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Kimpton Hotel’s Mission is to Lead the Hospitality Industry in Supporting a Sustainable World

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (April 8, 2005) - With the announcement of their national EarthCare program at Hotel Triton in San Francisco on April 7, 2005, Kimpton Hotels’ furthers its reputation as an industry leader in eco-friendly practices and standards. Kimpton EarthCare builds on Kimpton’s first steps towards environmental-consciousness in 1985 when the Galleria Park Hotel in San Francisco was introduced as an urban retreat with open space and a park within the hotel. In 1995, Kimpton introduced its first complete eco-floor at the Hotel Triton in San Francisco, which became totally eco-friendly in 2004 and has since earned the distinction as a model for California’s Green Lodging Program . Hotel Triton was also the first Kimpton property to partner with high-profile celebrities to design specialty “eco-suites” including the Woody Harrelson suite and is now the hotel that serves as the model for the national Kimpton EarthCare program.

The Mission

Today, Kimpton’s mission is to lead the hospitality industry in supporting a sustainable world, by continuing to delivera premium guest experience through non-intrusive, high quality, eco-friendly products and services. It is built upon a company wide commitment towards water conservation; reduction of energy usage; elimination of harmful toxins and pollutants; recycling of all reusable waste; building and furnishing hotels with sustainable materials; and purchasing goods and services that directly support these principles. “We have seen significant hard dollar cost savings for reduced waste hauling costs, in excess of 35% in many instances.  In recycling friendly cities such as San Francisco, these savings get even higher as items such as mixed paper, cardboard, plastics, cans, and bottles are removed for free when recycled,” says Steve Pinetti, senior vice president of sales and marketing and head of Kimpton’s Eco Council.

A national three-phase environmental rollout plan, to take place at all 39 hotels, is overseen and managed by the Kimpton Eco Committee. “We recognize the heightened need to invest in our future for the good of the earth and the people living in it,” says Michael Pace, Kimpton’s Director of Environmental Programs. “As globalization becomes more of a topical issue moving forward, it is going to take the concerted efforts from all industries to make an impact. We hope to spread that message and encourage green-thinking through our hotels nationwide.”

The Goals

Kimpton EarthCare will aim to achieve an implicit set of goals by the end of 2005 that will measure the performance value of the program as it develops in collaboration with the growth of Kimpton including:
  • Significantly reduce waste into landfills through recycling and using biodegradable products and packaging with an expected 15% improvement in reduction efforts.
  • Significantly reduce energy and water usage with a 15% improvement in reduction efforts.
  • Increase employee retention and morale through this sense of purpose at work, with an expected 10% improvement.
Kimpton will continue to monitor reduction of kilowatt-hours, gallons of water, materials diverted/recycled and approximate weight as well as the review of employee surveys in order to accurately evaluate the progress and success of the Kimpton EarthCare program. As the Kimpton collection of hotels expands to new cities and markets nationwide the hope is that the Kimpton brand will be synonymous with sustainable living and travel.

EarthCare Partnerships

Kimpton has strategically aligned itself with the following key organizations and partners that share similar goals and objectives:

Trust for Public Land
  • Leading national conservation nonprofit working to preserve land for people.
  • TPL preserves the special places that give our communities their unique character – helping to refurbish more than 450 city parks, community gardens, and playgrounds.
  • Kimpton donates $10 to TPL when reservations are made by TPL employees and supporters who request the “TPL rate.”
  • Kimpton Parks for People campaign takes place June 1 through July 31st and allows every hotel to give back to the earth and their communities through regional eco-related fundraising events.
  • During June and July, Kimpton Hotels will launch a national fundraising campaign and is committed to donate up to $15,000 to TPL, from its total room revenue.
  • Kimpton guests can also join the campaign and donate directly to Trust for Public Land by visiting and clicking on Trust for Public Land logo or by adding a personal donation to his/her room bill at checkout.
Danny Seo
  • Environmental lifestyle consultant, bestselling author, Organic Style contributing editor and soon to be TV host.
  • Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants’ official Eco-Stylist, who offers ongoing eco-minded guidance to ensure guest’s comfort is never compromised.
  • Liaison to the entertainment world to engage eco-friendly celebrities into partnership with Kimpton – Hotel Monaco New Orleans has plans to create an eco-suite with Kevin Richardson of the Back Street Boys to be unveiled within the year.
California Environmental Protection Agency & California Integrated Waste Management
  • Creates meaningful performance measures for the green hospitality industry, set targets for its properties and has agreed to conduct a pilot test to demonstrate the measures as a tool for on-going monitoring and continuous improvement.

Today & Beyond

Kimpton EarthCare’s commitment to the environment extends beyond what guests experience on the surface but is rather a decisive action towards social responsibility on all levels. Eco-practices are carried out in even the smallest details including coat hangers recycled to dry cleaner partners, furniture delivered in blankets rather than bubble wrap packaging and paperless check-in at many Kimpton Hotels.

“Kimpton EarthCare reinforces the sense of care as a philosophy that is engrained in the way we do business,” says Niki Leondakis, Kimpton’s chief operating officer. “It is our belief that Kimpton has the capacity to affect change on a larger scale, combined with what our 6,000 employees can do in their daily lives, at work or at home, that will impact overall awareness in our industries and communities.” Today, guests staying at any of the 39 Kimpton Hotels can conserve, preserve and show their appreciation for our planet, all in a night’s sleep.

Kimpton Hotels also encourages its employees to get on-board with living environmentally conscious lives.

“In addition to the hard dollar costs, employees have also responded with a greater sense of purpose in what we are doing,” says Pinetti. “Our staff continues to provide recommendations and innovative ideas to recycle, many mirror activities these employees already do at home.  From a business perspective, all of this is taking place in supporting the environment without negatively impacting our business operations.”

As the results of the 2005 three-phase plans are assessed, Kimpton’s Eco Council will continue to establish more innovative plans to support the growth of Kimpton EarthCare.

Andrew Freeman
Telephone: 415.955.5447
Allison Goldstein
Telephone: 415.955.5407

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