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 Revolutionary Bedbug Protection Technology Unveiled as Hotel Industry
Faces New Threat of Government Intervention into the Bedbug Crisis
DreamEzzz International introduces the world’s first comprehensive bedbug
elimination and prevention system during IH/MRS, offering permanent,
proven and affordable relief to an ever-vulnerable hotel industry.
(NEW YORK), November 6, 2008 -- In a year when government officials, public health departments and private task forces are taking action against the bedbug epidemic in cities across the nation, hotel industry executives will be the first to review the only comprehensive bedbug elimination and prevention system available worldwide. In New York City next week, attendees of The 2008 International Hotel Management and Restaurant Show (11/8 -11/12) will get the first glimpse at DreamEzzz International products, a line of treated, protective covers for pillows, mattress and box springs, pet beds and luggage. 

The technology, developed by Kirk Lucas, the company’s founder, president & CEO, is a non-toxic, inexpensive, disposable barrier that kills existing bedbugs, on contact, while it continuously prevents new infestations.  Laboratory tested, the covers are made with a patented fabric which contains  Z- ShieldTM, a natural, biodegradable treatment.

The DreamEzzz introduction comes at a time when citizens, legislators and public health officials are pushing hard for legislation and government intervention into the bedbug epidemic. In May, H.R.6068, an Act of Congress, was introduced to fund state-run inspections of hotels across the U.S. The Bill is currently under review by a subcommittee and is expected to be voted on in January. And, just this summer, The World Health Organization recommended that cities develop plans to address bed bug infestations in apartment buildings and hotels. According to Mr. Lucas, the timing and venue for the unveiling of his technology was not an accident. 

“The bedbug crisis is real, and, whether you agree there is an epidemic or not, if you are a hotel owner it is likely your facility will be subject to public health inspections in the near future.  We wanted to introduce our products to the hotel industry before our consumer launch to empower hotel owners to protect their businesses.  Our products are very affordable, easy to use and 100% effective not only in killing bedbugs, but in preventing bedbug infestations.  Hotels now have control on every level of this evolving problem.”

Mr. Lucas points out that there are other options available to the hotel industry, but none of them offer protection and prevention – they may kill or detect bedbugs but new eggs can still hatch, or guests can carry in new infestations in their luggage, etc.  More importantly, they do not empower hotel management with a way to affordably and continuously take action.

“My solid commitment to eradicating and preventing bedbugs is built into my business plan and product offering – I do not profit from repeat problems like each of my competitors,” said Mr. Lucas. His company even offers a training program for hotel staff, specifically housekeeping. “We recognize that stopping this epidemic starts with the housekeeping staff,” he added.

And, while many in the hotel industry are skeptical of bedbug research published by the pest control associations, Mr. Lucas considers what he does and his invention a valuable, independent resource to hotel owners, not pest control. “My story speaks for itself, I founded Dream-ezzz with a sincere mission to protect hotels and their guests,” he said.

An interview with Kirk Lucas, founder, DreamEzzz International

As the worldwide bedbug epidemic keeps growing, so is the price tag to the hotel and related industries.  It is estimated that bedbugs cost hotels millions of dollars each year and, this year, the crisis for the industry has taken a new turn. The threat of potential local and federal government intervention is very real with task forces being formed in cities and legislators considering H.R.6068, an Act of Congress mandating independent inspections of hotels across the U.S.  Even The World Health Organization is weighing in on the problem. It is becoming clear to corporate and private hotel executives that finding a solution to both eradicate and prevent bedbug infestations is a top priority.  Until now, most solutions have been ineffective or, at best, temporary. Below is a FAQ with Kirk Lucas, the inventor of the first proven, comprehensive system that both kills and prevents bedbugs. His knowledge, expertise and dedication to this issue makes for a compelling look at a resurging and evolving hotel industry crisis. 

Q: How extensive is this bedbug epidemic and how has it adversely affected the hotel industry?

