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John R. Hendrie, CEO Hospitality Performance, Inc.

June 2004 - Most of us can reasonably define Hospitality, but the Romans certainly knew how to establish expectations with QED – Quad Erat Demonstrandum, translated as, “which was to be demonstrated”. QED is an acronym we see in use quite frequently, although never applied to the Hospitality Industry.  But, that is what it is all about, Demonstration, present, past and future tense, how we frame an experience for the Visitor and Guest, how we deliver on that promise, and how we move forward, further exceeding their expectations.

In the present tense format, what is to be shown, we rely on various media to transmit the message, using primarily the Internet and print.  We present our business in the most compelling and passionate fashion, using vivid text, luxurious and action filled photos, promising a most excellent experience.  We have our potential Guest/Visitor salivating, eager to navigate to our reservation system to book a trip, a room, a restaurant, an entertainment/attractions package.  Expectations and excitement are high, for that is the picture we have painted. Our own “Brand-Scape”. 

We are very good at marketing.  Perhaps, we were a little over zealous in our presentation, for the sun does not always shine, the fish are not always jumpin’, not all our rooms have canopied beds, some specials are seasonal, not all the rides are open, and, you remember the bad weather we had this Spring, which slowed the re-seeding of the golf course.  And, we might have used words like “luxurious accommodations”, “fine dining”, “4 Star Property”, “the Best in the West”, “High Quality” - words and phrases which have nuance and different meanings for us all.  No matter, for we have an arrival booked, heads in bed, tables reserved, our venues staffed and ready to go!  Caveat Emptor – Let the buyer beware!

Now, we are at the moment of truth, we must deliver upon our statement of what was to be demonstrated, the experience we framed, the expectation we created for the Visitor/Guest.  This is where “the proof is in the pudding” and all our planning and preparation will be executed.  We now have an obligation, a Quid Pro Quo, if you will, where there must be an equal exchange made, where expectation is met or exceeded.  Failure to do either is unacceptable, and we need to deliver on the product, service and facility.  People are forgiving, but they remember and share those memories with others.  Bad news travels with alacrity.

In terms of product there are certain standards, which any Guest, no matter the charge or rate, anticipates.  They expect cleanliness, safety, security and comfort.  After all, are these not fundamental to Hospitality? In the service realm they anticipate courtesy, attention, professional action and response, and respect.  They expect their room, the restaurant, the attraction or retail store to have some semblance of acceptable presentation, maintenance and construction.  Have these all been demonstrated reasonably and acceptably? A fair exchange?

The future is dictated by what you have learned. You need to discover whether or not you delivered on what you demonstrated you would, how your staff responded, and how the experience was fulfilled.  You want immediacy and truth in that response, so you can address the imperfections and plan for tomorrow.  Do it now, for Tempus Fugit (time flies).

Latin 202 does have pertinence, yet, all these points, no matter the language or the century, demonstrate your commitment to the experience of Hospitality.  Make it Remarkable!  Turn your QED into a Quality Experience Destination for the Guest.

John R. Hendrie, CEO
Hospitality Performance, Inc.
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