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Creating a Marketing Success Story
August 29, 2005 - Today Iím sorting through my pile of reading materials hoping to find the exact headline. Itís no surprise: Thatís what all marketers want. Times are tough and the demands being placed on you are that much tougher. Spend less; get more.

What I do find when I peruse the trade publications is less exact. Headlines read, ďAchieved Higher Click-Through RatesĒ or ďResponse Rates Exceeded Our Expectations.Ē Why donít you ever hear a simple statement like, ďwe spent $X and made $Y.Ē People donít like to talk about how much money theyíre making or losing. And if something is really working, itís a competitive advantage not to be shared.

We all know that the real returns generated by your efforts can only be measured in dollars. But measuring ROI in terms of dollars can be difficult. Here are some headlines to help you measure the real dollar returns on your direct marketing efforts:

Bring together customer information and campaign information in a marketing database, achieving remarkable results.

Most organizations maintain a variety of customer databases, one for e-mail, one for customer transactions, another for guest history and so on. Unless your customer information and campaign information are all in one place, itís difficult to know exactly whatís going on with a guest. That central location probably wonít be your property management system. 

Thatís why you can benefit from a marketing database. A well-designed marketing database is a single system that provides you with a comprehensive view of what your guests are buying, which messages they are receiving and how they are responding. Anything less is a mailing list. By all means donít mistake a marketing database for an integrated CRM program. A good marketing database is not very expensive and pays back a hundredfold in the hands of a skilled direct marketer.

Train staff to understand the importance of customer information.

Even if you have a great marketing database, thereís no way to realize its benefits unless your staff knows the importance of consistently collecting the correct information at each transaction point. There must be a method of matching transactions and multiple points of contact, most of the time itís as simple as getting a home or e-mail address.

Admit it, youíve seen a dozen duplicates of the same person in your property management system because one of your staff gets a home address, another gets a business address and yet another gets a travel agency address. Create a standard and live by it. When you ask for an e-mail address, get a little more information so you can tell if the e-mail address belongs to a customer or a prospect. Be vigilant and measure your progress toward your data collection goals.

Marketing Director generates $250,000 in sales with a $2,500 direct mail campaign.

When all of your customer information is in one place and data collection is standardized, you will be able to measure, in more exact terms, the successes and failures of your marketing efforts. Youíll see that the group who received Offer A, booked within two weeks and spent $X at your property while the group who received Offer B responded at half those levels. Youíll be able to compare the results of your e-mail and direct mail efforts. Most important, youíll know that you spent $X on each campaign and generated $Y in revenue. Thatís ROI, and it can be as simple as ABC.

About David Metze:

A former travel industry, marketing executive, David has spent the last 17 years in management and marketing luxury hotels and resorts in a diverse range of markets and segments. Davidís exceptionally diverse experiences have resulted in a deep understanding of direct marketing, database marketing, electronic marketing and relationship marketing principles. David spent the last several years implementing and integrating marketing database systems at dozens of hotels and resorts. Prior to that, David worked for Destination Hotels & Resorts, an operator of independent luxury properties, where he managed the companyís e-marketing and relationship marketing programs.

About Incite Response:

Incite Response is the hospitality industryís direct marketing department, supplying turn key direct mail and e-mail services for a wide range of hotel companies that include, Marcus Hotels, Pelican Bay at Our Lucaya, Preferred Hotels, and Sonesta Hotels among many others. 

With a sharp focus on developing and managing extremely targeted direct marketing programs, Incite Response is able to achieve higher than average returns on our clientís marketing dollars. Call us today to find out how we can generate the revenues you need to stay on top. 


David Metze

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