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“Pedal to Metal vs. Plugging Along” - HIS Reports for June 2007
show Ups & Downs of Meetings Business in Portland, OR,
Indianapolis, and Orange County, CA.
Ten “Most Active” Hotels compete for market share

Hotel sales execs use reports by Hospitality Information Services to
determine how well they are competing for organization business.

Walnut Creek, CA.  August 7, 2007.  In the meetings market, experienced sales and catering managers understand how to use market intelligence to increase market share for their hotels, according to Hospitality Information Services (HIS), which tracks the meetings industry in 44 markets in the U.S. and Canada. 

A comparison of the June 2007 HIS Monthly Market Summaries with the reports for the previous June for Portland, OR, Indianapolis, and Orange County, Calif. shows the unique dynamics of their meetings markets, as well as of the “Ten Most Active Properties” in those cities.

HIS records the number and names of “unique organizations” meeting each month in these three cities, as well as some 40 other markets it surveys. 

Portland, Oregon 

For Portland, June 2007 showed growth over June 2006 in the number of organizations meeting at the “Ten Most Active Properties” in the Downtown and Airport areas. These ten hotels logged 486 meetings in June 2007, up from 471 in June 2006, a 3.1% increase in their business with organizations and associations.

The HIS report for June 2007 shows some reshuffling of the “top ten” most active hotels, compared with the previous June.  Embassy Suites Portland Airport moved from ninth place in June 2006, to first in June 2007, jumping in market share from 8.9% to 16.3% between these two months.  The Sheraton Hotel Portland Airport rose from sixth to second place between the two Junes, with a 13.0% market share in June 2007.  The Doubletree Hotel Lloyd Center and the Portland Hilton dropped from one-two in June 2006 to three-four in June 2007.  Market share for the Lloyd Center hotel dropped from 15.3% in June 2006 to 12.3% in June 2007.  Market share for the Portland Hilton actually went up when the two Junes are compared, 10.6% in 2006 and 11.5% in 2007.

HIS reports show that two of the nine “Most Active” organizations or associations in the June 2007 survey, in terms of “event days” booked, had appeared on the list the previous June. These were the Oregon Society of CPAs and Kaiser Permanente.  The rest represented new business for these hotels.  For the ten most active Portland hotels, the total of event days was 66, up from 62 the previous June.  The month’s organization/association business was led by Freightliner, with 13 event days. 

Event Days are the sine qua non of hotel sales and catering managers.  The differences in the compositions of the most active organizations suggest that hotel sales people were successful in retaining old business and finding new for June 2007.


A comparison of June 2006 to June 2007 in Indianapolis shows a stable market. Total meetings business for Indianapolis went from 727 to 753, June to June, a gain of 3.5%.  The “Ten Most Active” hotels plugged along with the flow, recording 486 of these unique accounts, up from 479, a rise of 1.0% from the previous June.

Nine of the ten most active properties are the same, but with place-swapping all up and down the line.  The Marriott Indianapolis Downtown went from second place to first, with market shares of 12.5% in June 2006 and 16.5% in June 2007.  The University Place Conference Center Indianapolis made the biggest jump – 10th place to second with market shares of 7.9% in June 2006 to 11.5% in June 2007.  In the June vs. June game of musical chairs, the Westin Indianapolis fell from fourth to ninth, and the Sheraton Indianapolis jumped from sixth to fourth.

The HIS Monthly Summary for June 2007 reported that Mobile Training & Education was the most active organization for Indianapolis’s ten most active hotels, accounting for nine event days and 29 individual events.  A bright note emerged in the increase in the total number of catered events for the ten most active – 102 in June 2007, up from only 31 the previous June, a very welcome jump of 229%.

Orange County, CA 

The HIS Monthly Summaries show Orange County experiencing healthy growth in meetings activity in June 2007, compared to the previous June.  The total number of unique accounts was up by 26% - 1,075 for June 2006, 1,358 for June 2007.  The area’s “Ten Most Active Properties” recorded a 21% increase in this business - 624 unique accounts for June 2006 and 752 for June 2007. 

For the second straight June, the Irvine Marriott took first place, recording the highest meetings activity, with 110 unique accounts and a 14.6% share of the organization/association business.  Following were the Anaheim Marriott with a 13.7% share and 103 unique accounts and the Anaheim Hilton & Towers at 12.4% and 93 unique accounts for June 2007.

The Irvine Marriott, while still in first place, did not garner the lion’s share as it had the previous June, when it had 137 unique groups and a 22% market share – the June snapshots suggest a general leveling of the playing field

According to the HIS Monthly Summary for June 2007, the single most active account was Allegan, with 25 event days, followed by Saints of Glory School with 20.  The only organization that reappeared from the previous June was Mary Kay Cosmetics, with 14 event days, down from 17 in June 2006. 

What difference does all this make?   For hotel General Managers and Directors of Sales & Marketing, this is crucial market intelligence. 

For over 17 years, Hospitality Information Services, Inc., based in Walnut Creek, CA, has been providing the hotel industry with competitive market information just like this -  revealing which companies and organizations are meeting… where… and for how long.  In addition, HIS also provides event contact information for the corporate or association people in charge of the events.

HIS provides hotels with the intelligence they need to compete and increase market share in two important segments of their business – the meetings and catering market segments.  Currently, HIS gathers data from over 1,200 properties in more than 44 markets in the U.S. and Canada.

Hospitality Information Services Gives the Advantage to Hotel GMs and Sales Directors in their Battle for Market Share.  Among these advantages are 

  • The largest event planner database in the world
  • 24/7 online access to real-time market intelligence
  • Top accounts by comp set property
  • Corporate individual travel account development resources
  • Turnkey resources for targeted sales blitzes
  • Market segmentation analysis for all accounts
  • Catered vs. Non-Catered event analysis
“HIS provides powerful and comprehensive resources for new account development and helps us move market share within our market.  By using HIS market intelligence services, we have seen incremental gains in both market share and RevPAR growth over our competitive set.” – Lori Shook, Director of Sales & Marketing, Hyatt Grand Champions Resort & Spa

For more information on Hospitality Information Services and the data it provides, visit the web site at, or contact Joe Krings, HIS Director of Sales, (831)620-1361.

For copies of the reports referenced here, contact Gary Carr at (925) 672-8717,


Joe Krings, (831) 620-1361

Gary Carr 
Rising Moon Marketing & Public Relations
(925) 672-8717

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