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New Web Site Dubbed ‘Single Best Source’
for E-Distribution Information, Services
Created by Mark Ozawa and Integrated Hospitality Solutions, presents an online overview of the electronic distribution and reservation options available to hospitality, including: GDSs, 3rd Party Distribution Sites, CRSs, Marketing and Representation groups, Distribution Companies and Web Site Service firms 
DENVER - APRIL 8, 2005 - Navigating successfully through the evolving hospitality environment has never been more difficult. Therefore Integrated Hospitality Solutions (, a hotel technology and e-distribution consultancy based here, announces a new a new Web site designed specifically for owners and operators of hotels, resorts, and property-management companies, that will help them steer through the rapid changes in hotel distribution technology, providers and techniques.

The brainchild of Mark Ozawa, president of IHS, is designed to be "the best single source of information" about electronic distribution in the hospitality industry.

"It has been difficult for owners and operators to keep current with continuing changes that occur with electronic distribution," Ozawa said.  "Historically, people had to research options from a variety of print and online resources and reference materials. We felt the industry needed one single, comprehensive resource for hoteliers that enabled them to research the various electronic-distribution solutions on the market and the companies supporting them. Today provides all that."

From providing a comprehensive overview of electronic distribution, to listing key issues to consider when choosing a distribution provider, to identifying key components of an e-distribution strategy, has information for everyone looking to build an execute an effective, successful online sales and distribution program.

Kudos for site abounds

Industry experts applaud Ozawa for launching this Web site resource.

"After reviewing, I must say I was quite impressed," said Scott Anderson, one of the industry's leading speakers and lecturers on electronic distribution/e-commerce and channel-/revenue-management. "The information on the site is a great primer for anyone wanting to make impact in the e-distribution world. I must say I am surprised that so much valuable information and training is being provided on this site at no charge. Other consultants would charge a pretty hefty sum for at this data."

Dr. Pearl Brewer, Professor and Department Chair of Hotel Management, University of Nevada, Las Vegas, concurred. Along with a team of graduate students, Dr. Brewer reviewed the Web site thoroughly, and found it to be "a great resource on a number of levels."

"This is a great site for managers who are looking to get information about the key issues they face when managing hotels," Dr. Brewer said.  "With this complex subject matter at their fingertips, hoteliers can either take their time independently to educate themselves on the e-distribution process and e-commerce landscape, or they can hire a consultant to further assist them in mapping out a plan or simply explaining the various issues in more laymen's terms.

"As hoteliers continue to call UNLV for advice and information on hotel technology systems and processes, we will certainly refer those looking for help in e-distribution to," she said. "Well done."

Because there are so many different system options and provider alternatives available to hoteliers today, it takes an expert to help determine the right solution (based on a thorough analysis of the property's unique characteristics) for each company. Ozawa said that hoteliers who need further assistance interpreting the information after visiting the Web site are invited to call Integrated Hospitality Solutions to obtain consultation on implementing a successful program.

In addition, e-distribution service providers interested in providing information on the site specific to their company should contact Ozawa immediately. At press time, it remains a free service.

"Integrated Hospitality Solutions helps hoteliers identify, select and implement a solution that best fits their existing environment, best supports their current operations, and helps them achieve their long-term business goals," Ozawa said. "Understanding the options, however, is just the first step - and IHS is the first company to provide a comprehensive reference listing of all these options in one single online resource at"

About Mark Ozawa
Mark Ozawa is a multi-faceted veteran of the hospitality industry with more than 25 years of experience in electronic distribution, operations, and technology, Ozawa recently headed one of the leading distribution services companies and successfully re-positioned the company in the market. His significant hotel, resort and corporate office experience in property and resort operations, telecommunications, technology planning and implementation, and complex project management have made him one of the foremost consultants in the hospitality industry.

About Integrated Hospitality Solutions
Integrated Hospitality Solutions is a hotel consulting firm that helps hotel companies and independent hotels maximize market share, revenues, operational efficiencies, and profits.  We offer consulting expertise in electronic distribution and e-commerce, technology and systems, and property operations. Mark Ozawa, President of Integrated Hospitality Solutions, recently headed one of the leading electronic distribution services companies in the hospitality industry. His consulting expertise includes hotel distribution, central reservation systems, hotel technology, and resort operations.  For more information, call 303-847-1326, e-mail Mark Ozawa at or visit

About Hospitality Distribution Solutions
Hospitality Distribution Solution, is the single source of information about the electronic distribution and reservation solutions available in the hospitality industry. The site provides a comprehensive overview of the electronic distribution and reservation options available to the hospitality industry, including the leading solution providers in each of the following fields: Global Distribution Systems (GDS), 3rd Party Internet Sites (Internet Distribution Systems), Central Reservation System (CRS) Providers, Marketing and Representation Companies, Distribution Services Companies and Web Site Service Companies.


Mark Ozawa, President
Integrated Hospitality Solutions

Barb Worcester, President

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