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Wireless Mobile Broadband Data Cards Now
Available With No Long Term Contracts

Travelers enjoy non-stop connectivity via a 24-hour “day pass” that delivers
Internet access anywhere ordinary cell phone reception exists
(New York, New York, USA) – RovAir makes 24-hour high-speed wireless “mobile” broadband access as easy as booking a hotel room online, and as affordable as in-room internet in many hotels. RovAir offers a wireless data card “day pass” that requires no long-term contract. Prices for the service range from $5.95 per day to $14.95 per day depending on the length of rental.

Just as Apple’s iPod changed the way we listen to music, RovAir is revolutionizing the way we access the internet. Simply reserve a data card via RovAir’s online reservation system – have it delivered to your home, office, or hotel by common carrier – and then enjoy internet access anywhere a cellular signal is available with no strings attached. RovAir offers unparalleled mobility, thereby eliminating the need to pay for a fixed internet connection in hotels, airports, or cafés. When you are finished using the data card, simply mail it back in the provided packaging, as you would a NetFlix DVD – it’s that simple!

The leading wireless “fixed” broadband companies offer a mere 8,000-20,000 hotspots in the entire USA. The biggest problem with hotspot locations – finding them when traveling in an unfamiliar location. One of the most compelling advantages of RovAir is that it goes well beyond the site-specific model to deliver far superior coverage and mobility than traditional “hot spot” vendors. By, providing its users with connectivity anywhere and everywhere there is a cellular signal, RovAir provides its users with the freedom to travel from one major metropolitan area to another – and then roam throughout those destinations – without losing internet access, signing a 2-year contract, or paying a prohibitive fee.

RovAir, already the leading day pass provider of wireless mobile broadband data cards (also referred to as Aircards, wireless cards, and EVDO cards) was formed less than a year ago by a group of entrepreneurial visionaries who identified a niche market for mobile internet service within the travel industry. Because RovAir is catering to the traveler, they base their booking engine on a reservation system similar to those used to make hotel, air, rail, or car rental reservations.

Hoteliers across the country view RovAir’s internet data card rental service as the perfect complement to their existing “fixed” broadband connections. Hotel companies partnering with RovAir can continue to add value to the guest experience, even after they leave the hotel. Moreover, hotels will continue to earn [internet] revenue for a guest that is continuing to use the card in a different location; something that has never been done before.

RovAir has signed long term contracts for data services with Verizon and Sprint in the USA, and is expected to address the international markets very soon. The company’s latest project is already in the works…kiosks at airports, hotels, cafés, train terminals, retail outlets, and other convenient locations where one can easily rent a data card. RovAir is truly a Traveler’s Best Friend!


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Sang Hwang, Managing Director
Niche Advisors
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Niche Advisors is a consulting firm specializing in ancillary
areas of the hospitality industry. 

For more information on RovAir, 
please contact Sang Hwang at (617) 448-0040 
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