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 “B2B Reservation System”– New Perspective in
Organizing Reservation from Travel Agents
Pelican offers B2B Reservation System as a new perspective for hoteliers in dealing with negotiated
/ special rates from travel agents and corporate clients who want to deal directly
with the hotel without intermediary channel

June 2006 - The key role of Travel Agents in contributing to room reservations has long been obvious, where the number of corporate clients is steadily growing. Managing this business-to-business (b2b) market has as easy as selling rooms to b2c. Therefore, Pelican System has come up with a solution for hotels to maximize effectiveness for travel agents (applicable for corporate clients), introducing B2B Reservation System to replace paper contracting into online contracting.


Paper contractual agreements made between hotels and travel agent have been common practice in distributing rates and allotments. Bear in mind that in the ongoing process, prior to making any booking, a travel agent has to re-confirm rates and availability with the hotel, either by phone, through email or by fax. Furthermore, for any reservations, modifications or cancellations, the hotel is responsible for quick response.

Renewing paper contracts every three or six months, or even on a yearly basis, is another facet of the ongoing relationship between hotels and travel agents, including distributing any last minute ad-hoc rates whenever special events / occasion might occur. 


With Pelican B2B Reservation system (Online Contracting), hotel can set unlimited rate tiers (rate plan), set allotment to each rate tiers and categorized its travel agents / corporate clients on a specified rate tier. Thus, hotel can categorized more than one travel agent/corporate client to share the allotment assigned to the rate tier. This sharing allotment concept favors hotels in maximizing allotment utility and eliminating the risk of not getting reservation from the allotment given in paper contract. 

Further, the particular travel agent will be able to check the latest rate and availability with login and password access. This is clearly a solution for hotels with highly fluctuating rates, or as well a way to distribute special ad-hoc rates since hotel do not have to distribute rate changes by fax, email or phone calls.

Since all rates and availability of hotel can be viewed at any time, anywhere, by a travel agent / corporate clients, make bookings on real time basis with instant email confirmation will as well encourage time and cost efficiency. Hence, travel agents / corporate clients won’t have to wait several days to confirm the reservation. Any modification and cancellation can also be carried out with instant confirmation. Imagine how much time may be saved for the hotel and for travel agents / corporate clients in processing reservations through online contracting!

In short, manual contracting and online contracting can be compared as follows:

Manual Paper Contracting  Online Contracting
Allotment commitment  No commitment, sharing allotment
Rates and availability confirmation hassle  Latest rates and availability distributed in one system
Booking idle until confirmation received  Immediately confirm reservation
Time consuming  Time efficient
Cost Inefficient (telephone, fax, manpower)  Cost Efficient
Manual production monitoring  Systematic production report


Further, online contracting offers an efficient way to distribute rates and allotments: Pelican System also highlights its comprehensive production report, which monitors the entire market. Insufficient Inventory Report is one of the reports which assist hotels in maximizing travel agent productivity. Any travel agent / corporate client who is not able to book a room due to the unavailability of inventory can be followed up immediately by the hotel whenever a spare room remains to be sold. Insufficient Inventory Report helps hotel to grab reservation opportunity. Production reports along with other detail reports are compiled systematically for the hotel to sort.


Mr.Teerawat Kingkaewsopon, Director of Marketing - D'Ma Hotel, Thailand: “now, our staff has more time to do their work instead of just pick up the telephone call and check for room availability for the agent”

“Mrs Martha Velez, Sales Manager of Edelweiss Hotel, Argentina: "Pelican system definitely facilitates our communications with agents. Not only can a reservation be arranged comprehensively, and with instant confirmation, but the agent can also save a lot of our time as rates and allotments are assigned in advance."

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About Pelican System 

Pelican System is an internet-based central hotel reservation system with software designed for hotels to manage online reservations (whether made directly by guests or through travel agents and corporate clients). 

Pelican System - Hotel reservation System - offers a wide range of generic products, such as a Booking Engine, B2B Reservation System, Central Reservation System and Call Center Reservation System, all featuring customized upgrading and optional features to specially meet each hotel’s needs and requirements.


 Linda Husin
Marketing and Promotion Manager

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