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Zontec™ Sponsors to Identify Best Places
Where Guests Can ‘Breath Easy, Sleep Great™’
Leading provider of air purification systems partners with industry’s newest online
resource listing hotels committed to providing a clean, odor-free environment
TAMPA, FLA.— APRIL 28, 2006 — Zontec™ Ozone (, a leading manufacturer of electronic ozone-generated air deodorizers and purifiers for hotels, has become the first corporate sponsor of FreshStay™ ( This online directory features a listing of hotels promoting “Better Indoor Air Quality,” including properties that are Non Smoking, Smoke Free and choose to implement additional indoor air quality initiatives. 

“Guests are more odor sensitive now than they ever have been,” said Ray Burger, founder of FreshStay™. “Thanks to the proliferation of advertising aimed at consumers regarding the elimination of odors in their own homes, they don’t want to deal with odors in hotels, nor should they have to.  Zontec™ Ozone manufactures equipment that is and has been a valuable tool for the lodging industry in eliminating odors for the past 2 decades.

”We are proud that Zontec™ has stepped up to become the first corporate sponsor of FreshStay™,” Burger said. “In keeping with our motto, Zontec™ is a company truly committed to creating places where guests can ‘Breath Easy, Sleep Great™.’”

Since FreshStay™ was founded in January 2006, more than 200 smoke-free properties have joined the network. More than 25 hotels are added to the online directory each month, Burger said, including national, regional and independent brands in most states and 100 cities. 

Completely Eliminating Odors and Contaminents

Dean Gruber, president of Zontec™ Ozone, said contrary to what many hoteliers believe, it’s virtually impossible to eliminate odors with filters or to mask them with scents—although many try aimlessly to do so.

“Zontec™ Ozone Generators attack the molecules that make the odor,” Gruber said. “Depending upon the application, the Zontec™ units emit large or small amounts of O3, or ozone molecules. The O3 molecule has an unstable O atom which quickly attaches itself to the odor causing molecules, creating pure, clean and odor free oxygen as a by product.  Whether it's cigarette smoke, burnt popcorn, mold or moth balls, the odor never returns.”

It’s important to know that owners can give guests a truly “fresh stay” without breaking the bank and without replacing wallpaper, casegoods and softgoods, Gruber said. Plugging in a portable Zontec™ ozone generator will not only eliminate the odors quickly, but it will penetrate all soft and some hard surfaces—including walls. 

“Since ozone is a gas, it reaches places that are unreachable by other methods to ensure that everything in the immediate area is clean and odor free,” he said. “With Zontec™, all a guest smells is mountain-fresh air.”

FreshStay™ Opportunities Available

Connecting millions of travelers and thousands of groups to hotels committed to providing clean indoor air, awards hotels guaranteeing non-smoking rooms at the point of reservation two pineapples (an affiliate icon resembling a star or diamond rating) while 100-percent smoke-free hotels automatically earn three pineapples. The more fresh indoor air products and practices a property has in place, the more pineapples it earns. 

In the near future, the Web site will list and rate hotels that offer enhanced accommodations including being cleaned with Green Seal-certified products, having walls covered with low-odor, low-VOC paints, and offering improved air and water filtration and allergen-barrier products.

Properties interested in being listed as a FreshStay™ hotel, and environmental-conscious suppliers interested in becoming a sponsor, should call Ray Burger at (636) 922-2285.

”You don’t have to commit to becoming a smoke-free brand in order to have a smoke-free, odor-free environment,” Gruber said. ”Partnering with Zontec™ Ozone will enable you quickly and affordably to become a FreshStay™ hotel partner. We’re thrilled to be associated with Ray Burger and commend him for providing cleanliness-conscious travelers with this invaluable online resource.”

As the company’s way of assisting hotels in refreshing and deodorizing their rooms for summer guests, Zontec is offering a Spring Discount. For details, call Dean Gruber at 800-474-0105. For more information on Zontec™ Ozone Generators, visit or e-mail 

About Zontec™
Zontec™ is a leading manufacturer of Electronic Air Deodorizers and Purifiers. Their Ozone Generators are used worldwide in residential, commercial, industrial, and institutional applications. Zontec™ has provided technology and services for nearly 20 years and continues to develop new technology to meet changing demands. If you're unsure of the right unit to control your odor problems, call one of our odor specialists at 800-474-0105 and you can get those odors under control. 


Barb Worcester
Tel: (440) 930-5770

Ray Burger
President & Founder
Tel: (636) 922-2285

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