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Mystery Shopping - Taking the Mystery Out
March 30, 2006 - If you have ever subscribed to Mystery Shopping you have some idea of the benefits which can be accrued from a Mystery Shopping program.  It has been our experience that the Hotel Industry tends to think in relatively narrow terms when implementing a Mystery Shopping program.  The industry applies Mystery Shopping primarily to insure Quality Assurance. This Quality Assurance approach is to assess the results of current training programs.  Letís take a look at some other uses and benefits of Mystery Shopping.   

Is your hotel referring any or all of itsí incoming reservation calls to your Franchise Call Center or a Voice Reservations Service?   If so, Mystery Calls can critique the efforts of the Call Center and Voice Reservations Service to make sure your hotel is being treated fairly and provided with the level of service you and your guests expect. 

  • Are the appropriate rates being quoted for a given day?
  • Are efforts being made to save a reservation if rate seems to be a concern to the caller?
  • If there is rate resistance, is the reservation being directed to a local, corporately owned, hotel?
  • Are the agents "asking for the sale"?
Remember that every call into your Call Center and Voice Reservations Service is an expense. Are you receiving the most for your money? 

Do you know what your competition is doing? If not, Mystery Calls will provide a better understanding of your competition. 

  • How good are the skills of the sales and catering staff at your competitors? Mystery Calls will help identify salespeople with superior sales skills so youíll know where to find a new manager when you need one.
  • Determine the sales skill level of a potential new hire. 
  • Understand the room rates being quoted over certain times of the year.
  • Understand meeting room rentals/setup rates.
  • What are they saying, if anything, about your hotel when it is mentioned as a possible competitor?
  • Are they outselling you?
Mystery Shopping Calls are critical to assess the performance of your Franchise Call Center, Voice Reservations Service and to provide insight to your competition.   

Jay Delerno, President of Revenue Source One, founded the company in 1987 and has over 30 years of experience in hotel sales and marketing, including the Executive Vice President positions for two hotel companies. In addition to Mystery Shopping, Revenue Source One also provides sales and marketing consultation and is the only hospitality consulting company offering improved rooms pricing strategies via a computerized Rate and Competition Analysis Pricing Model.   A complete list of services can be viewed at the companyís web site.


 Jay Delerno
(817) 283-7685


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