A: “Bedbugs were eradicated in the U.S. in the 1950s with the widespread use of DDT. 
Since the banning of that controversial pesticide, these tiny, blood-feeding insects have been infesting five-star hotels as well as economy motels worldwide. With the emergence of a global economy and the increase in foreign travel by Americans, bedbugs have returned to our nation in epidemic proportions. There are alarming studies that indicate one out of five hotels in the U.S. has bedbugs and bed bug infestations in this country have increased more than 500% just in the last few years. Hotels can easily spend upwards of $60,000 to treat full-blown infestations with solutions that are ineffective.  Not to mention, once a hotel room is taken out of service for a bed bug problem and treatment, the room will be out of service for 10-14 days.  Rooms above, below and on either side of the infested room must be treated as well.  And, there are the legal issues. The mental anguish bed bugs inspire can lead infected guests to seek claims well above their doctor bills.   In 2003, a jury awarded siblings $382,000 for bites they suffered while staying at a Motel 6.  In 2006, a Chicago couple sued a Catskill resort for $20 million claiming they were physically and mentally scarred after suffering 500 bites.  In 2007, a NY opera star sued the Hilton Suites in Phoenix for $6 million claiming she had over 100 bites.”
Q: How do bedbugs get into a room/bed and how are they detected?
A: “Bedbugs travel in luggage and even with pets. They can jump on and into almost anything.  Usually, hotel managers are not aware the facility is infested until they get a complaint by a guest --by that time it is too late. Because they 'feed’ at night, bedbugs are not visible during the day. Look for other signs if you are inspecting in daylight; a sweet musty odor in the room and brown spots that look like pepper or coffee grounds (a sign of dried blood and/or the bugs’ fecal matter). If you can inspect after dark, bed bugs are oval-shaped, brown-colored and about ¼” long.  They hide in the crevices of mattresses, behind headboards and wall hangings, and in ducts and vents.”
Q: What solutions are currently available to eliminate and prevent bedbugs, specifically for the hotel industry?
A: “There are several so-called ‘solutions’, but unfortunately these are ineffective for one reason or another. More importantly, they do not prevent bed bug re-infestations. UV Lighting will kill bugs topically, but after treatment, eggs can hatch and an infestation can re-occur. The UV light would have to stay on the bed around the clock to keep killing. This is unreasonable and expensive. Traditional Chemical Extermination kills bedbugs once, but does not prevent them from coming back. Studies at VA Tech prove this type of treatment does not work. Makers of Mattress Encasements say they block the bugs and prevent them from escaping, yet they do not kill. Bedbugs can live 18 months without feeding, so guests are still sleeping on live, or worse, dead decaying bugs. Canine Detection has received publicity lately, but the hotels are paying a high price for the dogs to detect the bugs, not kill and prevent them.”
Q: What is the DreamEzzz solution?
A: “DreamEzzz is the first and only affordable, effective way to eliminate and prevent bedbugs. The solution provides a non-toxic, inexpensive, disposable barrier that kills existing bugs on contact while it continuously prevents new infestations.  Laboratory tested, the technology is a simple, treated protective cover for pillows, mattress and box springs, pet beds. There is also a liner for luggage. The covers are safe and made with a patented fabric which contains Z- ShieldTM a natural, biodegradable treatment. A study conducted by Virginia Tech University proves Z-Shield to be 100% effective in killing bedbugs, mites, fleas and other insects. Most importantly, the covers are disposable and suited especially for use by the hotel and motel industry. This technology, when used properly, is guaranteed to help hotel owners and managers fully protect customers and employees, while saving valuable time. Because DreamEzzz works on contact with minimal down time, it’s the fastest working, most effective solution currently available.”
Q: How does it work?
A: “It is as easy as changing a mattress cover. Every six months a new cover is needed.  And, because we understand that that preventing bedbugs starts and stops with hotel housekeeping and staff, we offer hotels an exclusive educational training program on DVD. In less than 30 minutes, hotel housekeeping and staff will learn all about bedbugs and how to protect themselves and your guests. “
Q: What is the cost?
A: “Every hotel facility is different, but we estimate the DreamEzzz system costs s a mere .25 to .50 cents per day per room.  This makes us, by far, the most affordable, comprehensive solution on the market.”
Q: My hotel does not have a bedbug problem, when is the best time to employ the Dream-ezzz solution?
A: “The beauty of the DreamEzzz system is that it will prevent your hotel from getting bedbugs immediately. The best time to start using our covers and luggage liners is today. Local and Federal government officials, health organizations and task forces are on the verge of mandating independent inspections of hotels in 50 states. By waiting until a guest becomes a victim or until you are under order for inspection, you are jeopardizing the future success of your business.”

Attendees at IH/MRS 08 can meet Kirk Lucas during the show in Booth # 3375. To learn more about bedbugs prevention and protection visit

About Kirk Lucas and Dream-ezzz International:
A successful entrepreneur and award-winning interior designer, Kirk travelled the world to serve his global clientele. With so many extended stays in international hotels, he wanted to protect himself from bedbugs and other mites and germs. He conducted extensive research, only to find that there was nothing available to keep him and others safe. As with most industry pioneers, it was Kirk’s creativity, persistence and intense curiosity that led him through countless experiments until he invented his own solution. Tested in clinical and scientific trials, his discovery, DreamEzzz, is now available for use by the hotel industry. Kirk’s technology has been accepted for EPA Registration application and is enthusiastically supported by public health officials as well as top entomologists. 


Dena Rose, Rose Stein Inc., for DreamEzzz

On-site during IH/MRS: 
Kirk Lucas, IHMRS BOOTH # 3375
Mobile: 505-795-3214



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