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Hoteliers Hail Zontec™ to Remove Room Odors
Manufacturer of ozone-based odor removal system receives rave reviews for eliminating
unpleasant guestroom smells, including cigarette smoke, food and body odors
Zontec offering Spring Discount to hoteliers
who buy before Memorial Day!
TAMPA, FLA.— APRIL 28, 2006 —Offering clean and comfortable guestrooms with friendly attentive service and at a competitive price is certainly key to operational success in the lodging industry. But all it takes is an offensive odor in the guestroom to turn off even your most loyal customers. Zontec™ Ozone ( is taking customer satisfaction and guest service to new levels by providing hotels with a proven way to completely eliminate odors in about an hour. Even the most offensive smells, such as cigarette or cigar smoke, saucy foods and even body odor can be removed quickly, safely and inexpensively through Zontec™ Ozone.

“If a room smells, a guest will refuse to stay in it,” said John Hooton, owner of The Timber Lodge in Colorado Springs, Colo. “Instead of losing the revenue on a $100+ per night room because the guest goes elsewhere, we plug in Zontec™. While the guest enjoys a bite to eat in our restaurant or a drink in the lounge, Zontec™ is working to refresh the room and completely eliminate whatever odor is lurking. It’s one of those products that work as advertised, and it has become a part of our every-day cleaning and operations routine. Nothing else can do the job like Zontec™ can.”
Hooton said 14 of the summer resort’s 24 cabin-style rooms have kitchenettes. The Zontec™ machine is ideal for removing bacon smells or cooking odors from heavily spiced foods. 

“Zontec™ is an excellent investment for anyone in the accommodations business because not only does it pay for itself almost instantly, it keeps even your pickiest of guests happy,” he said.

Dennis Gannon, chief operating officer for the Baymont Inn & Suites in Festus, Mo., said although his hotel is in the process of becoming a smoke-free facility, Zontec™ will remain an integral part of the housekeeping routine.

“We can publicize that we’re ‘non-smoking’ all we want, but inevitably someone is going to smoke,” Gannon said. “With two to three Zontec™ machines in use daily as a part of our room housekeeping routine, we’ll be able to provide our guests with accommodations that we know smell clean and fresh.”

Several rooms at the Baymont Inn & Suites are equipped with microwave ovens, Gannon said. Oftentimes the smells from overcooked popcorn, other microwavable foods or to-go food from the White Castle restaurant across the street is overwhelming to guests. Zontec™ can be offered as a way to remove the offensive odor quickly and safely, he said, although the guest must leave the room during the freshening process.

“We’ve used Zontec™ for years and we’ve never had to replace a system,” Gannon said. “It’s easy to afford . . . It’s easy to maintain . . . and it does exactly what we need it to do – it eliminates odors.”

The 160-room Washington Square Hotel in the West Village of New York uses six Zontec™ Ozone machines daily to keep its guestrooms and meeting rooms fresh. Joan Bennett, director of housekeeping, said ozone does what room-freshening sprays can’t – it vaporizes the odor instead of covering it up.

“Each day we have less and less smoking rooms due to guest demand,” Bennett said. ‘”We can turn our previously reserved smoking rooms into non-smoking room pretty quickly and without having to remodel the rooms or swap out bedding and furniture. Zontec™ literally ‘cleans’ the air.  The units work great and the company stands behind their product.”
Dean Gruber, president of Zontec™ Ozone, said the Zontec PA200 is the most popular unit used to remove common odors in about 30 to 60 minutes. The PA600, he said, uses more ozone and will completely turn a heavily saturated smoking room into a clean, mountain fresh non-smoking room over night.

“It’s virtually impossible to eliminate odors with filters or to mask them with scents,” Gruber said. “Instead, Zontec™ Ozone Generators attack the molecules that make the odor.  Depending upon the application, the Zontec™ units emit large or small amounts of O3, or ozone molecules.  The O3 molecule has an unstable O atom which quickly attaches itself to the odor causing molecules, creating pure, clean and odor free oxygen as a by product.  Whether it's smoke, burning bacon, mold or moth balls, the odor never returns.”

It’s important to know that owners can have a truly clean and odor-free facility without breaking the bank and without replacing wallpaper, casegoods and softgoods, Gruber said. Plugging in a portable Zontec™ unit will not only eliminate the odors quickly, but it will penetrate all soft and some hard surfaces—including walls.  

“Since ozone is a gas, it reaches places that are unreachable by other methods to ensure that everything in the immediate area is clean and odor free,” he said. “With Zontec™, all a guest smells is fresh air.”

Spring Discount

As the company’s way of assisting hotels in refreshing and deodorizing their rooms for summer guests, Zontec Ozone is offering a Spring Discount to any hotel purchasing an ozone generator before Memorial Day.  Call Dean Gruber at 800-474-0105 for details.

About Zontec™
Zontec™ is a leading manufacturer of Electronic Air Deodorizers and Purifiers. Their Ozone Generators are used worldwide in residential, commercial, industrial, and institutional applications. Zontec™ has provided technology and services for nearly 20 years and continues to develop new technology to meet changing demands. If you're unsure of the right unit to control your odor problems, call one of our odor specialists at 800-474-0105 and you can get those odors under control.


Barb Worcester
Tel: (440) 930-5770

Dean Gruber
Zontec Ozone
Tel:  800-474-0105

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