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 Zontec™ Cleaning Up Odors, Contaminants
through Ozone Generation
Leading hospitality provider of air purification systems taps talents of PRPRO to
educate owners, operators about its quick, cost-effective air-cleaning technology

TAMPA, FLA.— March 28, 2006 —Contrary to what hoteliers are reading in the hospitality trade press, a hotel does not need to replace all soft goods or deep clean and treat all hard surfaces to eliminate allergens and provide guests with a smoke-free, odor-free environment. Zontec™ Ozone can accomplish these tasks with the flip of a switch—and at a minimal investment.

”It’s very important that hotel owners and operators understand that the drastic measures undertaken by some of the larger hotel brands for creating a smoke-free, odor-free environment are not necessary to accomplish these goals,” said Dean Gruber, president of Zontec™ Ozone. ”Announcing that hotels will be gutted in order to provide a clean and odor-free room is a very creative and highly visible marketing campaign targeting environmental-conscious travelers, nothing more.

“Certainly room cleanliness and an odor-free facility should be top-of-mind at all properties—regardless of your hotel size or segment—but breaking the bank to do so, or replacing all furnishings, carpets, wallpaper and bedding is just plain nonsense,” he said. “Plugging in a portable Zontec™ Ozone Generator will not only eliminate the odors quickly, but it will penetrate all soft and some hard surfaces—including walls.  Since it is a gas, it reaches places that are unreachable by other methods to ensure that everything in the immediate area is clean and odor free.  With Zontec™, all a guest smells is fresh air.”

While sprays mask odors and filtration systems require cleaning and replacement, Ozone Generators attack odor-causing molecules and eliminate them completely, Gruber said. Hoteliers concerned about alleged health risks associated with breathing in the ozone can operate the machines while guests are not in the room – although it is not necessary. The ozone delivered by the Zontec™ machines is not harmful unless ingested for prolonged periods in high doses.

“While Ozone is still a rather controversial topic among environmentalists, we have found over the past 20 years in the hospitality business that it is the simplest, most affordable way to provide an immediate cure – not a band aid – to indoor air quality challenges,” Gruber said. “The hotels and resorts which have used Zontec™ are thrilled with the results, and their word-of-mouth testimonials have helped spread the word about ozone generators throughout the industry.”

Here is what just a few of the satisfied Zontec™ Ozone hotel customers had to say:

“I absolutely swear by [Zontec™]. By washing the bedspreads and using the Zontec™ Ozone Generator, you can turn a smoking room into a non-smoking room. I'm sorry if I sound like a commercial but I really do like how well this machine performs.” 
-- Greg Stauffer, Quality Inn
“The ideal situation is a room with no odor. We have been able to achieve that with the Zontec™ ozone equipment. We treat every occupied guest room daily and feel that this is an integral part of the formula that helped us to receive a Circle of Excellence Award from Hampton Inns. I hardily recommend this product to anyone in the hotel business.” 
-- Clark Byram, Hampton Inn
“We purchased a portable Zontec™ ozone machine about a year ago to test it out in our guest rooms. The housekeeper and guest response was so positive that we purchased a unit for each of our housekeeping sections. We are extremely happy with the results. The units are used daily in each room to ensure that the rooms smell fresh when the guests check in. We have also utilized the units in the conversion of smoking rooms to nonsmoking rooms with excellent results.” 
-- Victor G. Martin, C.H.A., Best Western
“Nothing was a sure fix until we purchased our first [Zontec™] Ozone Generator. Let me tell you, it solved our problem within a few days and in doing so it made us happy, our guests happy and even our housekeepers happy. That's a trick in itself! We now have four machines, one for each service cart, and our staff uses them each and every time they service a guest room. There is so much emphasis placed on environmentally clean rooms which obviously includes air quality. Guests not only appreciate but demand fresh-smelling / non-smelling rooms and your Ozone machines allow us to exceed their expectations. Even our AAA Field Inspector was very pleased to see our staff use them.” 
– Bob and Cheryl Kane, Ladd Brook Inn

PRPRO spreading the word 

This month, Zontec™ has contracted with hospitality public relations and marketing communications expert Barb Worcester, president and founder of PRPRO, to help spread the good news that ozone generators are making a big difference for hotels across the country.

“PRPRO came highly recommended to me during the International Hotel/Motel & Restaurant Show in November,” Gruber said. “Just about everyone we talked to told us that PRPRO is the best PR group in the industry – probably because the team came from the hotel trade magazine business. We heard that PRPRO was professional, well known in the industry, well versed in hospitality and they get results. We wouldn’t ask for much more in a PR partner.”

PRPRO’s Worcester said she is excited to be representing Zontec™ because she has been an advocate of ozone generation machines for several years, owning two units for her home. 

“I’ve known the odor-controlling benefits that ozone generation machines provide, being married to a smoker and owning several pets,” Worcester said. “I believe that Dean was taken aback when he first called me to talk about partnering with PRPRO because I knew so much about the system, how it works and the benefits that it provides. I couldn’t wait to get started and begin educating hoteliers looking for a solution to their indoor air quality concerns.”

Worcester founded PRPRO in 2001 after serving as senior editor and technology editor with Hotel & Motel Management magazine for more than 10 years. She quickly brought on board the journalistic and creative writing talents of Bill Gillette, former managing editor of H&MM, and other high-profile industry trade magazine freelance writers for special projects and high-productivity services.

“There’s no better business partner than one who believes fully in your product and one who has a first-hand knowledge of the successes associated with the systems you are promoting,” Worcester said. “Zontec™ is the best solution for budget-conscious hotels looking to immediately combat odors, allergens, and mold and mildew throughout their properties.  It works – period.”

For more information on Zontec™ Ozone Generators, call Zontec at (800) 474-0105 or visit our website at or e-mail us at  For more information on retaining PRPRO as your outsourced PR agent, call Worcester at (440) 930-5770 or email her at

About Zontec™
Zontec™ is a leading manufacturer of Electronic Air Deodorizers and Purifiers. Their Ozone Generators are used worldwide in residential, commercial, industrial, and institutional applications. Zontec™ has provided technology and services for nearly 20 years and continues to develop new technology to meet changing demands. If you're unsure of the right unit to control your odor problems, call one of our odor specialists at 800-474-0105 and you can get those odors under control. 

PRPRO writes and distributes press releases to the hospitality trade media, national news publications and wire services; designs brochures and e-newsletters; assists in media buys and plans; coordinates direct marketing campaigns; and provides event and tradeshow management services exclusively for the hospitality industry. In addition to Zontec, current clients include: Aquatic Trends, Clairvoyix, Digital Alchemy, Energy Eye, GBCblue, Hotel Technologies, Hospitality Solutions LLC, ICE Portal, Leonardo, MTech, PhoneSuite, VingCard Elsafe and TimeLox.


Barb Worcester
Tel: (440) 930-5770

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