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Hospitality eBusiness Strategies to boost Suburban
Extended Stay Hotelsí Direct Internet Distribution
Service to include Website Optimization and Direct Distribution and Marketing Strategy, Total Online Brand Building and eMarketing Services

New York, NY Ė April 20, 2005 Ė Hospitality eBusiness Strategies (HeBS), a leading Internet distribution and marketing strategy consulting firm for the hospitality industry, today announced an Internet strategy agreement with Suburban Franchise Systems, Atlanta, Georgia.  SFS, owner and franchiser of the Suburban Extended Stay Hotel chain is a leading, 68 property extended stay hotel group located from Virginia to Texas.  SFS will work with HeBS to develop a comprehensive direct online distribution and marketing strategy to substantially increase direct bookings and expand their client base. 

HeBS strategic consulting and marketing services will consist of developing a comprehensive Internet Distribution and Marketing strategy, including website optimization and re-launch, integration of Internet best practices, search engine marketing, including pay-per-click and local search, link popularity and link creation program, email marketing strategy, and a destination web strategy.  The destination web strategy highlights features of the destinations in which Suburban Extended Stay hotels are located, as well as the features and amenities that differentiate the properties from other extended stay and transient hotels. 

According to Max Starkov, HeBS president and CEO, "This year 50% of all hotel bookings in North America will be directly influenced by the Internet, and over 25% will be booked online. Hoteliers are aware of how critical creating an effective direct-to-consumer online distribution strategy is to the competitive success of their hotels. Suburban Extended Stay Hotels clearly understand the competitive advantages of expanding their Internet presence and increasing direct online revenues, broadening their brand recognition and lowering costs.  The company recognizes the value of how eMarketing strategies with an aggressive direct distribution strategy and other ongoing web initiatives contribute to long term economic health."

Hoteliers are recognizing the importance of direct-to-consumer online distribution, the long term competitive advantages of creating interactive relationships with their clients, and leveraging the popularity of the destination to their own advantage. They are now committing more resources on the direct channel and broad Internet services to secure their own robust presence on the web and reinforce direct communication with their customers.

The benefits are substantial. Developing a direct online distribution and marketing strategy drastically decreases dependence on third-party intermediaries, expands the client base, reinforces brand recognition, provides better ADRs and reduces distribution costs. This is accomplished by creating a pro-active strategy that combines best Internet practices with utilization of a vast array of Internet marketing tools to achieve aggressive direct web presence.

"We created a search engine friendly website which enables prospective clients to interact with any of our 68 properties quickly and easily," noted Chris Kornmeyer, VP of Brand Management and Marketing, Suburban Franchise Systems."  In a competitive marketplace we appreciate the challenges of reaching a wider audience, strengthening brand recognition and differentiating our properties to increase market share.  That means awareness of the website must be enhanced.  Therefore, our initial goal with HeBS' help, is a 25-30% increase in direct bookings to start.  For us, adopting a direct online distribution strategy, coupled with a destination-based approach, and ongoing outreach, will help us achieve those aggressive goals." 

About Hospitality eBusiness Strategies 
Hospitality eBusiness Strategies, Inc. (HeBS) advises companies in the hospitality and travel verticals on their Internet Distribution and eMarketing strategies. HeBS specializes in helping hoteliers build their direct-to-consumer online distribution and eMarketing strategies and regain control of their online brand and price integrity from the online intermediaries. A diverse client portfolio of over 200 top tier major hotel brands, multinational hospitality corporations, hotel management and representation companies, independent, and privately owned properties, has sought and successfully taken advantage of their eBusiness expertise.


Max Starkov/Jason Price
Hospitality eBusiness Strategies, Inc.
14 E. 60th Street, Suite 400
New York, NY 10028
Phone 212-752-8159


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