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 Uniguest Continues to Meet the Demand of New Security Standards
for Automated Public PC Workstations in the Hotel Industry
Nashville-based Uniguest continues to fill industry-leading orders for its services
of automated public PC workstations to the tune of over 2,000 workstations
representing over 1,500 hotels
Nashville, TN - June 18, 2007 - The hotel industry is listening. To whom you may ask? How about major news agencies, The Securities and Exchange Commission Chief of Internet Enforcement, The Deputy Director of Cyber Crimes Division of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and Uniguest. As hackers learn to use hotel business centers and kiosks to exploit user data and steal identities, hotel chains are implementing new security standards to protect user data. They are reaching out to industry expert Uniguest to assist in these new initiatives as Uniguest is recognized as an industry leader with more installations across more major lodging brands than any other company. 

“User exploitation has always been an issue and many times it is not only software programs, but also hardware key stroke logging devices,” says Uniguest Founder and current CEO Shawn Thomas. “Due to constant technology changes, it requires conscientious effort on everyone’s part. We are pleased that news agencies and other organizations are publicly making aware the hazards of these systems and hotel brands are implementing standards to protect against that exploitation. In the greater scope, the consumer (hotel guest) benefits by all the new security standards, and that is good for everyone. Uniguest is incredibly proud and appreciative to be recognized as the industry leader when it comes to rolling out new initiatives.” 

Since 2002, Uniguest has lead the way in the expansion of footprint for complimentary guest-use PC workstations in the lodging industry. With numerous industry-first features and services, Uniguest was the first hotel vendor to be awarded a single source contract for an entire hotel brand’s business center service. Today, that continues, as Uniguest is an approved company for many hotel chains. Hoteliers look to Uniguest to develop initiatives for security, design furniture applications to prevent tampering of equipment, develop new user interface applications to better serve guests, and lastly to find innovative ways to continue a hotel brand’s message without compromising the user’s privacy. 

“There are many factors when considering a complete solution like the one we provide at Uniguest,” says Operations Manager Harry Ganter. “Security is one facet, but there is much more to take into consideration for most of our customers. It was one thing as a support company to service 250 PC’s two years ago. Today we support over 2,000 and due to consumer awareness of security issues and new hotel brand standards, our customer’s network of workstations grows daily. Scalability is vital due to the future of more complimentary workstations expanding to all areas of the hotel. Today, you see workstations in the lobby, business center, concierge floor, payphone booth, and it keeps evolving. When a hotel brand is implementing a new standard, they want a vendor to be able to roll it out nationwide with as little hiccups as possible. Adaptability is also vital because you not only need to be able to recognize needed new features that are demanded by end users. But when a feature is tested and integrated, it normally means that every property needs that update. Our service makes that happen quickly, seamlessly, and with as little assistance from property staff.” 

Uniguest utilizes the highest quality of security standards to secure user data while also providing the flexibility needed to continually improve upon unit features. Today, Uniguest is servicing over 1,500 hotel properties throughout all 50 states comprising over 2,000 workstations. With average installations of over 100 hotels per month, Uniguest can assist any customer, regardless of size, in rolling out a secure network of automated public PC workstations. In-house technicians perform all tiers of 24/7/365 customer support. No part of Uniguest’s support infrastructure is contracted to an outside company. 

For information on Uniguest’s products and services, please visit, email, or call 866-398-8729. 

Be sure to visit Uniguest at HITEC June 25-28 in Orlando, 
BOOTH 1166. 

About Uniguest

Uniguest is a technology installation and support company specializing in the deployment and support of automated public PC workstations. Industries covered are: Apartment complexes, timeshares, libraries, retail, hospitality, and more. 


Shawn Thomas 
1940 Elm Hill Pike
Nashville, TN 37210

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