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The Real Deal Behind Green Hotels
and Carbon Footprints

by Barry Napier, November 2007

A while ago I questioned the whole thing – is green the same as ‘saving the planet’? If hotels go green, does this mean a better or a worse deal for customers? Or will eating these greens stunt my economic growth?

What about the poor businessman with just one hotel to his name, who can’t afford to pay out on green-this and green-that? To read the blurb, you would think ‘green’ is a legitimate place to be, and those who can’t get rid of their carbon footprints should die a death for being so bad to the planet. But, dig deeper… if you pull up those greens you won’t find a root at all, because it is one big con trick.

A UK court discovered this by simply using its legal status to uncover the inconvenient lies behind Al Gore’s ‘Inconvenient Truth’. It turns out that good old Al has been deceiving us ordinary mortals. (Since my last article on green stuff, I have done a great deal of investigation – you are welcome to have a copy of my material).

So, we have a problem – hotels are getting onto the green wagon big-time. Not because they are being forced, but because they suddenly see more profits. The biggies are even buying mythical offsetting shares. (They are mythical because they don’t do anything except move figures around on computers and issue toy-town certificates). That is up to the shareholders, of course – but why should customers have to pay more, just to support what is one big very unscientific scam? The hotel chains are probably relying on the scientific claims made by ‘experts’, so they are not being con-men. They just don’t know it is all a deception.

EasyJet, fast growing and very successful, has recently added a £3 ($6) charge to their one-way air tickets. The reason is that they will use the money to buy offsetting units to ‘save the planet’. The UK government has so far collected over £22 billion to ‘help pay to reduce carbon footprints’, even though the actual cost is £11 billion. Thus, the average UK taxpayer is paying £400 ($800) a year just to do a clean-up job that is unnecessary according to actual science. In both the US and the UK secret and sneaky taxation is taken from our pockets already – but we can expect even worse when more and more businesses add going-green bill to their costs. Up go prices!!

So, what is going on? As I said before, the problem is that hotel chains think that ‘going green’ is the same as ‘saving the planet’. The plain fact is – no man can alter world temperatures, change the winds, stop rainfall, blow away violent storms, or stop the sea taking back the land… the planet saves itself and does what it does, no matter what men try to do.  For millennia, the earth has put itself right after thousands of disasters.

Logically, ‘going green’ is just another word for making sound business decisions, saving money by stopping unnecessary expenses, and eradicating as much wastage as possible. None of this has anything to do with ‘saving the planet’! Nor is it anything to do with the physical sciences.

And what of the insane rush to get rid of our ‘carbon footprint’? Carbon dioxide is expended every time we move or do anything. The only way to get rid of it is to kill human beings and hand over the planet to animals and plants. But there’s even a problem with that – animals and plants are the worst culprits of all for producing carbon dioxide! That is, they are ‘culprits’ if you listen to the green-makers. In reality they are just doing what they are naturally supposed to do! 

The great thing about marketing is you can make the most ordinary and natural facts into something amazing, new and even dangerous. And that is what Al Gore has been doing. The only winners are Al Gore and his followers. The losers are the general population, including all those small hoteliers who can’t keep up with the financial demands of carbon footprint reduction.

Don’t believe my objections to decarbonising? Let me give you sample findings from that UK court case…

Al tells us there is global warming. But this is untrue. There is only an insignificant rise (usually well below the decimal point) in a few parts of the northern hemisphere only – in some parts the temperature has gone down. There is no change in the southern hemisphere! 

The main point is that this is just normal, everyday, earth activity. There is no move towards frying us alive or freezing us to Popsicles. But, Al Gore’s film says that ice-core evidence (?) proves that rising carbon dioxide levels causes atmospheric temperature rises. The court found the opposite - that rises in carbon dioxide do not affect temperature for between 800 and 2000 years! So the big rush we see today is just needless panic, based on deception.

When questioned, the government ‘expert’ admitted that Hurricane Katrina and other violent storms were not caused by so-called ‘global warming’. Indeed, he said “it is impossible”. The disaster in New Orleans was caused by amazingly foolish people who build houses on flood plains that are far lower than sea level! And the violent storms were due anyway, because they are on a roughly fifty-year cycle. 

Okay, what about those beautiful polar bears that died because arctic ice is disappearing? Sorry, friends – the court discovered that the film told a lie. The bears shown were actually killed by a sudden and very severe storm

Now try the claim that global warming (which, remember, does not exist) will stop the Gulf Stream, turning Europe into an ice age. Naughty Al has done it again, because the experts told the court that it was “judged to be a scientific impossibility”. As for the bleaching (killing) of coral reefs – no scientific support was found for this. Not even a smidgen.

Righto – what about Greenland ice melting and causing dangerously high sea levels? Sorry to disappoint everyone who loves to see a good disaster, but the court was told that even if Greenland was put under a huge heater, it would not melt for thousands of years! And the court was told that Antarctic ice is increasing, not decreasing. Yes, but we have been told the sea will rise by over 20 feet, displacing millions of people. In reality? The court was told the sea will only rise by a few centimeters over the next hundred years, and there is no threat of massive migration. That’s right – centimetres; no migration.

Al’s film even told blatant untruths, when it said island people from the Pacific had been moved wholesale to New Zealand because of global warming. The court heard that there was no evidence for this, because it was a ‘false claim’.

There is much more behind the deception. Look harder and you will find the same few rich names behind all the global warming scares. Why should they lie? Because whilst they force us to seek green solutions, they have their eye on greenbacks. They stand to turn us all from fossil fuel (for no good reason) to bio-fuel and other means of producing energy that they and their companies produce!

The whole scene is manufactured, not for the good of the planet, but for the good of investors and businessmen who stand to make billions if they can pull off their fake policies. (I have the material – just send for copies).

This is not the place to write about global warming, so why am I doing it? For three very simple reasons: Firstly, what I have been talking about directly affects all hotels and vacation destinations, and those who buy their services. Secondly, I can’t stand bad practices, or fakery, or poor scientific methodology, used to deceive people and obtain governmental funding. But , thirdly, and more to the point here – why should hotels increase profits on the backs of mythical global warming and illusory ‘carbon offsetting’, and why should customers have to foot the bill? It is my suspicion that some large chains would not stop obeying Al Gore even when shown the actual facts – because the opportunity to make serious money is given to them on a plate.

Sadly, because Al has been very good at marketing fake goods as real, many ordinary folks think global warming is genuine. So they pay the extra costs, because it ‘saves the planet’. We must admit - this really is a great scam. A good dose of the truth would start to bring costs, and prices, back down. And in the long run, it can only help build a brighter future. Not green and gloomy, but vibrant and colourful. Let’s get back to genuine profit-making, not scavenging in the mythical greens looking for ill-gained riches… and before you write in rage, ask yourself why I should be so confident as to write this article in the first place! 

© Nov. 2007. Barry Napier


Barry Napier

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