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.Manage Service Quality by
Building It into Your Team
Many hotel and resort managers know they need to "manage service quality" better, but who has the time? They rarely have 5 minutes at their desk, let alone any down time to plan, manage and review any type of quality improvement plan.

I hear this resigned attitude all too often. But, it is true! As GM, you are the "man/woman" of the hour" on any given day, in the middle of some crisis, some guest issue or dealing with your management or board. 

High End Resort/Hotel GM Time Allocation

So, what to do? Most managers treat managing service quality as their burden alone. Given the day to day commitments they face, this approach is doomed from the start. A more realistic approach creates a framework that is "self-managing." 

Core Elements of A "Self Managing" Quality Assurance Program

  1. Inspect what you expect - regularly inspect staff across the board. Some staff are naturals, providing first rate service innately. Others see hospitality as a stepping stone to a "real" career and need to know their performance is being watched, reviewed and the job demands it.
  2. Use multiple sources of input - comment cards are not enough, as they generally show the extremes (very happy, very unhappy). However, they are a valuable piece of the quality puzzle. Quarterly or monthly anonymous inspections ("mystery shopping") has been utilized extensively in hospitality and can provide good, balanced and regular feedback. User focus groups, both in-person as well as those hosted on-line or on phone teleconferences also provide a valuable way to "go-deep" with a smaller group of willing guests.
  3. Peer review - have each of your staff observe the performance of another staff member and report on it against a service points checklist. Do this at least twice a year. Be sure staff inspect different members each time, and mix it up, allowing staff to inspect their peers, their management as well as their subordinates. This creates an atmosphere were everyone is trying to do their best for each other, not just for you as GM.
  4. Hire naturals - while training is important, hiring "naturals" can go a long way toward creating self-sustaining service quality. Naturals are people who, by their nature, want to please, to impress, to serve. With a staff of several hundred, certainly you can't expect to hire all naturals, but you don't need to. If 1 of every 10 hires is a natural, they will both encourage and "train" others (on their own accord) and provide a living example to the rest of your staff. Take the time to find these gems.

Multiple Sources of Service Quality Feedback
Sales Team Success Requirements

Building quality into an organization is a premeditated act, not a mere coincidence. To increase your property's reputation and occupancy numbers, build a self-sustaining service organization.

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