of bread roll, butter and marmalade, with water or fruit drink, no knife to spread the butter so you have to use a chop stick - interesting prospect but I managed to kill time perfecting it.

Tea bags and all-in-one coffee packets, so you make your own in the room.

Oh British Consulate gift turned up today and brought me a bag of books and magazines - so old my great grandmother bought the same copies.

Still no housekeeping so it's down to us to wash the bathrooms, and keep the room clean.

Back to counting marks on the wall, or my new found hobby is watching the residents in the high rise across the street hang their washing out.

I'm waiting to see if they drop it, just to see how quick they can retrieve it, but nobody has given me that satisfaction yet.

A knock at the door - we have some supplies: shampoo, hand cleanser, face towel, and body wash. Low and behold washing powder.

Metropark Hotel Wanchai Hongkong
41-49, Henessy Road, Wanchai
Hong Kong
Can't read instruction as it's in Chinese, just as well I don't need to. Never hand washed before, so let's see what colour I can make my whites... should be interesting.

Ok, washing turned out great, now to hang it up, made a clothesline out of two coat hangers and a three-metre extension lead I happen to have, great job.

Now I have a new hobby watching it dry, brilliant! Never thought I would enjoy it so much that I can't wait to get home and see if I have the same loving affection for watching paint dry.

Day 3:  Woke up again and planned my day as I usually do back home, took all of three minutes and one brain cell.

No washing as did that yesterday. Clothes still wet, could watch them dry again, no.

Knock at the door - it's housekeeping, yes new towels! It was the fastest clean I have ever seen, this is because there are only four staff to clean the whole hotel that are quarantined with us.

Had breakfast - same, same.

2:30 under the door came a note about a briefing to be held on the mezzo floor, but no questions to be answered. Think watching the clothes dry would have had more meaningful.

Had lunch - same, same.

Ok, today, dinner we have many new items, crackers, crisps, picnic bars, even beer, and if you got down early enough there was a few pizzas but only saw them on the way down as guests were going back up, time I got there they were gone... like a politician's promise.
Received another gift from the British Consulate - green bag of goods containing an apple, orange, banana, shortbread biscuits and a pack of playing cards.

Now that's worth waiting for, let's see whether I can play Chinese Patients (very fitting) no I think it will be snap.

Guess what I won! I don't know what it is but I must have a winning streak - I book the only hotel in Hong Kong that has swine flu!
Can't wait to get back and play the lottery.

Click here for Mr. Carr's YouTube video




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