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Hotel Butler  (A Santa´s Elf)

by Mariana Stachuk / December 2008 

Holy Season has already started. A time when we decorate our hotels with Christmas ornaments, lights, and a huge Christmas tree with a lot of presents that Santa has delivered in advance. 

All of us have grown up  dreaming about a fat man in red  with white hair framing a sweet face behind a long white beard, living in the North Pole and that people call Santa Claus, Papa Noel, or Saint Nicholas, depending where they live or the language they speak.
Just like Santa has his own team in the North Pole, we belong to The Hotel Modern Butlers Team. Let our minds play with the magic of Christmas and take this opportunity to become Santa´s ELVES in order to offer our guests’ memorable Christmas experiences.

As a Hotel butler, the priority is the guest and their satisfaction. Nowadays, guests do not book a hotel because its facilities can make their stay more comfortable; they choose it because of the Professional Human Resources working at the property.  They look for the one that assures them a stay closer to perfection. The reason why they choose us to spend this special season is that they rely on our service.

As butlers our commitment is to make their stay memorable and unique: the same as Santa has with kids on Christmas. But how can we do that if … 

  • We do not receive their letters telling us what they want for Christmas although as butlers we have the possibility to interact with them and the ability to understand their needs and be one step forward.
  • We do not have a toy factory to make their toys although we have a lot of low cost or zero cost hotel sources which could help us to make unforgettable experiences. 
  • We do not have the magic of the time that Santa Claus has in order to deliver the presents. Still, we have the timing.
  • We do not dressed in red and have a long white beard. Yet, we wear black and white gloves to offer a tailor made service with a touch of magic.
So hands on. How? 
  • We could just begin with a Holly Greeting wishing Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. 
  • We always send Christmas cards to the guests that have stayed with us.  Why not deliver one to the ones still staying over?
  • If there is a guest staying over for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, a small tree could be set in their room.
  • If there is a chimney in the room, we can hang a stocking, leave a pudding, or just a card expressing best wishes.
  • When something is delivered to the room and the guest is not in, it could be left with a note signed by Rudoplh or any of the other reindeers: Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donder or Blitzen.
  • A Christmas Carol could be sung at the room door as a wake up call.
  • A room service could be delivered with a Christmas bouquet.
  • The special pink touch of Mrs Clauss could be performed by a female butler.
Is it necessary to play ELVES? 

The answer is No.

However, have you ever stopped to think why the Christmas tradition is still alive? 

Because all of us have great memories from our childhood from the moment we wrote the letter to Santa to the joy we felt when we received what we were expecting or, even more, something that surprised us. Consequently, we do not want any person to miss the feeling of happiness that all this magic brought to our lives.

For the same reason it could be profitable if we played ELVES: in order to be part of our guests’ memorable Hotel experiences to be transmitted to other potential guests or to be passed down from generations.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!


Mariana Stachuk
Licenciada en Turismo y Hotelería
Mayordomo de Hotel
Docente Universitario
Miembro de The International Institute of Modern Butlers




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