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Harry Nobles  - October 2006

During my tenure at AAA and in the years since, I have had the privilege of meeting and working with hundreds of hotel owners, managers, and employees.

As I near the end of my working life, I look back on this experience with both pleasure and gratitude. The pleasure is because 99.9% of the ladies and gentlemen I have known in this business are true professionals and totally dedicated to the goal of guest satisfaction.  I should explain the “99.9%” figure; in my career of 23 years, I occasionally encountered a hotel manager or employee who appeared to be in the wrong job.  These encounters were too rare to merit any further discussion.

My gratitude is for all I learned from the hotel people I have worked with over the years.  Yes, I learned from not only the 99.9% previously mentioned; I learned something from every encounter. 

Now, a few of my favorite memories.  

A Marriott GM in Oklahoma personally interacted with his guests on a daily basis by serving coffee refills at breakfast.  He wore a nametag with his name and position, and mingled in the dining room and lobby for at least an hour.

An owner/manager in Arkansas was always at his desk in the lobby during afternoon check in and morning check out times to greet his guests on arrival and ask about their stay at departure.  If a guest had a problem, a complaint, or a question, they could deal directly with the owner.

One additional point about this gentleman.  He was 90 years old, and told me he had been in the business since he was 15.  He also told me that while the guests really liked seeing the owner in the lobby, his employees were less enthusiastic.   The lobby desk idea was something he had learned from a mentor more than 70 years before.  He said, “it was a good idea in 1912, and still is”.

Another Arkansas GM was German-born and began his career as an apprentice porter at luxury European hotels in the 1930’s. I was always amazed by his ability to walk around the property and, without breaking stride, note every grooming or attire infraction by any employee.

While the majority of owners and managers I have met were male, I have also seen an increase in the number of females at the higher echelons of the hospitality industry.  One lady in particular stands out.  When I first met her almost 20 years ago, she was an office clerk in a motel; she had no hotel experience, but she had the desire to move up. She also had the ability.  After several years in almost every position in her company, she now manages 2 hotels for the organization.  She has come a long way and is still young enough, and certainly capable enough, to rise even further.

If there is a negative aspect to this situation, it is that so many of the dedicated people I have known in this business are leaving due to normal retirement or for health reasons.  The good news is that I am now meeting the next generation of great owners and managers, and they are very impressive.  They, of course, are the outstanding young hotel employees I see regularly as I visit my clients.  If the ones I see are an indication of the future, we have nothing to worry about.  Our industry will be in good hands.


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