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World Leisure Destinations Experiencing Rising
Occupancy Rates Almost Everywhere
Paris, 1st February 2006 - An excellent winter season start for the main world leisure destinations
  • Indicators are green for the main world leisure destinations with rising occupancy rates almost everywhere:
  • In France, the excellent snowfall levels have supported the hotel occupancy level.
  • One year after the tsunami, Indonesia and Thailand record encouraging results. 
  • Mauritius, French Polynesia and the Caribbean record good performances.
  • After a record 2004 season, the Egypt destination maintained itself in spite of the attacks.

Activity results winter 2005: the main trends

Monthly results of integrated hotel chains
December 2005

. Occupancy rate December 2005 Spread OR (pts) Average rates 2005 Evolution AR % RevPAR 2005 RevPAR Evolution %
Mountain hotels in France  57,8%  +2,6  65,9  -0,8  38,1  +3,8
French Polynesia Resorts  58,9%  -0,1  181,3  +4,8  106,7  +4,6
Caribbean Resorts   64,0%  -0,1 1 18,9  +13,9  76,1  +13,7
Indonesia Resorts  61,9%  +15,0  41,9  -16,2  26,0  +10,6
Egypt Resorts   59,0%  +0,9  47,5  -0,7  28,0  +0,9
Mauritius Resorts   77,7%  +6,4  122,0  -2,1  94,7  +6,8
Thailand Resorts   77,2%  +3,9  87,7  +3,6  67,7  +9,0
Source : MKG Consulting database – Official supplier of chain hotels - January 2006
Average room rates and RevPAR in euros (All taxes included)
Mountain hotel trade in France: an early snow up for the 2005 Christmas holidays makes it possible for hoteliers to post good results

Throughout the month of December 2005, the lenient weather at low and high altitude allowed hoteliers to start the season as of mid-December. The French mountains have known good snow fall levels, earlier than in 2004. Mountain hotels in France (Alps/ Pyrenees) have seen their revenue per available room (RevPAR) increase by 3,8% due to a rise of 2,6 points in their occupancy levels.

A year after the tsunami, Indonesia and Thailand record encouraging results.

Amongst the countries that were most affected by the tsunami in the end of December 2004, Indonesia and Thailand record encouraging results.

In Indonesia, the tourist facilities of Bali were preserved and the destination posts excellent results with a 15 points rise in occupancy levels that allow to neutralize the 16,2% decline of average room rates. As such, at the end of December 2005, the Indonesian resorts post a 10,6% increase in revenue per available room

The Thai resorts see their revenue per available room (RevPAR) progress by 9% with a 3,6% increase in room rates and a 3,9 points increase in occupancy rate. Nevertheless, one should remain careful with these encouraging results because as opposed to Indonesia, the Thai hotel capacity was touched full whip by the tsunami.  

Mauritius, French Polynesia and the Caribbean are successful for the end of the year vacations. 

Mauritius records very good results throughout the month of December with a 6,8% increase in revenue per available room. The Mauritian resorts reached very high occupancy levels (77,7% in December 2005) with a 2,1% decline in average room rate. The increase of flights, the hotel supply growth and a more aggressive marketing campaign explain the good results of Mauritius in December 2005.

Another heavenly destinations, The French Polynesia posts stable occupancy rates (-0,1 point), it is the average room rates (+4,8%) that allow to record an increase of 4,6% in revenue per available room. The opening of new airline companies in 2005 and the development of nuptial tourism forecasted for 2006 will probably boost this destination.

Following the example of the French Polynesia, the “Caribbean destination” sees its revenues per available room progress (+13,7%) due to the increase in average room rates (+13,9%). The occupancy levels are stable at 64%. The Caribbean seems to have pulled their pin from the game during the year 2005 that was marked in particular by a very active hurricane season (Katrina, Rita et Wilma are part of the most violent hurricanes ever registered). 

After a record 2004 season, the Egypt destination maintains itself

After a record 2004 season with more than 8,1 million of visitors, Egypt maintains its performances: the revenue per available room progressed by 0,9%. The recent April 2005 attacks in Cairo and the July 2005 ones in Charm el-Cheikh have not slowed down the tourist arrivals during the end of December. The limited impact of these attacks on the tourism activity allows us to observe that tourists do no seem to be discouraged by terrorist attacks. One will also observe that the bird flue pandemic in Asia did not penalize the leisure destinations of the region. The strong trend of this season seems to be a diminishing reactivity of the leisure tourists towards exterior events.

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Since September 2004, the MKG Consulting database proposes a program that allows the daily monitoring of activity indicators for each hotel. This program counts 1 500 hotels and 125 000 rooms in France which makes it the most developed daily program in Europe.


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