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April 2, 2007 - A recent study by HSMAI and PhocusWright suggests that the meetings market will be very strong in 2007.  However, they also indicate that “Groups and meeting inventory and rates must be centralized and well integrated into other core systems, including hotel property management, revenue (yield) management, central reservations, customer relationship management, e-commerce and dynamic packaging.” 

The study goes on to say that meeting planners are using more internet platforms to locate the venues and pricing.  In another study by the same company, it was indicated, “…this year for the first time online transactions will account for over half of all U.S. travel bookings.” 

Typically, the management of online distribution sites was the territory of the Revenue Manager and group bookings was the domain of the sales department.  It would appear that the two have converged – it is even more important than ever for the two pieces of the puzzle to have a seamless interface.

The sales department has typically focused their efforts with clients and potential clients on personal relationship building.  This is the first time that there is statistical documentation of customer behavior to indicate the relationship with the hotel is likely to begin without any contact from the sales department. 

Group rates were a negotiated piece between the sales manager and the planner – not necessarily kept secret but hardly transparent either.  The new study would seem to suggest that group rates would have to become more transparent to the consumer if they are to be loaded into e-commerce platforms, central reservations and Internet meeting sites. 

This requires the seamless integration of sales and revenue management strategies and tactics.  That sounds good but how do you actually execute this at the property level? 

  • Identifying the E-commerce Group Sites.  The first step in the group sales e-commerce strategy is to get over the shock of not having to take every prospect to lunch.  Imagine how much expense money you will save!  The second is to locate group e-commerce sites and evaluate the logistics of becoming a presence on them. 
  • Group E-commerce Sites by Market Segment.   Not all of them may fit the revenue management strategy in terms of the demographics of the customers and price sensitivity.    The landmark e-commerce sites like Expedia and Travelocity’s Groople may be a good beginning for certain kinds of groups such as social.  RFP sites such as StarCite are used by a different demographic of meeting planner. 
  • Integrating Internet Group Channels into the RM Strategy.   The potential revenue contribution of each group distribution channel must be evaluated.   This is difficult when some of the group channels are relatively new and new to the property’s group sales effort.  The rate and offerings by revenue period will need to be monitored closely – by sales or the Revenue Manager.   This process will probably be more art than science initially!
  • Weekly Sales and RM Meetings. A key agenda item of the weekly Revenue Management meeting is to evaluate the contribution from all channels.  As groups that use the internet distribution sites are booking into the future, it is critical to build a feature into the channel reports that allows the Revenue Management committee to see and evaluate the channel from which the group booking originated when it is consumed.   This is necessary to evaluate the positioning on various channels and how to tweak it to reflect the revenue management strategy for that period of time. 
The implication of this potential paradigm shift for both the sales and revenue management departments is huge!  It changes how we market to groups from a strictly personal contact model to creating a group sales identity online that is compelling.   It involves revenue management more intimately with the group sales function.  Did anyone feel the earth move yet!?

Carol Verret And Associates Consulting and Training offers training services and consulting in the areas of sales, revenue management and customer service primarily but not exclusively to the hospitality industry. To find out more about the company click on To contact Carol send her an email at or she can be reached by cell phone (303) 618-4065.  Watch for second I Hate Cold Calls Web Cast April 20!

Carol Verret And Associates Consulting and Training offers training services and consulting in the areas of sales, revenue management and customer service primarily but not exclusively to the hospitality industry. To find out more about the company click on To contact Carol send her an email at or she can be reached by cell phone (303) 618-4065.

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