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The Pineapple has been a symbol of hospitality for centuries. According to legend, captains of New England would mount a pineapple on their fence posts when they had a safe return from sea.  This served as an invitation for family and friends to visit and share a meal together.  Today, the pineapple serves as a symbol for the highest quality in hospitality



The Triple Win: greenSPA™ amenities benefit hotels’
guests, properties’ profits and the environment
Hotels from coast to coast reduce
waste to preserve our planet 

SAINT CHARLES, MISSOURI — JAN.  23, 2007 — If the fall of companies such as Enron and WorldCom have taught us anything, it’s that the days of Gordon Gekko “Greed is good — anything goes” economics are gone. Today, companies want and need to show customers, employees and the public that people and our planet don’t take a backseat to profits.  

Of course, the bottom line is important. But what businesses are learning is that those companies that take into account environmental and social performance — in addition to financial performance – are the most successful. This concept of putting people, planet and profit on the same footing is aptly called “The Triple Bottom Line.”

As Andrew W. Savitz explains in his book, The Triple Bottom Line, “A sustainable corporation is one that creates profit for its shareholders while protecting the environment and improving the lives of those with whom it interacts.” Toward this goal, Pineapple Hospitality is proud to be the exclusive supplier of greenSPA™ amenities – a line of 100-percent biodegradable guest amenities proven to help hoteliers improve all three phases of their Triple Bottom Line. greenSPATM provides hotels with unique, competitively priced amenities proven to WOW guests, preserve the environment and enrich recognition with today’s estimated more than 50 million environmentally conscious travelers.

Go greenSPA

“Our line of all-natural greenSPA™amenities — which include liquid hand soaps, lotions, body wash, shampoo and conditioner — along with our convenient dispensing systems — use less product and result in far less waste than all of those little plastic bottles. Plus they’re exceedingly popular with hotel guests,” says Ray Burger, president of Saint Charles-based Pineapple Hospitality.

“Not only is greenSPA™the most environmentally responsible amenities choice, it’s also a boon for guests and costs hotels less by reducing related product waste up to 70 percent and saving cleaning staffs considerable time by not having to replace amenities daily,” Burger adds.

Hotels generate an estimated 50 million cubic yards of waste, and a lot of that comes from amenities products that are used once and then thrown away. Those little bottles may be small, but they add up over time. The dispensers also result in savings for hoteliers. 

“Traditional amenities programs are expensive due to packaging and transportation costs,” says Burger. “The actual product used is the least-expensive part of the equation. With our dispenser systems, you get more product for your money, and waste none of it.”

Pineapple Hospitality’s greenSPA™
Amenity Dispensers
Dispensing Satisfaction

“I was a little nervous at first; I thought ‘Men like to have a bar of soap,’ and that’s a large part of our business,” says Bunny Rohrig, General Manager from the Rusty Cannon Motel in Rifle, Colo., where they use dispensers for shampoo and body wash in the showers. “But I don’t get any complaints about it. In fact, I’m always hearing how much they like it — plus we don’t get that scum around the tubs like we would with a bar of soap, so they’re much easier to clean. Also, doing our part for the environment is important to us and our customers.”

Amy Wilkenson, Director of Rooms of The Lodge at Cliff Castle in Camp Verde, Ariz., has hard data proving her customers prefer greenSPATM amenities and the dispenser systems.

“We took a survey and the greenSPA™amenities far outweighed the traditional bottled products,” Wilkenson says. “Not only are we giving guests what they want, but we like not having to mess with all of those little bottles every day, and knowing we’re no longer throwing away so much plastic and unused amenities each day.”

The Embarcadero Inn Morro Bay, Calif., has been using amenity dispensers for years with an estimated monthly savings of $500 or more per month. Additionally, the property’s housekeepers need only refill the amenity dispensers once or twice a month, which frees them up to clean more rooms better and faster. 

“Our guests love the dispensers because they are convenient and environmentally friendly,’” owner Ed Biaggini adds. “Any time you can save money, boost guest satisfaction and implement an environmental initiative, you’ve uncovered a rare win-win-win.”

How It Works 

Pineapple Hospitality offers greenSPA™ amenities by the gallon, which makes it easy for housekeeping staffs to use and store. In addition, the empty gallon containers can be reused for a wide variety of options around the hotel.

greenSPA™ amenities are hypoallergenic, contain minimal preservatives, are not tested on animals and contain no animal by-products. They can be branded greenSPA™ or can have customized labels with your property name or logo on each dispenser. 

Burger says Pineapple Hospitality’s greenSPA™ amenities dispensers:

  • Are as easily refillable;
  • Are as sleek and attractive as they are durable;
  • Are available in white or vanilla (beige);
  • Are offered in two- and three-product-dispensing varieties so guests, for instance, can be offered separate shampoo, soap and even conditioner in the shower, and hand soap and lotion at the vanity; 
  • Are easily and quickly installed using silicone and a two-sided tape kit that comes complimentary with each unit — no screws, nails or drilling are required;
  • Typically adhere to bathroom walls for years without theft, vandalism or maintenance issues; and
  • Eliminate other maintenance issues caused by all of those small plastic amenities bottles, and their caps and seals, falling into guestroom sink drains and toilets and clogging up pipes.
“These amenities dispenser are proven worldwide — they’ve helped properties comprising more than 15,000 guestrooms divert more than 8.5 million amenities packages from landfills annually,” Burger says. 

According to the U.S. Travel Data Center, 83 percent of travelers consider the little plastic bottles in hotel bathrooms as wasteful and they appreciate the environmental benefit of amenities dispensers.

“If you’re still not sure about making the greenSPA™ amenities upgrade, try asking your own guests first: We allow properties to test the dispensers and personal care products for 90 days, and even provide hotels with guest comment cards to assist them in their evaluation,” Burger adds.

Headquartered in Saint Charles, Missouri, Pineapple Hospitality™ is an EPA ENERGY STAR™ partner bringing fresh ideas to hospitality guests’ doors and owner/operators’ bottom lines — including FreshStay™, Environmentally Sensitive Amenities™, the greenSPA™ luxury amenity and dispenser system, Numi™ Organic Teas, Project Planet™ Linen Re-Use programs, Guestat™ programmable thermostats, Oxygenic™ water-efficient showerheads, the Nature’s Mist™ deodorization system, and dozens of other products and programs. To get a taste of Pineapple’s sweet solutions helping hundreds of hotels bolster business and cut costs, please visit, or call Ray Burger at 636-922-2285. 

 “Waste not the smallest thing created, 
for grains of sand make mountains, and atomies infinity.”
— E. Knight


Ray Burger
President & Founder
Pineapple Hospitality, Inc.
 (636) 922-2285

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