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New HotelEXPERT v.5.0 Actuates Guest
History via “FUNDAMENTALS" 


For all the buzz and investment in Guest Profiles --terabytes of them
sit unutilized. HotelEXPERT now offers a return on that idle investment
by sifting through what’s actionable or not. Introducing

June 13, 2005 - FUNDAMENTALS is HotelEXPERT’s unique way to actuate Guest History. “If on a previous stay, your returning guest requested the New York Times, HotelEXPERT auto-tasks its delivery again. Or, say, your returning guest once experienced a Dirty Check-In; HotelEXPERT knows to auto-task a Room Inspection by a Supervisor,” explains Val Reyes, President of Metromedia Software, Inc., to describe actuation of guest history. “Guest profile is useless, until it is tasked. HotelEXPERT now monitors and tasks these crucial recovery and proactive approaches,” Reyes adds.

FUNDAMENTALS also manages Guest/Customer profiles for the current hot trend of condo-hotels or Timeshare operations. It tracks Arrivals, keeps Detailed Customer Information such as addresses, emails, phones; Authorized users for an apartment, Authorized vehicles, Stay History (including complaints and requests), Pets information, other related documents such as Insurance certificates, Correspondence or comment cards.

A Telephone Book is provided for Concierge to task frequently-requested services or reservations, providing maximum efficiency. A completed task, such as a limo to the Airport, can be designated as a Preference, setting the stage for pro-active action for a future visit.

In another area, Version 5.0, also known as HotelEXPERT XMfm, features a Visuals-driven Engineering [VISE] module complete with CAD drawings. VISE has been coined by HotelEXPERT to describe the method of clicking on a drawing to initiate a work order. “A picture or drawing eliminates mistakes, such as reporting a broken stove, one out of many. Far advanced and simple!” says Reyes.

Leading Hotel Rapid Response software maker, 
Metromedia Software, Inc., releases HotelEXPERT
Version 5.0 at the Hitec Show on
June 20 in Los Angeles.


Bertrand Douxami
212-169-4800 x12

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