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 Ready for Pluckin'; Hospitality Represents that Fat
Roaster, Just Sitting there, Plump and Contented


by John R. Hendrie, CEO Hospitality Performance, Inc., July 2005

Right there, “above the fold” of Tuesday’s New York Times (7/26/05), an article, headlined, “Ambitions are Fueling a Division of Labor”, an ominous message was delivered to Hospitality operators.  Two major Unions (SEIU and the Teamsters) have withdrawn from Labor’s main Federation, the AFL-CIO.  Two others, the United Food and Commercial Workers and our own UNITE HERE, are not only boycotting the annual convention but also have declared their plans to depart the AFL-CIO, as well.  These moves indicate a stormy road ahead for the Hospitality Industry.  Why, one might ask?

The schism within the Federation revolves around strategy and the perceived lack of leadership.  As an outsider, I would have to agree with the four Unions and their platform.  They are well funded and passionate about their message and direction.  They also are exceptionally talented in organizing the workplace. It boils down to increasing membership in the most viable sector, Service. 

At this point in the Labor Movement it is not about maintaining political clout, delivering historically for the Democratic Party, or remembering yesteryear.  Numbers have dwindled, the manufacturing base has been decimated, and the Democrats lost.  It is about the numbers, and Hospitality represents that fat roaster, just sitting there, plump and contented. 

We are the Service Sector, and we cannot move our operations offshore.  And, where does the Union message resonate the best – with the “disenfranchised”.  Does your Workforce represent the ideal Union profile to be organized:

  • lower paid employees
  • primarily female
  • less formally educated
  • a member of a minority or immigrant group 
Some Hospitality Businesses feel they are exempt from the possibility of a union organizing attempt.  They would be dead wrong.  Strong Unions can bring cities to their knees with examples of Los Angeles and San Francisco most recently in the news.  And, you are not safe from the type of business you are in, for the Service Sector is all around – the laundries, the parking lots, the janitorial services.  We are surrounded!

I find the unpreparedness and complacency within our Industry astounding.  The major players spend an enormous amount of money protecting their non-union status or fighting organizing attempts, yet what readily appears on today’s horizon is dismissed by most others.  And, they have no excuse, except for perhaps arrogance or wishful thinking,

What you need to do right now is the following:

  • Review your internal policy and procedures to ensure that they are being administered fairly, consistently and equally.
  • Find a means to do an Employee Relations “check” on your staff, find the areas of discord, meet with your employees, open communication.
  • Consider appropriate training for your staff and your Supervisors/Managers, emphasizing proactive Employee Relations.
  • Have Legal Counsel/Consultant provide an audit of your business to uncover shortcomings and potential problem areas.
  • Task your Afiliations (Chambers, CVB’s, Hospitality Associations) to be on top of issues and prepared to address them for the community at large, emphasizing Workshops, Roundtables, Seminars.  Do keep in mind that Meeting Planners will avoid your area and your Businesses with any hint of unrest. 
  • Become informed yourself.  To be candid, I have seen little written or spoken about the “Plum”, which Hospitality represents, which is surprising.  But, I do not think you need to be a visionary to figure this one out.
Our employees are our messengers, our representatives who deliver the valuable products and services of our businesses.  I would prefer to deal directly with them than through third party representation.  Wouldn’t you?  Our employees are that most remarkable asset.  You cannot afford to be shortsighted in this matter, and, with the proper attention, you might even run a better operation.  Let me know your thoughts at
John R. Hendrie, CEO
Hospitality Performance, Inc.
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