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The Ultimate Sales Managers' Guide
by John Klymshyn

April 2007 - Sales managers are the great, unsung heroes who make a company’s promises to its customers and investors come true, says John Klymshyn, author of THE ULTIMATE SALES MANAGERS’ GUIDE (Wiley; September 2006; $27.95; Hardcover).  Sales is the engine that drives our economy. Nothing happens until someone in the sales force sells something and ultimately that sales force depends upon effective sales management. Yet sales management is a Herculean task. 

THE ULTIMATE SALES MANAGERS’ GUIDE shows how to take on the challenge of sales management and succeed. Sales management is not for the squeamish or the weak in spirit. Everything on the following pages will be a consistent and continual challenge to how you think, speak, carry yourself, perform, lead, and live. Becoming a sales manager is the closest a person can come to mission that is nearly impossible. The personal and professional rewards of being a successful sales manager, however, are a prize few other careers can offer.

The good news is that if you have ever thought that you could do something that most people could not, then THE ULTIMATE SALES MANAGERS’ GUIDE is perfect for you. You will learn how to take on the challenge of doing an impossible job and making the results probable, the achievements tangible, and the effort you and your team put into sales fun and exciting.

When you implant the ideas you find here, you will change, improve, and influence what you do and how you do it. You will also discover that your final, measurable sales results will increase by many, many multiples as compared with the price you find on the cover of this book.

Based on the more than fifteen years of research, interviewing, and hands-on experience THE ULTIMATE SALES MANAGERS’ GUIDE offers a host of valuable lessons including:

  • Goals That Lead to Greatness. Setting goals is your team’s opportunity to learn about their sense of what is possible what is worth working for, and, most important, how they can truly change their life. Knowing how to them is the difference between success and failure.
  • The Three-Step Business Plan. Focus on targets, time, and tactics to know for sure who your real top performers are, who should get more attention, and, if necessary, who should go.
  • Skills All Salespeople Should Have. Klymshyn clearly and practically outlines the basic tools your sales team needs to get appointments, make presentations, and close the deal. Even a novice salesperson will quickly find herself making more sales if she follows these simple suggestions.
  • The Three-Tiered Sales Team. Discover an effective way to evaluate a salesperson’s performance and potential for advancement within your company while at the same time realizing that not everyone is going to be at the top of their game all the time.
  • Ten Tasks Today. If you begin with a good idea of what each sales day holds in store, you are more likely to achieve your goals. Organize your day around these ten tasks and watch you and your sales team become more productive. It will revolutionize the way you manage your day and your sales staff.
  • One-on-One Meeting—Fifteen Minutes of Fame. Stop wasting hours in nonproductive meetings with your staff. Learn how to let your salesperson report to you in just fifteen minutes or less about what you both need to know and do in the week ahead.
In addition to the newest and latest tactics, you’ll also get first-hand accounts, fresh ideas, and proven wisdom from senior-level executives and sales managers in industries from commercial real estate to advertising to staffing to hospitality. Their real-world guidance will show you what truly works and help you tailor your style to match the needs of your own particular business.

As effective and professional as the Ultimate Sales Manager is, she has a sense of humor about herself and her work. She takes herself seriously but does not take herself too seriously. All the same, she is driven by a passion for what she does and good it produces. The Ultimate Sales Manager is someone who makes a difference because she believes in her heart that who she is, what she does, and that the techniques she uses indeed make a difference for her company, team, customers, and community. THE ULTIMATE SALES MANAGERS’ GUIDE will show sales managers how to succeed in making that capital difference.

About the Author

John Klymshyn has been a professional speaker for more than eighteen years. He is the founder and President of The Business Generator, Inc., a management, sales, and communications training and coaching firm. He is the author of Move the Sale Forward. He is also the author of more than 120 magazine, internet, and trade paper articles on the topics of sales, business development, communication skills and management. 

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By John Klymshyn
Wiley; September 2006; $27.95; Hardcover
ISBN:  978-0-471-97318-8

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