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Hotels Bracing for New Year's Eve Onslaught
of Cigarette Smokers

Party Goers Lose Inhibitions and Are More Likely To Light Up In Non-Smoking Rooms

It happens all year long, but the problem is particularly acute on New Year’s Eve. A smoker is assigned to a non-smoking room, and usually, the guest is a good citizen and steps outside to smoke. But on New Year’s Eve, people are in a party mood and enjoying alcoholic beverages, so they are far more apt to smoke in their rooms. Chris Lewis, owner of the Best Western Brandon Hotel & Conference Center in Brandon, Florida, confirmed this difficulty. When asked, he agreed that, “.... the problem is around all year, but it certainly is more prone to happen on New Year’s Eve, since more guests are inclined to have had a few drinks on that particular holiday”, he stated.

Many hotels are now handling the problem easily and inexpensively with a new product called Room Shocker. It consists of a disposable plastic cup and a packet of ingredients. The user simply places the packet into the cup with 1/4" of warm tap water, and leaves the room. In about 5 minutes Room Shocker begins to emit safe levels of chlorine dioxide vapor, which breaks down all organic odor molecules in the room, including cigarette smoke odor molecules. The vapor is also an effective disinfectant, and kills all bacteria, mold and mildew that might be in the room. Since it is a vapor, it gets deep into all fibers, fabrics, cracks and crevasses where sprays and foggers can’t reach. Yet it is completely safe for all surfaces and materials, even the finest woods and textiles.

After treating the room for 4 hours, the user simply enters the room, removes the spent Room Shocker and ventilates the room for about an hour, to air out the slight chlorine odor remaining. In 5 hours the room is ready for the most fastidious guest! General Manager Michael Donovan of La Quinta Buffalo Airport NY is extremely pleased with the product. “We have used a multitude of other methods including sprays, ozone and fogging and the “Room Shocker” is by far my favorite”, stated Donovan. He went on to say, “The numerous benefits of the product is that it is easy to use, we are able to return a room in 5 hours and the best part - it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg”.

Room Shocker is available from Titanium Systems, LLC by calling their order line at 800-338- 2820. The cost is $21.95 plus shipping for one, or $239.95 plus shipping for a case of 12. The company accepts VISA, MasterCard, or hotel purchase orders, which can be faxed to 800-339- 8132. The company’s web site is located at .


Greg Grambor
Titanium Systems
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