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Carnus Systems Forecasting Technologies Featured in
Three Leading Hospitality Industry Publications
Carnus Systems’ artificial intelligence forecasting technology is showcased as leading business
intelligence in the Food Service and Hospitality, HOTELS, and Cornell Hotel School magazine

SAN FRANCISCO, June 12 , 2007 – Carnus Systems’ artificial intelligence demand and labor forecasting technologies has emerged as a leading business intelligence system within the hospitality sector. Carnus Systems is the first and only company to offer an artificial intelligence technology, patent-pending solution to overcome the inherent forecasting and staffing challenges within the industry. 

The rapid growth and unparalleled accuracy of the technology has led to the company being featured in three top industry publications in the last several months in addition to being considered for brand-wide implementation by top international hotel chains. 

Similar to healthcare and other service industries, the hospitality sector incurs nearly 60% of its operating expenses from labor cost and human resources.  However, unlike these other sectors, allocation of labor in hotels, restaurants, and casinos is often variable and largely impacted by customer demand- a factor that varies dramatically according to season, weather, nearby events, etc.  Appropriate labor allocation necessitates accurate forecasts of demand in conjunction with effective demand to labor standards.  Both fronts have posed a largely unaddressed challenge to the sector, leading the industry to experience excessive labor cost and inconsistent service quality as a result of forecasting inaccuracies.

The March 2007 issue of the Food Service and Hospitality investigates and presents solutions to this challenge in its feature article, “Artificial Flavour Added.”  As expressed in the special feature, Carnus Systems’ artificial intelligence technology has effectively addressed the industry-old forecasting challenge, enabling managers and hospitality owners to effectively reduce costs and increase efficiency.   By using artificial intelligence technologies similar to that used by U.S. military unmanned aircrafts and NASA radio telescopes, Carnus Systems software has accurately forecasted F&B covers, labor for both front and back-end operations, housekeeping needs, laundry demand, and a large variety of other areas that cover all aspects of forecasting across hotels, restaurants, country clubs, and casinos, both small and large.

The May 2007 issue of Hotels features an article by Adam Kirby entitled, “Spare the Spreadsheets,” that further examines the challenge of data archiving and forecasting within the sector.  According to Kirby, despite the hospitality sector having more customer data than most other industries, it has lagged behind in its implementation of business intelligence technologies that can be used to analyze and extract valuable information from such data.  The delay of business intelligence adoption in the hospitality sector is strongly linked to the unproven accuracy and hard-to-understand interfaces of systems that have been developed for other industries.  However, Carnus Systems, Inc. was founded to address these key challenges and has a proven track record of accuracy and ease-of-use.

Kirby explains in his article, “One of the most advanced hospitality AI applications comes from Carnus Systems, which is beta testing an implementation of its AI Scheduler at a handful of North American Fairmont and Hyatt properties.”  By providing the industry with the smart, patent-pending technology needed to analyze hundreds of potential variables and generate accurate demand forecasts and labor schedules, Carnus Systems is continuing to fuel a historic shift within the industry to give greater value to data.

The Winter 2007 issue of the Cornell Hotel School magazine dives deeper into the entrepreneurial origins of Carnus Systems, Inc., and its patent pending technologies.  Founded by Cornell alumnus Vicky Lee Bradshaw, CEO of Carnus Systems, Carnus Systems was brought into existence as the result of the forecasting and scheduling needs of the hospitality sector not being adequately addressed.  Ms. Bradshaw quickly realized that a rigorous and robust mathematical approach was needed to accurately forecast such variables as covers, housekeeping needs, and other demand variables.  Together with Cornell alumnus Timothy D’Auria, Director of Data Analytics for Carnus Systems, the team moved forward to develop technologies that could archive data from most all property systems on the market today, including hand-written records, analyze the records using state-of-the-art artificial intelligence as used in other mission-critical applications, and generate daily forecasts of most any variable of interest for upcoming weeks or months.

By combining Carnus System’s entrepreneurial leadership with its effective mathematical approach, business intelligence and accurate labor management is becoming a reality and changing standards within the hospitality sector.


Carnus Systems
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