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June 1, 2007 - "GRAY OUT, NON-SKID SURFACE CLEANER" is a revolutionary new product designed for that age old problem of discolored non skid surfaces of bathtubs and showers, a problem that has plagued the Hospitality Industry for years.  This patent approved new product cleans without any abrasives, works on any surface, and is 100% Organic, Biodegradable, Non Toxic, Environmentally Safe and best of all saves you money.  For just pennies a day you can keep your tubs and showers sparkling clean and eliminate the costly expense of replacing or resurfacing your tubs and showers. 

These minute deposits work like seed crystals and promote more and more accumulations, which polymerize, and so on until floor is gray. The gray color actually comes from small amounts of dirt and skin-flakes, entrapped as the oils polymerize. Polymerization is a result of the oils exposure to the oxygen in simple air; it is also accelerated by exposure to chlorine or oxygenated bleaches (or cleaners with these bleaches added) and/or acids. The very cleaners used most commonly to clean the units actually add to the problem. 

“GRAY OUT, NON-SKID SURFACE CLEANER” is a unique, patented product that is smart enough to dissolve the polymerized "gray-out" without harming the original surface or coating of fiberglass or acrylic units.* As it is not corrosive, it is safe for marble and stone units. Simply pour a small amount of "GRAY OUT, NON-SKID SURFACE CLEANER" onto unit floor, thoroughly work into surface with a white (safe for coated surfaces) nylon pad, allow to stand for 10-30 minutes while cleaning remainder of room, return and rework area with pad, and rinse clean. The longer the "GRAY OUT, NON-SKID SURFACE CLEANER" sits on the area, the better the removal of the soils; second applications on the next room cleaning may be required where accumulations have heavily built-up over time. 

How to permanently eliminate grayed-out tub & shower floors! 

Establishing a once-a-week ritual with "GRAY OUT, NON-SKID SURFACE CLEANER" will eliminate the occurrence of gray-out forever. Once a week use about 1/2 ounce of "GRAY OUT, NON-SKID SURFACE CLEANER" on each unit floor, work into crevices for about 1 minute, rinse clean. This will ensure no polymerization ever gaining a foothold in your tub & shower non-skid surfaces. Following this program will add many years of service to your units, saving thousands of dollars in replacement, resurfacing, and maintenance cleaning. You truly cannot afford to not use "GRAY OUT, NON SKID SURFACE CLEANER!"

This is our promise and our guarantee. 

For more information, please contact Metolius One Distributing
at 541-306-0183.




Greg Wolfe 
 Metolius One Distributing
Cell Phone 541-306-0183
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