Independent Hotels Hail Clairvoyix Database Marketing Solution; 
Broadmoor, ClubCorp and Seaport Boston Reach their Preferred Guests
through Affordable, Centralized, Online Database Marketing
LAS VEGAS — MARCH 10, 2005 — Database marketing solutions offered by Clairvoyix are finding a niche with independent hotels and small chains that need affordability and effectiveness as pillars of a solution that allow them to compete with big hotel chains.
Clairvoyix offers its marketing automation solution as a fully integrated suite of offerings that can be purchased as stand-alone modules. This allows total flexibility for hotels that have specific needs or have budget constraints that preclude a full marketing automation implementation, according to Mike Schmitt, CEO of Clairvoyix.

“Our goal is that the smallest independent can afford our solution,” Schmitt said. “There is very little up-front cost because we offer the product through the application service provider (ASP) model, a highly secure Internet application  with standard Web browser access.”
Brandy Fields, revenue manager for the Broadmoor, a luxury resort in Colorado Springs, Colo., has been using Clairvoyix since June 2003 to put together mailing lists of existing customers.

“We are using it to try to make good customers better customers,” Fields said. “We’ve done a lot of successful e-mail blasts using lists generated by Clairvoyix. It has generated quite a few additional room nights for us.”

 The Clairvoyix Hospitality Solution allows hotel marketers to select past guests and prospects for targeted direct mail, e-mail or telemarketing campaigns. Criteria such as demographic profile, geography, life-style traits or other attributes can be used to select targeted guests. Hotel marketers can run a return on investment module to determine the campaign’s effectiveness.

“It is quite easy to use and user friendly,” Fields said. “We use it throughout the year for various marketing campaigns to try to drive room nights for different packages.”

ClubCorp, which owns or manages more than 170 golf courses, country clubs, private business clubs and golf resorts including Pinehurst in Pinehurst, N.C.; Homestead in Hot Springs, Va.; and Barton Creek Resort & Spa in Austin, Texas, has been using Clairvoyix for four years, according to Lisa Phillips, who handles guest-centric marketing for the company. The company uses Clairvoyix to get a view of guest activity at all three properties to see if guests are migrating between properties.

“Our primary goal is to manage marketing communications, so we know what campaigns go out, when they went out and if they were successful,” Phillips said. “We also use it for analytics, for example, to determine what our feeder markets are and how far in advance they book, and who are best guests are and how we can replicate them.

“It manages our data and does all the necessary things—such as cleansing and matching records—to add value to the data” she said. “We use its campaign management tool to manage direct mail and e-mail campaigns.”

ClubCorp also used Clairvoyix to determine what leads were resulting in rooms booked.

“We deal with direct inquiries, when guests contact us directly, and third-party reader response cards,” Phillips said. “We wanted to know what we were converting into room nights from each channel. We found that our third-party inquiries were not very valuable leads because there were not converting. We keep finding things in Clairvoyix that are helpful.”

The company also learned that guest inquiries made through the company’s Web site were the most valuable because they were most likely to convert into room nights.

“We learned that we need to do campaigns around our Web inquiries,” she said. “We would not know that if we were unable to use Clairvoyix to import and convert the data. It imported all the inquiries to see if they came to fruition.”

The Clairvoyix Knowledge Factory is the foundation of any guest or prospect marketing initiative. It processes guest data from a variety of sources and from multiple properties to ensure the most accurate marketing database possible. Guest data is cleansed, de-duped, gender coded and first-name standardized. It is further enhanced with appended demographic, geographic and lifestyle data. Single hotels or hotel chains can easily consolidate all guest data into one marketing database. It also supports opt-out requests at the guest level to comply with privacy laws.

Patrick Barfield, director of e-commerce at the Seaport Boston, uses Clairvoyix to find out who its customers are, where they come from and where they spend their money when they are on property.

“It helps us better understand our guests—how often they stay, their consumption information and how far ahead they book,” Barfield said. “If we are running an e-mail campaign on short notice we only want to send it to guests who book within a few days of lead time.”

The hotel also uses Clairvoyix’s opt-in e-mail program to communicate with guests who have given permission to be contacted via e-mail.
“Our overall goal is to capture data and do precision marketing,” Barfield said. “Clairvoyix will show us if an e-mail campaign is successful by tracking those we have sent to. Previously, we did not have a tool to track the campaign and get a true return on investment.”

Clairvoyix is easy to use, he said.

“It’s very easy to do queries, to dig into a database and select data based on certain criteria,” he said. “You just click on the variables and it builds the query. It is designed for marketing guys, not technologists.”

The Clairvoyix Guest Intelligence analytical reporting engine brings near real-time reporting to the user’s Web browser. The dashboard displays key marketing metrics, such as top-producing states, first-time vs. repeat guests, and revenue per stay for the current month, last month or one year ago. Other reports include feeder market analysis and guest demographic profiles.

Clairvoyix is offering a 90-day jump-start program for hospitality organizations new to targeted marketing. For more information, contact Schmitt at (702) 897-0080 or via e-mail at mike.schmitt@clairvoyix.com.
About Clairvoyix
Clairvoyix is a database marketing company that offers an application service provider based product designed to be affordable for the smallest independent hotel or resort. It offers a world-class customer-relationship management system for very little up-front cost. The Clairvoyix product suite includes three modules that allow hoteliers to effortlessly build marketing campaigns based on a wealth of guest data that is imported from a hotel’s operational systems. Using common marketing terms, hoteliers can identify guest prospects and pull lists for immediate e-mail, direct mail or telemarketing campaigns. The company also offers return-on-investment tools to measure the effectiveness of campaigns. Clairvoyix’s customers include all KSL Resorts, including Hotel Del Coronado, Arizona Biltmore Resort & Spa, Grand Wailea Resort Hotel & Spa, and La Costa Resort & Spa; all Noble House Hotels & Resorts; and the Broadmoor, a world-class hotel and resort in Colorado Springs, Colo.


Barb Worcester
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Mike Schmitt
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